Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon Watch

For more than 100 years, Cartier has fully exerted the charm of mysterious timepieces. The story begins with the mysterious clock. The reason why the mysterious clock is ‘mysterious’ is that its hands made of platinum and diamonds seem to be suspended above the transparent clock body without any connection to the movement. As admired by the 1925 fashion magazine ‘La Gazette du Bon Ton’, it is a ‘miracle in the history of watches and clocks’, Louis Cartier and Maurice Couet (1885- In 1963, he became the exclusive supplier of Cartier in 1911. In 1912, the first mysterious clock was born and named ‘Model A’. Morris Couet was inspired by the clock invented by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin (1805-1871), the great French magician who was the pioneer of modern magic. The principle he borrowed and carried forward was based on a wonderful idea: the hands were not directly connected to the movement, but were fixed on two glass discs with jagged metal frames. The disc is driven by the movement (mostly located at the bottom of the clock), which rotates the hands to indicate the hours and minutes, respectively. Today, Cartier launches a new mysterious timepiece that inherits and reinterprets this unique craftsmanship in a modern style.

A new chapter in mysterious aesthetics
 Following the Mysterious Hour Watch and the Dual Mystery Tourbillon Watch, Cartier launches the Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon Watch, equipped with a center escapement that rotates around the axis of the hands. Cartier’s mysterious aesthetics has opened a whole new chapter. All the mysteries lie in this delicate structure: the movement is surrounded by a transparent and mysterious atmosphere, like floating in the watch case, free from the constraints of gravity. The hidden gear of the movement is as small as possible, giving it breathtaking visual effects.
 The 9462 MC movement is light and agile. The central shaft consists of an escapement, a balance wheel, a gear train and a barrel. The minute hand is set on the long and narrow extension of the movement and rotates around the dial every hour. The movement trajectory of the movement itself is also clearly visible, like the bright stars that draw across the night sky, hanging in the void, without any connection. The movement components are stacked and assembled on four rotatable sapphire crystal wafer trays, showing a miraculous mysterious scene.
 The mysterious tourbillon of the Astromystérieux celestial body can not help but wonder: Is this a new type of tourbillon? Its barrel rotates synchronously with the escapement and does not seem to be connected to the crown at all. How does it wind up? How do I set the time? Cartier’s master watchmakers boldly innovate, making the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon mysterious tourbillon watch full of charm between motion and reality. Its manufacturing process has applied for many patents.
Dazzling new tourbillon
 The operating principle of the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon is the same as the traditional tourbillon. The rotating frame is driven by fixed gears connected to the barrel. Unlike the traditional tourbillon, the frame of the Astromystérieux’s mysterious tourbillon is centered around the axis and rotates once per hour. Its structure is not only composed of an escapement and a balance wheel, but also a gear train and a barrel. A larger diameter sapphire crystal wafer plate serves as the lower bridge plate of the tourbillon frame, while the two upper bridge plates are fixed with a balance wheel and the other with an escapement, a gear train and a barrel. The tourbillon frame itself displays minutes during rotation. With the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon watch, Cartier takes the tourbillon’s aesthetics and craftsmanship to a whole new level.

Ingenious and mysterious concept
 The charm of the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon watch goes beyond that. There are also three sapphire crystal wafer stacking combinations that make this timepiece unique.

• A disc displays hours
 The hour dial is directly connected to the tourbillon disc to display the time. The other two disks have larger diameters and are used to carry complex gear systems. In order to protect these parts, the watchmaker installed a new anti-vibration system on the rotating frame to cushion external shocks that may be encountered when wearing the watch.

• Mysterious disc winding system
 The winding system of the Astromystérieux celestial mysterious tourbillon has been patented. Its function is realized by a sapphire crystal wafer plate and crown. This unique and delicate disc is connected to the barrel only when it is wound. To this end, Cartier specially designed a suspension gear located between the crown handle and the winding disc. When the crown rotates, this gear moves to connect the crown with the winding disc. When the crown is at a standstill, the gear will be automatically released and the connection between the two will be disconnected. The winding system of the Astromystérieux celestial mysterious tourbillon also provides unique protection for manual winding mechanical movements. Thanks to a specially designed clutch system, the crown handle and barrel will not be damaged even when they are over wound.
• Set time with dual function sapphire wafer tray
 The lower disc located at the bottom of the movement plays a dual role: it is responsible for providing power for the normal rotation of the tourbillon frame; when the crown is pulled out, the setting time system is activated. This technology has been patented. Both of these functions are achieved through a unique leverage mechanism, and this breakthrough high-end technology has also been patented.

