Table’ Shows His Heart Jacques De Roth Imprints White Valentine Moments

The lingering Valentine’s Day temperature filled with fragrant roses has not completely faded away, and the white Valentine’s Day has arrived with the early spring as scheduled. The girls who are immersed in love want to take this opportunity to give him a most special gift to express the most sincere and sweet words in his heart. In this warm and romantic festival, Jaquet Droz selects two men’s watches with different styles, so that he can show extraordinary grace and charm, and at the same time use time to record the minutes and seconds you and him experience together.

  The classic and timeless Jacques de Roche 24-hour watch is perfect for every workplace. The Geneva striped large seconds sports watch emphasizes resilience and is suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports, showing the wearer’s vitality. In this love season with the theme of thanks, Jacques Droe composes a touching love song with two watches, adding a romantic touching feeling.

  24-hour watch (GrandeHeureGMT)

  Simple and pure, precious, the 24-hour (GrandeHeureGMT) pays tribute to its founder’s journey. This new and chic watch perfectly meets the requirements of today’s global travelers and aestheticians, and the wearer can easily read the time between the two places. The “GrandFeu” dial of the Great Fire Enamel is set with 24 Arabic numerals, making the flow of time in both places clear at any time.

  For the first time, the time display between the two places is presented on a watch in such a simple and clear manner. Two compass-shaped hands add to this new time reading design: red gold hands indicate the local time, blue steel hands indicate the destination time. When the two hands coincide in the same time zone, they are superimposed into a two-color hands, pulling the accurate measurement of time.

  By boldly adopting a single crown adjustment mechanism, Jacques de Ronaldo created a 24-hour (GrandeHeureGMT) watch that combines the beauty of simplicity with the ease of use. Its simple and pure design further transforms the ivory dial and rich and dense The red gold case is meticulously combined, and it is natural.

  Turning the eternity of time into the second hand, and the agreement between lovers on the wrist, the beautiful memories of white Valentine’s Day have become even more precious under the embellishment of the 24-hour watch of the two places.


‘GrandFeu’ large ivory enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
Centralized display in two places
43 mm diameter
Market reference price: 225,500

  Geneva Stripe Large Seconds Sports Watch (GRANDESECONDESWCOTESDEGENEVE)

  In 2008, Jacques Dro launched the first large seconds sports watch (GrandeSecondeSW), adding a sports version to the legendary classic, enduring for many years. In 2014, a new member of the large seconds sports watch family was added, incorporating crocodile leather straps and Geneva stripes as new elements, making this series even more luxurious.

  The Geneva stripes are an orthodox example of Swiss dial finishes, and today this classic finish is a chic new look on this smoke-gray dial. Constantly appearing regular series models make reading more and more clear and convenient, and add an unprecedented sense of depth to the dial. At the same time, precious crocodile leather straps replace the rubber or metal straps used in large seconds sports watches, which are harmonious in color and dial tone, which is more beautiful, and also adds an unprecedented sense of depth.

Jacques de Loire Geneva Stripe Large Seconds Sports Watch is not just a expression of love for boys by white Valentine’s girls, it also symbolizes the expectation of a happy life in the future. Take time to keep promises and add infinite romance to love, which will surely become one of the tokens of the true emotions of White Valentine’s Day.

Geneva Stripe Large Seconds Sports Watch

Dial with Geneva stripes
Stainless steel case and crown with rubber moulding
Rhodium-plated hands, smoky grey hand-rolled alligator strap
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
45 mm diameter

  About Jacques Dro Watches
  Since the founder Pierre Jacques De Roy founded the first watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1738, Jacques Rodriguez has stood the watch altar with unswerving enthusiasm, continuous creativity and top-notch craftsmanship. The typical Arabic numeral ‘8’ design on the dial is the symbol of Jacques de Loire, and the technique of the big fire enamel is the model of the brand’s ultimate craftsmanship. As early as the 18th century, Jacques Droo has created complex mechanical devices that are fascinating. Among them, the three most famous automatic dolls: writers, painters and musicians, have been displayed in Geneva and Paris in succession. Thumbs up by Queen Mary Antoinette. At that time, it was not only favored by the royal family in Europe and Russia, but Jacques Drault also gained the favor of the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the distant China. At present, the Beijing Palace Museum also has a collection of Jacques Drault’s works. In 2000, Jacques Droux watch company joined the Swatch Group, and then committed to carry forward the expertise of the brand creator Pierre Jacques Dro, and continue to write the legendary history of the brand. Nowadays, the values ​​of pursuit of elegance and willingness to travel in the Enlightenment era are still the core philosophy of the brand: Jacques Dro watch always integrates design, materials and professional skills with its sophisticated watchmaking machinery. Just like the brand’s acclaimed purpose-to push the art of watchmaking to the extreme, in order to bring you more enjoyment.