Richard Mille World’s Largest Flagship Store Mandarin Oriental Taipei Grand Opening

Step into the newly opened flagship boutique of RICHARD MILLE, the time seems to be still, and the hour and minute hands are condensed at that moment.

   The 8.5-meter-high exterior wall stands on the street. The brand logo alone is 7 meters long, occupying people’s vision and deepening people’s impression. Entering the store, the beams of sunlight slanted into the circular streamline ceiling, as if crossing time and space. The treasure of the town shop is hung in the middle of the shop ─ huge RM033 classic watch glass sculpture with a diameter of 4900 mm and a weight of 1.5 tons. The treasure of the town shop is made of four layers of strengthened glass, light penetrates from all angles, and layers of light and shadow are stacked, leading you into eternal time and space.

   The flagship store covers an area of ​​261 square meters. The stunning space design was created by Mélanie Treton-Monceyron, the artistic director of the brand. Black is used as the main color, forming a strong contrast with the transparent design elements in the store. , While also creating a feeling different from the gorgeous decoration around the hotel. The flagship store is located on the first floor of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Dunhua North Road, Taipei’s Essence District. It brings together travelers from different time zones around the world.

   More than 45 display cases are displayed with giant glass curtains and black leather furniture. The three-meter wine cabinet is set at the same height as the ceiling and houses a selection of fine wines. Taste over 200 wines, 100 teas, or 100 cigars. Exquisite craft watches can also combine art and taste.

   The unparalleled level of craftsmanship perfectly presents the brand concept: whether traditional or modern, the highest-precision craftsmanship watches blend perfectly with lifestyle.
   However, RICHARD MILLE’s commitment to the future doesn’t stop there. The headquarters also invested a lot of resources in production equipment, research and talent cultivation, so that more technicians joined the development of cutting-edge watchmaking technology.

   So, start a light trip of time now, enter a world of perfect excellence, and deeply feel the pulse of RICHARD MILLE watchmaking craftsmanship.