 When the watch is operating normally, the lever locks the sapphire crystal disc tightly. The disc in a fixed position can transmit power to the tourbillon frame through the escapement. When the crown is pulled out to the time setting position, the lever releases the lower sapphire crystal wafer plate and the tourbillon frame fixed on the minute gear to complete the time adjustment.
 The Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux Tourbillon Mystery Tourbillon watch is made of 950 ‰ palladium and has a diameter of 43.5 mm. With this masterpiece of timepieces, Cartier wonderfully interprets the classics of fine watchmaking since 1912-the mysterious movement, giving this extraordinary design a new charm.
Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon
9462 MC movement
Case: 950 ‰ Palladium
Diameter: 43.5 mm
Crown: Bead-shaped crown set with a convex round blue sapphire
Hands: Apple-shaped stainless steel hands
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K white gold folding buckle
Mirror and case back: sapphire crystal and case back
Case thickness: 12 mm
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)
Numbering and limited sale of 100 pieces
Also set with trapezoid-cut diamonds

Detailed Hollow Art Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Skeleton Watch Real Shot Tushang

The annual Geneva International Watch and Clock Fair is being held in full swing at the Palexpo Exhibition Center in Switzerland. The exhibition is now the 25th. Each session reflects to us the aesthetics and craftsmanship of high-end watches with a new look. As a well-known watch brand participating in the exhibition, Parmigiani has released a number of new products at this exhibition. The watch to be shown below is the new model of the Tonda 1950 Skeleton. The watch is displayed with exquisite hollow art. The unique skills of the brand.

Case in 18K rose gold

39 mm diameter
   The Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Skeleton full skeleton watch reveals the amazingly complex mechanical devices and characteristics of ultra-thin watches. It is a tribute to simple and ultra-thin models, and it shows a kind of adherence to the tradition of watchmaking A insistence on the use of simple lines to create immortal beauty.

Although the watch is hollow, it has a delicate dial

Through the mirror, you can clearly see the beauty of the hands between the disks.

Polished and beautiful internal parts

   This watch is different in that the Tonda 1950 Skeleton full skeleton watch has a dial, and the sapphire dial makes the dial perfect in appearance. Only a slight metal is applied to the bezel, which makes the movement elegant when embedded in the case. As for the Parmigiani logo on the dial, the usual arrangement and placement will destroy the harmonious beauty of the openwork movement. Therefore, the form of inlay on the top of the dial is intimately used.

Case thickness is only 8.4 mm

The crown and lugs are beautifully polished and elegantly shaped

Very detailed handling

See-through beauty at a glance
   This skeleton watch is equipped with a PF705 self-winding mechanical movement. Each bridge and main splint of the movement is open-worked with hollows, and the inside corners can be seen by the naked eye. They are entirely hand-crafted, which fully demonstrates Parmigiani’s exquisiteness. Watchmaking skills.
Summary: The five-day Geneva Haute Horlogerie show presented a unique visual feast for us, and we look forward to the reporting group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Mass Production Of The Successful Neomatik Watch Series

The first successful 1st edition neomatik watch is equipped with NOMOS next-generation movement DUW 3001, which expands the lineup of the brand’s new elegant automatic watch series.
   (Glashütte / Berlin, March 2016) After the first edition of the watch quickly sold out, NOMOS Glashütte continues to launch this series of watches, and these best-selling models are slightly changed before they appear. Minimatik, Tangente, Metro, Orion and Ludwig models continue to be paired with white electroplated silver dials or champagne gold dials. NOMOS Tetra classic square watches followed closely to join their lineup: this timepiece has always been known for the manual-winding version, and now with the new movement, the size has become larger and more masculine.

   Compared to the first version of the watch, the renewed model has a slight change in design: the word neomatik on the dial has changed from the previous fluorescent orange to gold; the minute hour marker of the Tangenteneomatikchampagner watch is now changed to the fluorescent orange design; small The scale of the second hand dial is changed to black; the Minimatikchampagner watch has removed the fluorescent orange ring design of the original small second dial; in addition to the classic white electroplated silver dial, the Tetraneomatik model also shows a new face, with a dark blue dial with a beautiful Green detail decoration.
   As the tenth self-made movement produced by NOMOS, the DUW 3001 automatic movement has a transparent design in all twelve watches of neomatik, which can be glimpsed through the sapphire crystal case back. The movement is only 3.2 mm thick and the most advanced research and production technology is used in the development process. The DUW 3001 caliber gives the neomatik series watches an extremely slim and elegant appearance, and at the same time achieves the accuracy of the observatory-certified models, and the movement time is extremely accurate. The DUW 3001 movement is also equipped with the DUW speed regulation system independently developed by NOMOS, which can achieve such a high accuracy of the time more easily and conveniently. This system replaces the previous Triovis trimming system, so NOMOS design engineers can make precise adjustment settings for them without touching the hairspring directly. The results of it? This has created these high-precision watch series.

   All ten neomatik round watches retain the classic size of 35 or 36 mm diameter. The white electroplated silver dial and dark blue Tetra models are paired with a black Holvin premium Cordova horse leather strap, while the champagne gold model is paired with an apricot leather strap.
   These exquisite straps are bezel-finished and paired with the brand’s exclusive NOMOS buckle. The exception is Tetra, with a buckle that interacts with its square case. The new neomatik series will be available at major retailers starting this spring.

