He-arc Developed Cycloid Reducer For Automatic Winding System

Last year, Professor Professor Christian Robert, a professor of microtechnology at Heute-Arc (Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie), and his students introduced a pendulum for displaying the hours and minutes on the watch dial. Needle wheel reducer.
This year, Professor Robert Robert also proposed to his students two new applications of cycloid pin gear reducers (also known as cycloid gear or cycloid gear reducers) in watch movements: one is to use For the automatic winding system, the other is for the seconds display.

Cycloidal pinwheel reducer for automatic winding system (model ratio 20: 1)

The main advantage of the cycloid pin gear reducer for the automatic winding system is that it replaces a large number of large and small gears on the transmission wheel system and has a high reduction factor, thereby reducing the space occupied by the movement, and The efficiency between the top and the ratchet is increased by 20%.
When applied to the automatic winding mechanism, the cycloid pin gear reducer modifies the transmission wheel system in order to reduce the rotation of the rotor to the winding of the barrel. The ratchet needs only 140 turns to rotate the rotor. The oscillating weight is free to rotate in only one direction, and pushes the cycloid pinwheel reducer in the other direction (because the cycloid pinwheel reducer can only work in one direction).

Because the movement can also be wound manually with a crown (an ETA 2892 movement is used as the basis for this mechanism), this will cause the cycloidal pinwheel reducer to rotate too fast, leading to its premature wear. Worn, the spindle-less moving element on the olive pin will act as a decoupling system to disconnect the cycloidal pin gear reducer during manual winding.
The display for the second is based on the design of the cycloid reducer which was introduced last year to reduce the display between minutes and hours. The cycloid reducer can also be used to display the seconds.

Black & White Double Hubble Big Bang Series White Caviar & Black Caviar

Hublot at Baselworld 2011 has brought us a number of extremely stunning watches, and the White Caviar and Black Caviar belonging to the BIG BANG series undoubtedly captured everyone’s eyeball.

The watch is boldly made of ceramic and is used throughout the case, dial and crown. I have to say that ceramic is an ideal watchmaking material because it is 30% lighter than steel and has excellent scratch resistance without deformation and rust. In addition, the ceramic particles on the dial and case of the watch adopt a radial pattern layout, which is very visually striking.
Both the White Caviar and Black Caviar watches have a diameter of 41mm. The dial layout is a classic three-pin design with a date window at 3 o’clock. There is nothing else. With a white or black rubber strap, it reveals a simple and stylish feel.
The watch is equipped with the HUB1112 automatic winding movement, which consists of 63 parts and 25 stones. With 42-hour power reserve function. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

Blancpain’s Time Story About Love

Blancpain started in 1735 and has a history of nearly 300 years. It is known as ‘the founder of classic timepieces’. It is rare in the industry to design and develop independently from A to Z. The brand that manufactures, manufactures, assembles and sells movements and watches continues to lead the development of the mechanical watch industry and is a model of high-end mechanical watchmaking in Switzerland.

Full calendar month relative watch male 6639 / Full calendar month relative watch female 3663
   Blancpain’s relative calendar for the full calendar month is ‘The most profound classic timepiece symbol of’ You ask me how deep I love you … the moon represents my heart ‘. The dial is equipped with an 18K red gold case. The dial layout is elegant and symmetrical. The date, week, month and moon phase display functions are all available. There is a hidden adjustment function under the lugs. The watches are equipped with an automatic movement. Since launching the first full-calendar moon phase watch in 1983, it has been enduring for 33 years and is widely sought after.

Classic Big Three Pins 8 Days Long Power Men’s Watch 6630 / Classic Big Three Pins Women’s Watch 6102
   This pair of watches is the most classic junior model in Blancpain’s Villeret classic series. No matter how the years pass, the classic design of this watch will never go out of style. The pair of watches are equipped with 18K red gold case, which symbolizes love is stronger than gold; among them, the men’s large open flame enamel dial symbolizes the flawless whiteness of love, while the women’s diamond bezel implies the hope that love shines into the bright future. And time is the testimony of our love for life.

Retrograde Seconds Men’s Watch / Retrograde Date Pair Women’s Watch
   Love, when I see you, I jump with a heart for your fawn. Both of these couples have a retrograde function. The male model has a small second hand 30 seconds retrograde function, and the female model has a date retrograde function. Lady ladies, men gentlemen. The moving moment of love, whether it is every minute and every second, or the long-lasting affection, the hard-working retrograde pointer on the dial is exactly what I jump for you, the heart that loves you to the old days.

