Wang Junkai Wears Swatch’s New ‘device Paint’ Watch

On March 31, Swatch global brand image ambassador Wang Junkai appeared on the screen with the latest expression handsome, singing with a sense of youth.

   At the event, Xiao Kai was refreshing and full of energy. He wore a white transparent coat with a sophisticated Swatch [device 51] metal series wrist watch. The playful double-sided dial allows Xiaokai to switch freely between adolescent and mature men, leading the early spring fashion trend.

Swatch 2018 spring and summer new products
Device 51 metal watch
Device painting
Model: YIS416G
RMB 1,830

   This watch is Swatch device 51 metal series watch-device paint (model: YIS416G). The stainless steel strap flashes texture and luster under the stage lighting, and a circle of black rings perfectly outlines the atmospheric outline of the dial, adding a bit of restraint and subtlety to the shiny metal watch. The delicate gears between the dials are clearly visible, a perfect testimony of every minute and second with Xiaokai!