Vacheron Constantin Metiers D’ Art Series “Fabuleux Ornements Legend Decoration” Creates A New Horizon

Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’ Art master ‘Fabuleux Ornements’ series invites you to embark on a trip to the world of decorative arts, bringing you the unique charm of decorative arts in different cultures. Two years after the first release of the series, Vacheron Constantin has launched four new watches, continuing the series with a variety of arts and crafts carved into the art, and engraved with the characteristics of the new works of the Geneva mark.

 Ten master craftsmen reinterpreted the artistic charm of Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery, Indian manuscripts and French lace with superb skills. These pieces are equipped with exquisite hand-carved movements: 18K gold 1003 ultra-thin movement. The decoration on the front of the movement is extremely exquisite, the finest point is only about one tenth of a millimeter, and the reverse side uses Vacheron Constantin’s unique chamfering and hand-carving technology, retaining its pure and unique appearance.

 Traditional art blends with different cultures. The ‘Indian Manuscript’ timepiece uses a large flame filled enamel and hand-carved crafts, highlighting its excellent skills. The ‘Ottoman Architecture’ timepiece is hand-chamfered, and the gold pane is set with semi-pearl grains and placed on a purple mother-of-pearl substrate. The ‘French Lace’ timepiece uses a translucent machine-engraved big fire enamel dial, and the gold chassis is decorated with an organic engraving pattern, which makes the transparent enamel show a delicate layering and is inlaid with rubies and diamonds. The fourth timepiece is ‘Chinese embroidery’. The dial is outlined with platinum reeling and emerald inlaid. This dial is carved from mother-of-pearl, decorated with pink opal cut and carved by gem carving, and is embellished with delicate gold leaves and stamens.

 For more than 260 years, Vacheron Constantin has persistently used arts and crafts to add the beauty of timepieces, and has been used to produce the most exquisite works since the brand was founded. Hand engraving is this challenging process that requires the patience and skill of the craftsman. The first timepiece manufactured by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 was already equipped with a carved balance plate. As an expert in this extremely complex field, Vacheron Constantin has shown endless creativity and used the engraving process on various complicated movements, while skillfully combining with other art processes.