Gorgeous Outerwear Polished By The Movement

The rigorous attitude to time makes the watch always strive for excellence in craftsmanship. An excellent movement must not only be accurate when moving, but also beautiful enough. Regardless of whether the case back is transparent or not, the watch, especially the fine watchmaking, will be in It took some time to polish the movement, and regarded this procedure as an indispensable process in the index process. Piaget Polo FortyFive watch with Geneva print, 800P self-winding movement
The functional polishing enhances the dust and rust prevention ability by smoothing the movement parts, and at the same time makes the parts of the transmission system mesh more accurately to avoid the burrs left by the initial machining to affect the accuracy of the travel time. On the other hand, the decorative polishing puts a gorgeous coat on the ingenious movement, so that it reflects the gorgeous light under the light-obviously, the more popular and beautiful latter gets more For widespread attention.
Although the decorative polishing of the movement does not make much contribution to the accuracy of the travel time, it is closely related to the artistic value of a watch. Polishing is an important listed department in the watch factory. High-end watch brands and high-quality machines The core is carefully polished, and many watch fans even judge the level of a watch by ‘whether the movement has been finely polished’. The reporter once saw the polishing worker holding a circular blade at the Glashütte watch factory, pressing the pearl pattern and the sun pattern one by one, which seemed to be simple but very test the worker’s hand strength, and the fish scale pattern was made like this. The brushed texture was first polished with a material called shellac, and later replaced with sandpaper. In addition, what seems to be the most ‘broad’ bar-shaped Geneva pattern, in fact, the process is more difficult, you need to hold the boxwood blades one by one to push out by hand, so not only need to be very uniform in hand strength, but also to maintain each The lines are absolutely straight and balanced, and a slight bend will be included in the ranks of waste products.
These strict requirements on the polishing of modern watches actually come from the ‘Geneva Rules’ established in 1886. There are 12 rules to remove inferior products and guarantee the quality of the Geneva movement. Each part of the movement is required to be observed. The demanding requirements of ‘grinding’ are ubiquitous. In addition to functional grinding such as chamfering, there are also polishing requirements for decoration, such as ‘visible to the naked eye including screws, groove marks and spiral edges All must be polished without burrs ‘,’ the outside gem grooves of the board must be polished and translucent ‘and so on. Today, this set of rules has become the guarantee of the highest art of watchmaking. No matter which country or region’s watch factory has more or less adhered to some of its terms in its technological tradition. So we can even say this: Although gorgeous decorative polishing does not mean a high-quality movement, a high-quality movement will certainly have a beautiful polishing process for appreciation.
Piaget Polo FortyFive Automatic Movement Watch, Geneva Pattern, 800P Automatic Movement
Geneva pattern
日内瓦 Geneva pattern, which became popular in the 1920s, is a common pattern, so it is named after the sparkling Lake Geneva. Specifically divided into: strip ripple, ring ripple and radial ripple. The annular corrugations are in the form of concentric circular strips of equal width, the radial corrugations gradually rotate from the center to the surroundings, and the stripe corrugations are wider vertical strips. The first two types of corrugations are less used today, but the stripe Geneva pattern often occupies the movement’s splints and automatic rotors, especially through most transparent casebacks. The automatic rotors are low-key bars. Shaped Geneva pattern, the red and sapphire bearings on it become the best embellishment.
The sun pattern is a more delicate radial pattern. It is used on small parts to straighten the curve of the radial Geneva pattern, which is the sun pattern. In addition, there are simple straight line drawing and circular drawing. At first glance, it looks like a plane. On closer inspection, you will find a delicate and uniform texture. It is often arranged on the outermost periphery of the plywood and on various couplings in the movement.
Pearl pattern
The pearl pattern is slightly similar to the fish scale pattern, but the internal texture of each ‘pearl’ of the pearl pattern is more uneven than that of the ‘fish scale’, and the area overlapped by each other is smaller, and the pearl pattern has more ‘ ‘Circular.’ But now it is only used in a small part to help create the layered sense of the movement.
Fish-scale pattern
The widely used fish scales are very agile. The fish scale pattern is a round fish scale-like pattern, layered in layers, with a repeating cautious aesthetic. Because of its small and fragmented pattern, it is often used in places that are not easy to see, such as the bottom plate of the movement. Of course, some experts believe that the fish scale pattern is treated because it is not as good-looking as the Geneva pattern. Therefore, it is only indicated that there is ‘abrasion’ in the inconspicuous place. However, there are still many watches that place it on the rotor and upper splint. Wait for prominent position.

Blue Beast Breitling Avengers Series Deep Diving Sea Wolf Watch Brief Comment

Avenger Seawolf is a professional super diving watch that combines strong appearance and extraordinary performance. Thanks to its screw-down case back and screw-in slip-resistant crown, the watch is water-resistant to an incredible 3,000 meters (10,000 feet). Professional diving watch features such as a ratchet unidirectional rotating bezel and a safety pressure reducing valve that can balance the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the case. Whether traveling on land, swimming in the deep sea, or flying in the sky, the watch is guaranteed to be exceptionally accurate and reliable. Today’s Watch House brings you this Breitling Avengers series deep diving sea wolf watch, reference model: A1733010 / C801.

