Tag Heuer’s First Clockless Mechanical Escapement Pendulum Concept

In order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand, TAG Heuer has launched the TAG Heuer pendulum concept, the first mechanical escapement without clockwork. Since 1675 Christian. Since Christiaan Huygens was inspired by the clockwork invented by Galileo, all the fine-tuning functions of mechanical watches have adopted the balance wheel and spiral clockwork system. Precision alloy spiral belt, through the mainspring to provide the necessary torque swing of the balance to fine-tune the frequency.
    TAG Heuer’s pendulum concept, the world’s first clockless movement oscillator, with an oscillation frequency of 43,200 times per hour (6 Hz)-this is the representative of TAG Heuer’s world-leading ultra-high frequency and extreme accuracy. It requires no additional accessories and is purely magnet physics. So it was named after the pendulum clock invented by Huygens in 1675.