Montblanc Launches Three New Heritage Precision Chronograph Watches

At the Watches & Wonders 2015 in Hong Kong, Montblanc will launch three new heritage precision chronograph watches. These watches are equipped with exquisite and elegant cases, equipped with innovative movements, combining all the basic characteristics of Swiss fine watchmaking, Montblanc’s exquisite craftsmanship and long tradition.
Montblanc Heritage Chronometer Precision Tourbillon Minute Chronograph Express Gamma Diamond Limited Edition 25

Trace the origins of the adventure
   Vasco da Gama on July 8, 1497 led a small galleon fleet of four ships (including his ‘San Gabriel’ ship-a captain A 27-meter sailboat with 60 crew members) set sail from the port of Leicester, Lisbon, towards the coast of India. The purpose of this great expedition is to open the southern tip of India, and you can import and trade precious gems and precious spices without going through Arab, Persian, Turkish or Venetian brokers. If the adventure is successful, he will be the first navigator to open a road directly to the sea south of India.
   Since in the era of Vasco da Gama, when all coastlines disappeared into the vast sea, there were no clocks or timers to calculate longitude, he relied on constellations and used basic navigational instruments to estimate his position. According to historical records, a constellation is particularly useful in helping him find his destination: Southern Cross, although a small constellation, is very distinctive and easy to identify. The four bright stars α, β, γ, and δ form a sacred cross shape, crossing the Milky Way. This reference point enabled the keen explorer to establish a voyage based on the geographic Antarctic.
   The success of Vasco da Gama’s expedition is mainly due to the captain’s courage, the desire for action, the courage to face risks, and most importantly, the control of accuracy.
   With precise observations and skillful calculations, on November 4, 1497, Vasco da Gama led the fleet to St. Helena Bay on the southwest coast of Africa. Then, bypassing the Cape of Good Hope, arrived in India on May 20, 1498, left the country on October 8, the same year, and successfully returned to Lisbon on September 9, 1499. Thanks to the new routes pioneered by the brave crew, Portugal was able to maintain its supremacy as a maritime and trading nation throughout the western world.
Legend: Precision
   Inspired by Vasco da Gamma’s pioneering spirit and nautical technology, Montblanc has created a new watch collection that perfectly combines the Portuguese explorer’s obsession with precision and the essence of fine watchmaking. Precision has always been an important goal of the watchmaking industry, and today it has become synonymous with ‘precise timing’ (from the French word ‘chronométrie’). One of the new ‘Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronographs’ originates from this tradition of fine watchmaking. The special edition watches in this collection are named after Vasco da Gama and are designed to pay tribute to this world-renowned explorer. The unique cross sign in the southern hemisphere sky also plays an important role.
Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Two-Date Timepiece Gamma Limited Edition 238 pieces

The core of the collection’s value – Minerva Tradition
   Inspired by the pioneering spirit of this outstanding explorer, Montblanc created a unique heritage precision chronograph watch named after Vasco da Gama. Montblanc’s pursuit of this technical spirit and precision is reflected in the chronograph movement that has been continuously developed over the past 157 years.
   For example, among the brand’s many iconic timekeeping devices, important products include the famous caliber 13/20 designed for wristwatches in the early 1920s and the stopwatch with a precision of one hundredth of a second introduced in 1936. The focus on precise time measurement and various vibration frequency related technologies has helped Minerva stand out as a pioneer manufacturer of self-made balance wheels and hairsprings. Montblanc Villeret has maintained this tradition and continues to this day. This tradition also inspired Montblanc to develop a movement that inherited the precision chronograph series.
   Montblanc’s values ​​and the history of the Minerva Watch Factory are also reflected in the reinterpretation of one of the watch’s most representative models in the 1950s: the ‘Pythagore’ watch. This model is equipped with a 10½-minute manual-winding movement Calibre 48 (developed in 1948 with a small seconds display) and Calibre 49 movement with a chronograph seconds hand. Its design highlights the characteristics of classic Swiss fine watchmaking, and today it has become the inspiration and cornerstone of the heritage of precision chronograph design.
   The exquisiteness of the case is reflected in every detail: the satin-polished alternating surface highlights its delicate and delicate texture. To further accentuate this harmonious charm, they are equipped with a stepped bezel and round lugs with unique facets. Crown embossed Montblanc hexagonal white star logo. The dial is decorated with a sun or grain pattern and pays homage to the tradition of precision chronographs with clear minute scales, double faceted applique scales and timeless Arabic numerals. Faceted sword-shaped hands make the entire face more harmonious, ensuring that functions that adhere to the spirit of Swiss ‘timekeeping’ are clear and easy to read.
   Montblanc has always adhered to the watchmaking concept of ‘share the passion of high-end watchmaking’. The aesthetic design pursued by the inherited precision chronograph series perfectly embodies this motto. The understated and discreet style, the perfect details are reflected in the superb complexity and elegant, practical three-hand watch. With this new collection, Montblanc once again presents the passion and beauty of traditional watchmaking to watch connoisseurs.
Complex device
   Inspired by the desire for continued development, Montblanc has launched a new heritage chronograph watch with an innovative and practically complex function movement designed for everyday use. In addition to the super practical calendar models, Montblanc is constantly developing traditional mechanical movements that incorporate a variety of innovative features. These include two timepiece models with a second time zone display, a complication developed by Montblanc itself. This reflects Montblanc’s superb skills in movement design. Today, this superb technique is once again reflected in the original, reinterpreted version of the external tourbillon model, which debuted in 2010 and belongs to the Villeret series. The Heritage Chrono Chronograph is equipped with a crocodile leather strap made by Montblanc’s own leather goods factory in Florence, Italy.
Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Annual Calendar Dagham Diamond Limited Edition 90 pieces

