Why Are Swiss Watch Prices Constantly Rising?

As we all know, Swiss watches have always been the leader in the global watch industry, and have a supreme position in the minds of consumers. But with the continuous rise of Swiss watch prices in recent years, you can’t help but ask, where has it gone up?
Take Rolex as an example. It has raised retail prices three times in a row in just six months of this year. Rolex must be familiar to everyone. The leading Swiss brand sells 800,000 pieces a year. It has always been favored by celebrities and business people. Not to mention in China, it was once a status symbol. But for many Europeans today, this symbol has overwhelmed them.
The most popular Rolex among consumers is the Oyster Perpetual Series.
Omega also released a price adjustment notice earlier. The price of some models has been increased by 5% -20%. One original price reached 14,500 yuan after adjusting the price of 13,300 yuan, and the other was 76,700 yuan. After the price adjustment of the section reached 81600 yuan. For Omega, this price adjustment is the second time this year.
In the final analysis, the high monopoly of the Swiss movement is undoubtedly the factor that determines the price increase. In addition, the increase in the number of watches purchased by Chinese and Asians in Europe has led to an increase in sales. In addition, some special models are made of materials. And design is also the reason for the price increase.
On the other hand, it is because the appreciation of the Swiss franc against the renminbi has continued. From last year to this year, the ratio of the Swiss franc to the yuan reached a minimum of 6.12: 1 and a maximum of 7.06: 1. All Swiss watches are based on The Swiss franc is the settlement unit. Once the Swiss franc appreciates, it will directly lead to a rise in domestic selling prices. For various reasons, the price of Swiss watches has continued to rise.