The Queen’s Dress Tasting Breguet High Jewelry Series Watch

Napoleon’s youngest sister, Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples, is arguably one of the most legendary names on Breguet’s customer list. In 1805, 23-year-old Caroline purchased the first Breguet watch, and until 1814, the beautiful and ambitious Queen of Naples collected a total of 34 Breguet watches, making her the leader of many Breguet VIPs. Coquettish. Today, the Watch House brings you a watch from the Breguet Queen of Naples series, the official model: GJ28BB8924DDS8.

   The creation of this watch is inspired by the dress in the portrait of Louis XVI Queen Mary Antoinette. The interpretation of the graceful beauty of women is as delicate and precise as ever, which is extremely feminine.

Case dimensions 33 x 24.95 mm

   This watch is made of 18k white gold and has a case size of 33 x 24.95 mm. The bezel and case outer edge are set with 146 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 2.848 carats). The unique goose oval case of the Queen of Naples series exudes elegant charm, and the rounded curves show the feminine femininity.

The top of the crown is set with a delicate diamond cut into a drop shape

   The crown is also made of white gold. In addition to the triangular pit pattern on the side of the crown that enhances the feel of the winding, the top of the crown is also set with a delicate diamond (about 0.28 carats) cut into a drop shape, exuding dazzling Fascinating light.

Blue strap on silk satin texture

   The silk-satin blue strap is more in line with the overall style and echoes the Breguet-style hands in blue steel. Paired with a white gold folding clasp, polished and set with 26 delicate diamonds.

Fine diamonds evenly distributed on the side of the case

   The sides of the case are neatly arranged with fine diamonds of even size distribution.

Frill setting with brilliant-cut diamonds

   Frills are set with 193 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.07 carats), 11 square diamonds (approximately 0.35 carats) and 2 cushion-cut sapphires (approximately 0.59 carats). The crown is set with a drop-shaped diamond (approximately 0.28 carats). Spherical lugs set with 61 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.478 carats).

Dial made of mother-of-pearl

   The dial is made of mother-of-pearl. The Roman numeral hour sign ring and Breguet hour and minute hands on the lower half of the dial are both slim and elegant. The pointer of blue steel emits a faint blue light. Blue steel is a metal surface treatment process. After heating steel parts to a certain temperature, they are cooled by chemical aqueous solution and saponified. The steel surface will appear blue, elegant and beautiful.

Cal. 586 automatic mechanical movement

   The caseback is inlaid with a piece of sapphire crystal, giving you an exquisite movement. The movement is a Breguet Cal. 586 self-winding mechanical movement, 6¾ legal minutes, 29 rubies, 38-hour power reserve. Swiss lever escapement, silicon balance spring. 3 Hz frequency, silicon hairspring.

Summary: Of all Breguet’s collections, there is no doubt that the Queen of Naples series is the most poetic, not only reflected in the unique shape of the case, but also because it is a sophisticated and sophisticated watch designed for women. It is also from this time that the royal family has created a continuous stream of creative inspirations in the later period, creating one after another the fine arts.