Pei Fan Must-see Panerai 2015 New Products Selection Guide

Panerai launched a total of 7 watches at this year’s Geneva watch fair. In my impression, this should be the least time for Panerai to launch new models in previous watch fairs. According to my analysis, this may be due to the launch of new watches at the Asian Watch and Clock Fair at the end of September, so warm up on SIHH first. This time, the new watch is not only small, but the key is also particularly tall. Of the 7 models, 3 are special versions and 1 super special version, which means that only ordinary models can be purchased. The next three paragraphs, how does this make the majority of fans embarrassed …
Heartbreaking Radiomir

   Although there are very few pitiful models available, it is okay to appreciate them well. Let’s start with this year’s Radiomir. Subjectively speaking, my favorite Panerai is the Radiomir series. The reason is It’s thin, big and comfortable, so I look forward to the new Radiomir model every year. When I saw this year’s 604 is 47mm and the layout of 3, 6, 9, 12 dials, I was excited. I think about this The importance of the two indicators should not be explained too much by me. In short, watches that meet these two indicators have only appeared five times in the history of Panerai. They were platinum 021 equipped with Rolex movements in 1997; 2006 Year 232; 2010 294; 2011 red gold 379 and this year’s 604; now 021 is sky-high and 232 is hard to find. 249 is a limited edition of Tokyo specialty store with only 49 poor, 379 that big gold shell. It’s also expensive.

    The all-steel 604 can be a gospel for the majority of fans, but when you see the Florence illustration carving on the edge of the case, the whole heart will break. The heartbreak is not because the pattern is not good, but it means It is really impossible to buy ordinary Pei Fans. Of course, as a senior Pei Fan, he is willing to engraved the case called ‘Emerald Green’ by the teacher Bai, and readily accepts the price of 18,800 Euros, but in the face of 99 Limited editions and stringent conditions for sale only at the Panerai Florence History Store located in Piazza San Giovanni, then no more then!

Time equations in different styles

    Panerai’s Radiomir 1940 series and Luminor 1950 series each launched a watch with a time equation function, numbered 516 and 601 respectively. For the function of time equation, I personally think that the form is greater than the content. In the friendship between Panerai and Galileo, it is understandable to launch this feature. Both watches are 48 mm, the only difference is the shape of the case. If it is my recommendation, it is recommended to buy 1940. Some people will ask that the 1950 produced less than the 1940 (the 1940 limited to 200). Isn’t it more worthy of collection?

  But I think that as the 1950 model, the crown guard and the case are best to use the same grinding process, but the case of this watch is polished, the bridge is brushed, although 90% of the Panerai watch All models use this processing method, but I think that this will make the entire watch not a whole, you will find that the bridge and the case are two parts that are completely split.

   I think the perfect way is to draw the case and bridge, and the bezel is polished, so that the integrity of the watch will be very strong. If you are interested, you can compare Panerai’s 579 to see which treatment is more harmonious. Even without considering this factor, the complicated models of the 1940 are relatively rare compared to the 1950.

Surprising Submersible

   To say that the mainstream of new watches this year is definitely Submersible. There are 3 watches, two titanium and one carbon. Submersible, as a branch of the Luminor 1950 series, is actually included in all Panerai series. Not very mainstream, because the Submersible series has a rotatable bezel, this series has always been the most professional diving watch in Panerai, even if the series has launched the world’s first Panerai bronze wrist in history Table 382, ​​I will never recommend buying this series before this year, because the vulgar ‘Auto Matic’ will always be on the dial of this series, but this year Submersible gave us a surprise, you will find that there is no Submersible is so beautiful.

   This year’s two titanium alloy watches are numbered 614 and 615. They are all chronographs and are limited to 500. The only difference is that 615 is a ceramic ring. If I recommend it, even 615 is more expensive than 614. For 1,500 euros (614 for 14,200 euros), that must also be 615. You must know that the ceramic ring is definitely a magical thing. Even if your watch has numerous scratches, with it, it will make you Your watch will always look new!

  To say that the most special of these three Submersible, it must be this 616 which uses a carbon fiber composite material called Carbotech as the case material, from titanium alloy, bronze, black ceramic, aluminized ceramic to today’s Carbon fiber, Panerai’s ultimate pursuit of materials is one of the best in the industry, and different from previous carbon fibers, Carbotech does not use epoxy resin, but uses a polymer called polyetheretherketone as a binding agent Agent, making its physical properties more dominant in all aspects, and a pattern similar to forged carbon on the surface. In addition, compared to other carbon fiber diving watches on the market, its price of 15,700 euros is also very advantageous. Although the price of this watch is reasonable and it is not a special version, but in the face of its limited edition of 500 pieces and the iron law that Panerai’s new material must be emptied, I still have an ominous premonition that it is not easy to buy it thing! If you can buy it, don’t hesitate.

Slightly upset Mare Nostrum

    This year’s Mare Nostrum watch is also a replica watch, the size follows the original model is 52 mm, number 603. It costs 37,000 Euros. The original version of this watch was a chronograph produced by the Panerai family for the civilian officers of the Royal Italian Navy in 1943, in honor of the Mediterranean ‘Mare Nostrum’ (‘Our Sea’), because the Royal Italian Navy The fleet successfully completed the combat mission.

PAM00300 can see the movement
   Historically, Panerai once engraved this model in 2010, numbered 300, and you can see the extremely fine and luxurious Minerva chronograph movement on the back, but this year’s 603 and 300 use the same movement, But you will never see it again. I really want to ask Panerai. Can the number of 201 more deprive us of our appreciation of exquisite movements (300 is limited to 99)?

   For the majority of friends who love Panerai, the action is the greatest love for Panerai. Countless senior players warn us with the lesson of ‘blood’. To start with Panerai, we must do two things, ‘short’, ‘Ping’ and ‘Fast’; must be ‘steady’, ‘quasi’, ‘ruthless’, otherwise you will regret it.