This Year’s Academy Awards, Michelle Yeoh Of Dai Richardson Won

On February 24th local time, the 91st Academy Awards was held in Los Angeles, USA. Although there were some negative news and news before the awards ceremony was held, it still couldn’t hide the starlight glittering on the awards ceremony and the Oscar red carpet. The biggest winner of this Oscar is the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, which has won four awards including the best sound effects editing, the best sound effects, the best editing and the best actor. The best film was awarded to the film ‘Green Book’, and the Oscars presented a lot of highlights: ‘Lady Gaga’s Necklace’, ‘Australian Awards Ceremony’, ‘Yang Ziqiong Status’ and other words were frequently searched. What’s so special about the scene? We then look down.

Oscars ceremony scene (a scene from the gentleman Chris Evans of the US team)

About Lady Gaga’s Necklace

 Lady Gaga makes a stunning appearance at this Academy Awards

 Before Gaga went to the Oscars, he broke news of his dissolution of the fiance with his fiance, and her agent and parents accompanied her to the awards ceremony. The style of her Oscar battle this time can be said to be stunning. The inspiration for the shape comes from ‘tribute to Audrey Hepburn’, Hepburn’s classic little black dress and hair, plus a giant diamond necklace. In this Oscar film festival, she won two nominations: best actress and best original song, and finally won the best original song award, and moved to tears at the scene.

About the origin of this Tiffany yellow diamond necklace
The yellow diamond on the necklace that Gaga wore when she appeared on the red carpet has a lot to offer. The last time it was worn publicly goes back to 1962-Audrey Hepburn wore a photo when she shot the poster for ‘Tiffany’s Breakfast’ , This yellow diamond 128.54 carats, named ‘the
 ‘Tiffany diamond’, so far only 3 people have publicly worn it.

Gaga wins Best Original Song Award

About the truth: ‘Not just one red’

 Red dresses that were rated as ‘Oscar Red’ by netizens look

 On this Oscar red carpet, the most shaped ladies are actually long dresses. Long dresses are elegant enough to outline women’s lines. Different color dresses with different makeup and jewelry show different styles. At first glance, the ‘red’ dress on this red carpet made ‘Oscar a red’, but in addition to these ‘pink’ and ‘orange’, there are many bright looks.

Wu Tianmin, the Chinese actress of ‘Fantastic Love’, wears a yellow tube top dress

Silver sequin slim long dress look

Changing style is not only red

The purple dress is Lucy Boynton (whose boyfriend Rami Malek won the Oscar for Best Actor), and the far right is Olivia Colman, winner of the Oscar for Best Actress.

‘Mother Dragon’ Emilia Clarke Tube Top Dress with Beautiful Back

It seems that girls who love to laugh also have more folds

Charlie Zellon, co-presenting the award with Daniel Craig

Charlize Theron wears a Bulgari haute jewellery necklace and bracelet

About Michelle Yeoh status: really good

 Michelle Yeoh, who has not appeared for a long time, took the Oscar red carpet this time with the film work ‘Dream of Gold’ and also presented awards to the award-winning actor as a guest of honor. In her fifties, she is too beautiful. She is wearing a long-shouldered long dress. On the same day, she wore a Richard Mille RM 07-01 diamond chain watch. The domestic price was around 1936000.

Michelle Yeoh in Oscar

Michelle Yeoh wears Richard Mill’s RM 07-01 diamond chain watch

 During the interview, the reporter asked her what she thinks about the Oscar Film Festival. She said ‘I’m sorry to not see a female director shortlisted, but the film itself should not be tied by so many factors.’ As the only actor known to the Chinese people at the film festival to participate in the awards ceremony, the musicians presenting awards with her also wore a Richard Miller.

Best Couple Award: Best Actor

 I think that after the award ceremony, whether it is the starring role or the movie itself, it will become a hot topic in a certain period of time. And this festival’s best dog food award I want to give to the best actor winner Rami Malek. On the red carpet, Rami Malek appeared with his girlfriend Lucy Boynton. The two also played a bunch of couples in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. It was really ‘acid’ both inside and outside the show.

Lucy Boynton organizes bow tie for Rami Malek

 Someone may be curious about what watch the filmmaker wore that day. Since you sincerely asked, then I will tell you that he is accompanied by a Cartier Tank series WSTA0018 watch. The price of this watch is RMB 40,000 yuan. .

Rami Malek wears Cartier Tank WSTA0018

Rami Malek debuts with girlfriend Lucy Boynton

Aquaman Jason Momoa and his wife Lisa Bonet appear

 At the same time, the finalist of the ‘Best Dog Food Award’ was also ‘Pink Pink Tender’, and he and his beloved wife Lisa Bonet appeared on the red carpet together.

 Christian Bale and his wife appeared on the Oscar red carpet, wearing Cartier Santos WSSA0013 watch

Nicholas Holt and Joe Alvin on the red carpet

Nicholas Holt wears Jaeger-LeCoultre watch series 398258J

 The two were so seductive, so I put them here. The two who entered the Oscar red carpet with ‘Beloved’ were actually young. One was in ’89 and the other was ‘post-90s.’ The movie ‘Beloved’ won the best actress award.

Adam Driver with Girlfriend

Best Supporting Actor Winner Mahershala Ali Cartier WHSA0007 (Large) Watch

Actor Billy Porter in the movie ‘Gesture’ and ‘American Horror 8’ appeared in a Christian Siriano black dress and her husband Adam Smith appeared

Billy Porter is so cool, put a separate one

Men’s Red Carpet: Same highlights

 I have seen more women fighting on the red carpet. In fact, men also have room to play in such formal occasions. In the past, there is ‘Pink Neptunus’, and we have Dai Wanguo’s ‘blue’ US team Chris Evans.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans wears IWC Portuguese series IW371415

‘Black Gang’ master director Spike Lee attends Oscar red carpet

‘The Blacks’ won the award for best screenplay change

 This black director’s special I must say here that he did not find his high-definition wrist map, but with his brand friend of Jaeger-LeCoultre, the bold design of the square case in the picture I guess is a Jaeger-LeCoultre flip wrist table.

Air Jordan 3 Tinker “Gold Oscars”

 The shoes on his feet are more special, because he ordered a pair of bling Air Jordan 3 Tinker ‘Gold Oscars’, and the Oscar was included in it. However, he has already won the Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, and I think the award may be a ‘philately’ pleasure to him.

Adam Lambert on the Oscar Red Carpet

Jewels on the ears become the secret of the shining red carpet

Four Cass of Bohemian Rhapsody

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ four figures in the play

Suits can also wear different styles

Ant-Man Paul Rudd debuts on the red carpet, wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch

Finally, here is a complete list of the 91st Oscar winners.

Summary: This Oscar is remarkable from the list of awards, awards ceremony and performance of the red carpet. Who accompanies and who won the award unexpectedly, this is the movie feast We bring charm. As Michelle Yeoh said, we look forward to more possibilities. It is already worth celebrating that outstanding works can be shortlisted. However, I still expect these films to be released in the Chinese market sooner, so that we can have a full day earlier.