Quality tested and tested
   Before leaving the factory, the Heritage Chrono Watches undergo a meticulous preliminary inspection before being subjected to a rigorous 500-hour quality test by the Montblanc laboratory.
   These tests are designed to detect any imperfections in the watch during the assembly and fine-tuning process, ensuring that Montblanc customers always enjoy watches of exceptional quality and with the ultimate test certification.
About Montblanc
   For more than 100 years, Montblanc has been adhering to a tradition of eternal value and superb craftsmanship. The company’s perfect pursuit of design, style, quality and craftsmanship has created a series inherited from generation to generation. The iconic Montblanc Hexagonal White Star is a symbol of excellence-luxury writing instruments, watches, leather goods, accessories, perfumes and sunglasses are the pinnacle of excellence, and Montblanc has been actively committed to a lasting commitment to excellence through cultural promotion. . The Montblanc brand is rooted in writing culture and has always taken cultural commitment as its responsibility. Through various international activities, the company reflects its creative contribution to modern cultural life: Montblanc continues to write cultural legends.

Audemars Piguet Launches Royal Oak Offshore Limited Chronograph

To celebrate the partnership established between Audemars Piguet and Italian racing champion Jarno Trulli, Audemars Piguet launched the new Royal Oak Offshore Chuli Limited Chronograph to convey the common values ​​of both: Huai Pursuing perfection and precision with passion, we adhere to the most stringent requirements.
The Royal Oak Offshore Chuli Limited Chronograph inherits the design principles of premium sports cars, with a case made of high-tech innovative materials and an excellent chronograph movement. The case with a diameter of 42 mm and a water resistance of 100 meters is made of forged carbon. In the high-end watch industry, Audemars Piguet is the first watch factory to master the technology of forged carbon and first to use it for watch making. To make the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph’s case, a total of 12.5 grams of carbon strands are required. It is forged under high temperature and high pressure of 300 kg / cm2. If it is drawn into a straight line, it is equivalent to nearly 100 kilometers of carbon fiber! The middle ring of the case made in this way is extremely lightweight. Since the bezel is the most susceptible part of the watch, the classic octagonal bezel of this watch, Audemars Piguet decided to use the ceramic gold (Cermet) material used by the aerospace industry to make the space ship’s heat shield. The name of porcelain gold is a combination of ceramics and metal. This composite material has the advantages of both ceramic and metal. It is not only extremely hard (its Vickers hardness is 1450), but also shockproof and high temperature resistant. ,Anti-corrosion.

Superb performance for perfect driving
In addition to its excellent physical and chemical characteristics, porcelain gold is also selected for its beauty: the dark gray porcelain gold bezel is mirror-polished and polished, reflecting the light of eight bright polished stainless steel screws. For the finishing touch. The deep gray of the porcelain gold bezel and the black of the forged carbon case reflecting the wave of light are a perfect match, giving the overall exquisite elegance. The sandblasted, matte-finished titanium crown, chronograph buttons, and bottom bezel add a deeper tone to the gray tone. On the dark gray dial decorated with Audemars Piguet’s ‘M & eacute; ga Tapisserie’ oversized checkered pattern, the red hour markers, hour and minute hands, and central chronograph seconds hand create a lively effect. The sapphire crystal transparent bottom is branded with red Chuli’s autographed words, showing the watch’s sportsmanship. The Royal Oak Offshore watch is like a high-speed sports car on the starting line, full of horsepower under the control of the driver.
A high-end sports car is indispensable with a powerful engine. Similarly, the movement equipped with the Royal Oak Offshore Chuli Limited Chronograph is by no means idle. Through the sapphire crystal transparent bottom, you can see the exquisite movement. This Cal.3126 / 3840 self-winding movement, developed on the Cal.3120 basic movement designed and manufactured by Audemars Piguet, guarantees that the watch reaches an outstanding level in terms of accuracy. The adjustable weight balance with eight small weights and the horizontal-to-horizontal balance bridge design greatly improve the performance and reliability of the movement. In addition, in order to make the wearer more comfortable, Cal.3126 / 3840 movement has the function of instant date change and quick adjustment, and has a power reserve of up to 60 hours. When setting the time for the watch, the movement also comes with a thoughtful device that stops the second hand from moving.

A Watch With 20,000 Or 10,000, It Looks Really Good.

