What Is A Moon Phase Watch? Moon Phase Watch Terms Explanation

There is a cloudy day in the moon, and being able to apply this phenomenon to a watch is indeed a great invention. The invention of the moon phase watch represents a further integration of clocks and people’s cultural life. The earliest application of this function to watches was Mr. Louis Breguet from Switzerland, who was extremely talented in watch manufacturing. This function was applied to the Breguet pocket watch, and other watch manufacturers have followed suit and made pocket watches with moon phases.

Early Breguet No. 5 Moon Phase Pocket Watch

What is a moon phase watch:
  Most watch dials have a small round dial at the six o’clock or twelve o’clock position, with a moon curved graphic inside. Generally, this is the watch with the moon phase function, of course There are also moon phase watches at ten or two o’clock or elsewhere. Looking at the new moon, eyebrow moon, first quarter moon, convex moon, full moon, interim month, second quarter moon and waning moon on the surface of the disk, the cycle begins and ends, and taste the beauty of the sky on the wrist.

Moon profit and loss chart

Moon phase watch works:
  We can know the change of the moon by observing the change of the small moon dial on the moon phase watch. In addition to adding new elements to the single dial design, this function also gives a new and elegant person who loves the moon and the moon. s Choice. The small dial of a moon phase watch with a complex movement runs for a week of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.82 seconds (29.5 days). The calculation phase of the moon phase is based on the ancient method of the Chinese lunar calendar. Of the first day. The design error is one day every 33 months, and it must be adjusted once every three years. The slightly simpler moon phase watch takes 29 days to travel a week, so the error is 7 days in a year, so it will be more troublesome to adjust. Of course, in the later period, there is a more accurate moon phase table, such as the Lange 1815 moon phase table, which has accumulated 1058 years, and the error is only one day.
The invention of the moon phase watch:
  The first person who made the moon phase display function was Zhang Heng, an ancient East Han astronomer in China (AD 78-139).
  At that time, he used the water current as the driving force to promote the operation of the gear device. The ball made of fine copper was rotated around the axis once a day, and the armillary instrument automatically demonstrated the sky.

Water transport muddler

  Although our people successfully invented this technology, it was not our people who first applied it to watches, but the Swiss watchmaking genius Mr. Louis Breguet first applied the moon phase feature in the 18th century. On top of a Breguet pocket watch, Patek Philippe, IWC, Vacheron Constantin, and other brands also launched pocket watches with moon phases.
Development of Moon Phase Watches:
  With the continuous improvement and reform of watchmaking technology, gradually the watch has replaced the status of pocket watches, watchmakers have also paid more and more attention to the development and production of watches, and many new features have also appeared on watches.
The smallest moon phase table appeared in 1983:
  In 1983, Blancpain produced the world’s smallest automatic movement with the moon’s profit and loss, month, date and week display. Since then, Blancpain has also occupied a place in moon phase watches.
The 2003 IWC Perpetual Calendar watch appeared to solve the moon phase display problem in the northern and southern hemispheres:
  In 2003, IWC introduced the Portuguese perpetual calendar watch, which solved the problem of the moon phases of the southern hemisphere and the moon phases of the northern hemisphere being mirrored. The moon phase gear has been improved to achieve unparalleled accuracy in the display of the moon phase cycle. One day of error accumulates every 577.5 years.
2010 Millennium Lunar Phase Table Appears:
 In 2010, Lange specially launched the 1815 moon phase watch in commemoration of its 165th anniversary. It adopted a set of gears with a special transmission ratio. It will slowly pull the moon phase disk driven by the spring. The error of each positive month is only 6.61. second. Only after 1058 years of accumulation, the accumulated error will reach 24 hours. Therefore, the 33-month slower error caused by traditional moon phase technology is eliminated, which is a veritable ‘Millennium Moon Phase’.
Summary: The moon phase watch has always been a favorite of elegant people. Although its practical function may not be the most important, it must be the most elegant aspect of a person’s elegance. Since ancient times, China has many moon Beautiful legend, this has also greatly increased people’s pursuit of moon phase watches. Next, our watch house will also recommend some moon phase watches for everyone, please look forward to it.