Swatch And British Clothing Brand Hackett Start Cooperation Journey For The First Time

For the first time, Swatch and the British men’s luxury clothing brand Hackett have combined Swiss manufacturing technology with the style of a British gentleman to launch a numbered limited edition watch. The number 1983 represents two The brand was born. The dial of this brand new 51 Metal Series watch is engraved with the brand’s beloved Spaniel Muffin, JeremyHackett. Swatch mechanical watches are produced using a fully automated assembly line, known for disrupting the Swiss watchmaking industry, and also providing a precise and excellent background for this furry and cute little guy. Compared to the current mechanical watches, which are still made by hand, the device 51 series has been made through a fully automated assembly production line, which also makes it more affordable and affordable.

Mr. JeremyHackett said: ‘I am very happy to work with Swatch to launch this limited edition watch. In the year of the dog, I decided to engrav the image of my Sussex Hound Muffin on the dial. Swatch What I appreciate most is that it is a very personal brand. Everyone loves it, and its popularity is enduring. It is a timeless classic! ‘Mr. GonzalodeCevallos, vice president of global brand of Swatch ‘This cooperation is a tribute to affordable luxury, and I look forward to more opportunities for such cooperation in the future.’

Because MUFFIN is not a quartz watch, it does not require a battery and is powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. Every movement of the wrist can make the watch’s internal rotor move, so that the watch is automatically wound, and has an extraordinary 90-hour kinetic energy storage, allowing men to show their perfect shape anytime, anywhere.