Mixed track bezels for many years, played various watches, famous, niche, advanced, close to the people, foreign, domestic, except for the green tea tea, other watches are more or less Touched some. The more you play, the more you recognize the fact: no matter how touted by the brand and the media, no matter how enthusiastic collectors and watch fans are, for the general public, a watch of 10,000 or 20,000 is still the first choice. At this price, you can afford to lose face without losing face. Too cheap watch, many people feel that the grade is not enough. The watch with a size of tens of thousands has a lot of pain. The 80th Anniversary Special Edition of the Large Crown Pointer Date is precisely because of this. In the price range of 10,000 to 20,000, the competition is extremely fierce. Various companies have tried their best to hope to create an attractive explosion. But how easy is it to make an explosion? Therefore, although the brand is pushing new models every year, it really makes people look bright, and there are very few watches with a desire to buy. However, there is an exception for a brand. Its new models often move me. This is 豪 利 时 . Oris’s mainstream price is 10,000 or 20,000, and mechanical watches are produced across the board. In this price brand, it has its own characteristics, and has won many fans with its high value and cost performance. The big crown watch is an evergreen tree from Oris. Let’s take a look at Oris’s big crown watch . The large crown is one of the most Oris DNA watches, dating back to 1938. At that time, Oris introduced a large crowned pilot’s watch, which is not only suitable for pilots to wear gloves, but also has a pointer calendar function. After the launch of this watch, it was highly praised, and since then it has not stopped production, becoming an ‘evergreen tree’ for Oris. The new big crown watch has a lot of highlights in terms of material and color. In terms of materials, the Pointer Date 80th Anniversary Special Watch is boldly made of bronze with a green dial. Bronze is the current popular watch material, which can oxidize and change color with the passage of time, and according to different people’s wearing habits, there will be slight differences in color. It seems to bear witness to Olympian’s long history. The watch uses an arched sapphire crystal, snake eye needles and Arabic numerals complement each other, plus a coin-shaped bezel, analog calendar and track scale ‘help’, the whole watch in the retro fashion, ‘Power’ is full. The watch is 40 mm in diameter and is equipped with an Oris 754 self-winding movement. The retail price is 13,800 yuan. Since there are special models, there are naturally ‘non-special’ general models. These styles are divided according to the surface of the plate, and are available in red and blue colors. The red model is also 40 mm in diameter and is made of stainless steel. The price is relatively more affordable, only 1550 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 10,000 yuan. At the Basel Watch Fair, I tried on this watch in particular, with a red dial and a suede strap, it felt quite ‘handsome’ to get started. Do you like the big crown with the red dial? The blue model is 36 mm in diameter and the case is made of stainless steel with a bronze bezel and brown leather strap. The retail price is 1700 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 11,000 RMB. In the watch industry, Oris is one of the most environmentally conscious brands. Especially in water resources protection, Oris has made a lot of efforts. This time, the brand and the wild adventure swimmer Ernst Bromeis launched the Aquis Relief Calendar Watch . It will follow Ernst Bromeis on Lake Berga in preparation for Ernst’s 2019 ‘Blue Miracle’ swimming event. The design of the Aquis Relief calendar watch is inspired by water. Twelve silvery white scales, like twelve crystal drops, are scattered around the dial. The gray dial symbolizes the storm-torn sea. The stainless steel Aquis Relief calendar watch is 43.5 mm in diameter, masculine, with a screw-in crown, and it has a water resistance of 300 meters. The dial is polished with radial texture, which complements the gray unidirectional rotating bezel. The hands and hour markers are coated with a large area of ​​Super-LumiNova, which can be read clearly in low-light places such as underwater. The bright red seconds hand adds a touch of time to the passage of time. In terms of the price of playing Aquis Relief at the Basel Watch Fair, the Aquis Relief calendar watch has adhered to Oris’s price-performance ratio. The price of the steel chain model is 14,800 yuan, and the other strap models are 13,200 yuan. Oris has cooperated with the non-profit non-profit organization-Coral Reef Recovery Foundation for many years. The Foundation has a small goal: to rehabilitate coral reefs killed by warming seas by artificially growing corals. Although for a variety of reasons, this small goal has not been fully achieved, but some progress has been made. Oris and the Coral Reef Restoration Foundation have collaborated for many years. Oris has launched a brand new Great Barrier Reef watch- Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition 3rd Generation . Simply popularize the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is located in Australia and is the largest and longest coral reef in the world. There are more than 1,500 fish species, more than 400 hard corals, one third of the world’s soft corals, and six species of endangered turtles. As a unique and beautiful natural landscape, the Great Barrier Reef is listed by UNESCO as a ‘World Cultural Heritage’. However, such a ‘wonderland on earth’ is facing a growing problem of coral bleaching death. Therefore, it is urgent to protect the Great Barrier Reef. Oris has been committed to improving the world’s marine environment, and this year has also established a special marine protection project. The Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition 3rd generation open-box photo watch is very distinctive in design. The watches are also part of the Aquis collection and are limited to 2,000 pieces. It uses a deep and charming marine blue dial and a blue ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel, reminiscent of the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. In addition, the unique calendar display is personally considered another eye-catching highlight. It does not use a common calendar window, and it is different from the pointer calendar of the large crown watch, but uses a ring calendar display in the center of the dial. The calendar is indicated by a small hollow in the dial and a rectangle with a different color from the dial. At 9 o’clock is the small second hand. The retail price of the watch is 17,800 yuan , equipped with a special watch box made of environmentally friendly materials. If the large crown watch mentioned at the beginning of the article was originally built for pilots by Oris, then the 65 years of watch design inspiration comes from the brand’s earliest tailor-made watches for divers. In terms of overall style, the 65-year-old watch follows the original style, but uses modern technology and materials. The new 65-year-old watch, for example, the mirror of the early 65-year watch is made of Plexiglas. Now it has been replaced with sapphire that is durable and not easy to wear. The movement has been upgraded to an automatic winding movement. This year’s new 65-year change is mainly in size and material. In terms of size, based on the original 42mm and 36mm diameters, a 40mm model has been introduced to cater for the needs of more people. The new 65-year model is 40mm except for the black disk model which is 42mm. Dial colors are different colors such as blue and green. It is a very clever way to provide different colors for classic styles and let people choose freely. Because different people have different preferences for color, no matter how popular colors are, it is impossible to please everyone. The so-called ‘radish and greens, each has its own love.’ In terms of materials, whether it is a 42 mm model or a 40 mm model, a combination of stainless steel and bronze is used. Depending on the style, the range of use of bronze is also slightly different. The new 65-year-old watches are all 100 meters water resistant, with retail prices ranging from CHF 1,850 to CHF 2,200.

