Stephen Ithlis Wins The 14th Glashütte Original Music Festival Award

The famous British cellist Steven Isserlis became the winner of the 14th Glashütte Original Music Festival. At his concert with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the original CEO of Glashütte, Thomas Meier, presented this award to Dresden’s Palace of Culture in recognition of his recognition of young musicians Strong support. The grand prize includes a prize of 25,000 euros and a trophy crafted by two apprentices from the watchmaking school.

Proof of originality

Stephen Iselis Receives Glashütte Original Music Festival Award

On the evening of May 23, the world-famous British cellist Stephen Iselis held a concert at the Dresden Palace of Culture and received the Glashütte Original Music Festival Award. Under the witness of the festival’s chairman, Jan Vogler, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and about 1,800 viewers, Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meier handed the prize money and trophy into the hands of Ithlis. This is the 14th year that Glashütte Original has collaborated with the Dresden Festival.

Dedication Education, Dream of Music

A group photo after the Glashütte Original Music Festival Awards (from left: Festival chairman Jan Vögele, cellist Stephen Iselis and Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meier)

‘I am very glad to receive the 2017 Glashütte Original Music Festival Award. This is a great honor. For me, music education is indispensable. I am fortunate to be able to work with many excellent teachers. I think that great music It is incumbent on families to teach me what to pass on to the younger generation. And getting music closer to children is another mission for me. Music can change the life of a child regardless of his family background. At the same time, music It can also greatly help people in social difficulties. Youth choirs from around the world are good examples, including the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, and the Buskaid Orchestra of South Africa. ‘

‘Most of the friendships established in childhood can last a lifetime. Team performances can teach children to respect each other and understand how to listen; together chasing music dreams can build a strong bond between children. Moreover, both children and adults are sad and lonely. I always seek comfort in music, and music never disappoints. I think that a child who loves to sing is also usually a happy child by nature. If we can bring more wonderful music to children around the world, they Life will certainly be better. ‘
Stephen Iselis said at the festival.

Fostering new talents, inheriting excellence with heart

Stephen Iselis is known worldwide not only for expressive musical solos, but also for his outstanding contributions to music education. The Glashütte Original Music Festival Award has always been dedicated to encouraging musicians who have made outstanding contributions to music education. This festival also specifically recognizes his creative activities as a music educator. Stephen Iselis also enjoys playing with children’s fans and teaches advanced music courses around the world.

He was even more honoured when he heard that the trophy was crafted by two apprentices from the Alfred Helwig watchmaking school, which was originally owned by Glashütte. Thomas Meier, Glashütte’s original CEO, said: ‘As a traditional watchmaker, experience teaches us that it is very important to pass on valuable knowledge to the younger generation. People who work with young people need sensitive minds, extraordinary artistic abilities and A sincere and original way. It is a great honour that we can join the Dresden Music Festival every year to show musicians like our watchmakers, who show this sincere passion in everyday life. ‘

2017 Glashütte Original Music Festival Awards Trophy

Join hands with Glashütte Original Dresden

Since 2004, Glashütte Original has been a partner of the festival. The list of previous awards is bright, and there are many well-known artists in the music industry. At the concert on the night of the award, under the command of Vladimir Mikhailovich Yulovsky, Isetis performed the works of the Russian ‘Revolutionary Plan’ in cooperation with the London Philharmonic. The enthusiastic audience was also fortunate to hear ‘Night of Madrid’ by Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, Sergei Prokofiev’s ‘Concert Concerto in E Minor No. 58’, and Starkevich’s Symphony No. 15 in A Major, Op. 41.

During the 40th Dresden Music Festival, outstanding artists demonstrated their talents in various venues before June 18. Among them, the concert performance of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the recognition of cellist Stephen Iselis will be unforgettable highlights of this festival.

Presenting a wonderful performance with the London Philharmonic Orchestra