Lamborghini- Blancpain Asian Challenge Is About To Start # 5

From October 25th to 27th, the 2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge, which was jointly created by Italian supercar maker Lamborghini and Swiss luxury watch maker Blancpain, is about to return to China. Twenty participating teams from many Asian countries will once again compete at the Shanghai International Circuit, and the grand opening of the fifth race of the season will push this extraordinary event to a new high.

2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge Following the initial flames of fire at the Shanghai International Circuit in May, the smoke of the battle has gradually pervaded the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, the Inje (Inje) theme park track in Korea, and the Fuji International Motorsport in Japan. field. Participating drivers, while bringing a bloody competition to global fans, have also experienced fierce fires. Increasingly skilled driving control skills, well-planned racing strategies, and the continuous help of the Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo 2013 special-purpose car will undoubtedly make the weekend battle of the homeland full of suspense. And this race will not only bring a lively peak matchup, but also a sensory and exciting sports car culture feast for global fans and on-site audiences-the 2013 Championship Racing Carnival.

2013 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the founding of Lamborghini. The Super Trofeo Asia Challenge, as a link between Lamborghini deepening its emotional connection with Asian motorsports, was held twice this season in China. Through exciting motorsports, extraordinary driving experience and extreme luxury The Italian style brings a unique brand and product experience to users in the Chinese market, which vividly illustrates the important strategic position of the Chinese market for Lamborghini, and demonstrates Lamborghini’s firm commitment to serve the Chinese market for a long time.

In addition, in order to further strengthen Lamborghini’s connection with the Chinese market and allow more Chinese users to appreciate the unlimited potential and outstanding performance of Lamborghini models, Lamborghini also prepared a series of attractive driving experience activities throughout 2013: in Shanghai respectively The track day event with Zhuhai has attracted nearly 300 Chinese users and potential customers to experience the extreme charm of motorsports; the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini theme experience has covered 13 cities in China, and more than 200 media are invited to experience Lamborghini at zero distance Car models; Lamborghini traveled to New Zealand with Chinese users to open Lamborghini Driving Academy exclusive training.

On this profound year, Lamborghini took the 50th anniversary model Aventador LP 720-4 50 ° Anniversario and Gallardo LP 560-2 50 ° Anniversario to the Shanghai Auto Show for the first time, and it became a highlight of Lamborghini’s dedication to the Chinese market. In addition, Lamborghini also made wonderful appearances at 45 auto shows across the country this year, which has also become the focus of public attention.

Unswervingly fulfilling the brand promise to the Chinese market, partners and consumers, and has been committed to providing Chinese consumers with world-class products and services is also the philosophy of Lamborghini. Lamborghini provides free 3-year unlimited mileage warranty service for all models, and in 2013, it upgraded the optional configuration and after-sales service standards for all Gallardo models. At the same time, the launch of a new customer service center and brand financial services further strengthened Lamborghini customer satisfaction; In terms of the construction of the distribution service network, Lamborghini Changsha opened in June. At this point, the service network consisting of 19 authorized dealers in mainland China has become more complete.

Mr. Andrea Baldi, General Manager of Lamborghini Automotive China, said: ‘In May this year, Shanghai, China ushered in the 2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge and the 50th Anniversary Ceremony of Lamborghini; now we will return with a lot of fruits Here again, a passionate and enthusiastic event on the track. Lamborghini will continue to serve the Chinese market unremittingly, passing the essence of Lamborghini’s brand to Chinese users through each carefully operated platform, and continuously strengthening the relationship between us and Chinese users. Emotional bond. ‘

Iwc Congratulates Lewis Hamilton On His Fifth Individual Driver Championship

On October 28, 2018, IWC proudly congratulated the brand ambassador Lewis Hamilton on his personal fifth FIA F1 driver championship title.

 After finishing fourth in the Mexico Grand Prix held in Mexico City, Hamilton has already locked in the championship with the advantage of points. Since 2013, IWC has been the official engineering partner of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team.

IWC IWC Large Pilot Series TOPGUN Naval Air Combat Perpetual Calendar Watch (IW502902)
 Hamilton’s victory in Mexico is not unexpected, as the British driver has achieved yet another glorious season: a total of 15 podium finishes-9 first place, 3 second, and 3 third . Previously, Hamilton had won the Driver’s Championship four times in 2008, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

IWC Pilot Series TOPGUN Navy Air Combat Perpetual Calendar Watch Store Special Edition (IW502903)
 IWC CEO Christopher Granger Hull said: ‘Lewis’ achievements cannot be underestimated. Only a real champion can maintain such a high level for many years, especially in a highly competitive sport like F1. Failure sometimes differs by only a few milliseconds. We are very proud to have been working with Lewis since 2013, and he embodies the spirit of perfection, enthusiasm and quality-this is also the value concept we, as watchmakers, treasure. / Wen Watch House Xu Chaoyang)

Louis Vuitton Tambour Twin Chrono Dual Chronograph

LouisVuitton’s latest Tambor Twin Chrono dual chronograph is equipped with unique features developed by the La Fabrique du Temps watchmaking workshop under the Louis Vuitton: One press for each display Features.

The sailing competition is a one-on-one competition between two ships along the designated route under the same conditions, to compare the strategies, decision-making power and crew strength of the two sides. As the world’s most famous sailing event featuring competitions, the America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting event in history. The challenge team must win the LV Cup before they can qualify for the America’s Cup championship.
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Louis Vuitton Cup, Louis Vuitton has specially launched a watch with an exclusive innovative movement for the ‘Rivalry’ format: Tambour Twin Chrono.
World premiere
The time difference between the two times can be displayed on the dial. This innovative technology was designed and manufactured by La Fabrique du Temps, a fine watchmaking workshop owned by Louis Vuitton, and is regarded as an important milestone in the history of chronographs.
Perfect synchronization
This innovation is achieved through a movement consisting of four independent power mechanisms, three of which are specifically designed to support dual timing functions. The biggest challenge facing technology is to ensure the perfect synchronization of the four power units in motion, so as to ensure the simultaneous or continuous start and stop of the dual timing function. From the transparent case back, you can see this exquisite mechanical structure developed over four years.
The power mechanism for the dual chronograph function uses a manual winding mechanical movement, which can be wound manually with a crown at 4 o’clock (with a boat-shaped engraving). The power unit for displaying the hours and minutes is an automatic movement, and the time display can be adjusted using the crown at 2 o’clock (with Louis Vuitton acronym LV carving).

Three-layer guide column wheel
The LV175 Twin Chrono automatic movement is composed of 437 components, of which 2 column wheels play a key role. One is a classic-designed gear for controlling the minute hand. The other column wheel uses a completely different construction: this column wheel is located at the edge of the beam frame, and its three-layer design can realize the start and stop of each power unit separately, and can control the reset hand of the second hand.
Four times single button
Although the automatic movement of the LV175 Twin Chrono is complex, it can be easily operated by the innovative 4 single button at 7 o’clock, which can control all dual chronograph functions.
On first press, the two chronograph hands at 4 and 7 o’clock move simultaneously. When pressed a second time, the chronograph hand at 7 o’clock stops and the chronograph hand at 12 o’clock begins to move. Pressing it a third time will stop the timers at 4 and 12 o’clock at the same time. Pressing it a fourth time resets all timers.
We can only appreciate the importance of these functions in the sailing competition.
Press the single button once at the start of the game. The next two timers start counting. Press the single button again when the first ship reaches the end. The chronograph at 7 o’clock stops and the hands show the elapsed time of the ship (white is the minute hand and red is the second hand). The timer at 4 o’clock continues to count, and the timer at 12 o’clock starts to show the time difference between the two. When the second boat reaches the end point, the third time the single button is pressed, the timer at the 4 o’clock position stops, showing the elapsed time of the ship, and the timer at the 12 o’clock position shows that the two ships have arrived Time difference (minutes and seconds) at the end point. The time is displayed in both minutes (white minute hand) and seconds (red second hand). Pressing the single button for the fourth time resets all timers and can be used to time the next game.

Large fire enamel dial
The Tambour Twin Chrono dial is designed by Louis Vuitton’s Léman Cadrans advanced dial workshop, and is made by a master glazing craftsman with a large fire enamel. This traditional craft, mastered only by a few craftsmen in Geneva, perfectly showcases the ultimate aesthetics of Louis Vuitton watches.
Through the translucent dark blue large fire enamel covering the platinum dial, you can see the delicate carved pattern on the dial. With blue as the background, the red and white hands, scales, and minutes are striking. Craftsmen need a lot of time to carefully select materials, carefully handle countless stacks and delicate enamel patterns, and then start firing the dial multiple times at 840 degrees Celsius. At every step, every detail of the dial must be analyzed to make it as perfect as possible. After more than 40 hours of intensive work, the color of the dial will never fade.

– La Fabrique du Temps in Louis Vuitton develops and manufactures the LV175 automatic movement.
– 1 patent: one-touch dual-timer display function.
– 437 components.
– 2 column rollers, one of which is a three-layer column roller.
– 4 balance wheels.
– 4 barrels.
– 80 bearings.
– 35 hours power reserve.
– 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz).
– Thickness 6.53 mm.
– 37 mm diameter.
– LV balance.
– 18K white gold.
– Diameter: 45.5 mm.
– Thickness: 14.35 mm.
– Four single push buttons at 7 o’clock.
– Hour / minute / second winding crown at 2 o’clock.
– At 4 o’clock, there is a double chronograph winding crown.
– Transparent design on the back.
– Water resistant: 10 meters.
– Carved in 18K white gold.
– Translucent blue big fire enamel.
– 18K white gold hands.
– Black alligator leather strap.
– Black calfskin lining.
– 18K white gold pin buckle.
Limited edition of 30 pieces.

Performing Historical Carols Brief Comment On Bell & Ross Vintage Ww1 Single Button Chronograph

2011 was a year of new milestones for Bell & Ross. The brand re-created the first wristwatch released during the First World War, allowing PW1 and its The watch version Vintage Series WW1 has once again become the focus of the industry. Bell & Ross, a watchmaker who lives with military history, is passionate about aviation and believes that accurate timekeeping is one of the most important navigation tools. This year, the brand once again demonstrated its expertise, creating a unique watch that showcases the integration of aviation history and watchmaking style. The birth of the new Vintage WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir single-button chronograph is a historic moment, an ode to history. The following article will bring you a detailed analysis of this watch. The official number of the brown dial watch is: WW1 CHRONOGRAPHE MONOPOUSSOIR HERITAGE, and the official number of the ivory disc watch is: WW1 CHRONOGRAPHE MONOPOUSSOIR IVORY.

The biggest feature in this design is only one chronograph button, which makes the operation of chronograph more convenient. The practical functions and complex structure of the WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir single-button chronograph watch are the symbol of Bell & Ross watchmaking experts. Just press the timer button on your wrist to calculate the time period. The design of the timing button is perfectly combined with the crown. One-touch control starts, stops the timing and resets to zero, which is accurate.

Vintage series WW1 single button chronograph-appearance

In terms of overall appearance, the two watches use different color dials and different color straps, and the case diameter is 45mm. All stainless steel. In order to meet the wearer’s need for legibility of flying watches, Bell & Ross modified the mechanical design of the watch to increase the distance between the two timers on the dial. The two timers are connected to the position of the timing button to provide a more direct and real-time legibility, and the waterproof depth is 50 meters.

 Bell & Ross’s WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir single-button chronograph design is loyal to the world’s first wristwatch, a noble tribute to the history of military aviation watches by Bell & Ross. Under the premise of not giving in and uncompromising, Bell & Ross has produced a truly classic watch: a classic aviation instrument with a combination of retro, forward-looking and technological features.

Bell & Ross WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir single button chronograph is divided into two models (above) with dark brown dial, brown snail-shaped timer, sand-colored ultra-luminescent coating numbers, hour markers and hands. (Bottom) The ivory dial, silver-white snail-shaped timer, blue steel hands, both watches use a full stainless steel case with a belt pin buckle, which fully reflects the retro style.

 The two biggest features of the watch are the chronograph function of the single-button crown. Details will be explained later in the function section. In terms of appearance design, the crown is also made of stainless steel, and the design elements with strong retro feel echo the overall style.

Vintage Series WW1 Single Button Chronograph-Features

At three o’clock, there is a well-designed small 30-minute chronograph dial. The brown dial model uses a snail-shaped timer design and is covered with a luminous layer on the hands and scales.

The watch’s nine o’clock position is a small seconds dial. It is worth mentioning that in order to make it easier for aviation wearers to read the data more accurately and intuitively, the designer increased the distance between the two timers on the dial. The two timers are aligned with the position of the timing buttons, providing more direct real-time legibility.

Bell & Ross’s exclusive movement is equipped with the powerful function of a single-button chronograph. The single-button integrated with the crown directly controls various chronograph stopwatch functions, that is, driving the start, stop and reset of the chronograph.

Vintage series WW1 single button chronograph-movement

Bell & Ross WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir single button chronograph watch is equipped with La Joux-Perret mechanical automatic movement, officially such a high-precision movement to achieve the single button chronograph function.

Summary: It is understood that HERITAGE (brown face) is about 43,000 yuan, IVORY (ivory face) is about 47,000 yuan. Bell & Ross is a mid-to-high-end brand in the watch industry. The attached timing function is relatively easy to accept. At the same time, the single-button timing design makes it easier to operate. The overall retro style also caters to the current trend, so personally this watch should get A good market response, if you consider starting a chronograph watch within 50,000 yuan, this is also a recommended option.

Vintage series WW1 brown dial watch details:
bellross / 24734 /

Vintage series WW1 ivory dial watch details:
bellross / 24735 /