Since its birth, the Breitling Avengers series has been favored by watch lovers with its four watchmaking concepts: solid, reliable, functional, precise and aesthetic.

The diameter of this watch is 45 mm. Combined with the thick and reliable appearance of professional diving watches and the aesthetic design of rough Breitling atmosphere, it presents a strong visual effect like a beast.

The sapphire crystal glass is treated with anti-glare treatment on both sides to provide a clear display. The brilliance of the blue and the indigo dials complement each other, presenting a deep and charming luster.

The screw-down crown guarantees the water resistance of this watch. The rough non-slip grooves and slightly larger crown design make this watch easy to use even when wearing a diving suit.

This watch is equipped with a stylish sports rubber strap. The strap is tough and smooth and has good corrosion resistance. It perfectly matches the performance of the diving watch and also gives the watch a more stylish appearance.

The left side of the case is equipped with a safety pressure relief valve, which is essential for professional deep-diving watches. Through this valve, personnel who perform deep-sea operations will land and balance the pressure inside and outside the case in time to prevent the watch from bursting.

The lugs of this watch are also very polished, and the more rounded lines used in the shape fit the wrist while showing a dynamic movement like a jumping wave.

This watch is equipped with a folding safety clasp. The clasp is printed with Breitling’s brand logo, the brand’s English name and the year ‘1884’, which symbolized the creation of Breitling, which highlights the brand’s identity.

The rectangular metal-inlaid scales are paired with two simple-line sword-shaped scales, which show a strong masculinity. The center of the hands and the top of the scales are filled with fluorescent materials for reading in a dark environment.

A date display window is embedded at the 3 o’clock position of the dial, and a red square design on the tip of the second hand adds some vitality and vitality to the deep blue dial.

The ratcheted unidirectional rotating bezel is also a standard feature of diving watches. It is designed to rotate unidirectionally to ensure that it will not be dangerous due to accidental rotation when timing underwater.

This watch has a dense bottom design, the case back is screw-in, waterproof to 3000 meters, and is equipped with a Breitling 17 automatic mechanical movement, which can provide a power reserve of no less than 40 hours.

Summary: Men always seem to have an inextricable plot for the sea. When the sea is calm, the sea is gentle. It is unpredictable, integrates rivers, and nurtures life. However, the sea also has a ferocious side. In the waves, all creatures are like ants in front of them, vulnerable. Shouldn’t men be like this? When facing relatives and friends, you can embrace everything with a broad mind, and stand up when needed to protect the family from the wind and rain. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Hubo Launches Only Watch 2015 Enamel Britto Watch

Only Watch Charity Auction began in 2005 and is organized by the Monaco Anti-Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Association. In order to sponsor the 6th Only Watch charity auction in 2015, Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot and Brazilian artist Romero Britto designed and launched the classic fusion Only Watch enamel Britto watch.
   This watch perfectly integrates traditional enamel craftsmanship and contemporary cubist pop art, which showcases Hublot’s outstanding innovation ability. It is worth mentioning that the watch will be auctioned together with the inspiration of Romero Britto’s paintings, which will make it particularly different.
   First, the designer took inspiration from Romero Britto’s vibrantly colored paintings and reproduced the lines on the dial with the appropriate proportions. Then, the enamelist selected 6 opaque colors and painted them one by one to the inlay of the platinum dial. Enamel; then, repeatedly sintering and fixing the pattern in an oven at about 800 ° C to present Romero Britto’s signature design with delicate inlaid enamel.
   In the creative process, the real challenge comes from reproducing the inherent tension and harmony in Romero Britto’s paintings on the tiny dial. The end result is this unique timepiece that showcases the fusion of tradition and modernity, classical craftsmanship and innovation in the 21st century.
Technical specifications
Reference number: 515.CS.0910.LR.OWM15 Only one
Movement: HUB1302 manual winding mechanical movement, thickness 2.9 mm, number of parts 123, number of gems 21, power reserve about 90 hours
Case: black ceramic, polished finish, 45 mm diameter, anti-glare sapphire crystal, 6 ‘H’ screw-fastened bezels, Hublot logo on the crown, water-resistant to 5 bar (approx. 50 meters)
Dial: 18K white gold, enamel dial, black coated hands, small seconds at 7 o’clock
Strap: black rubber with white silk stitching and red crocodile leather
Buckle: Black PVD adjustable stainless steel buckle

Details Of The History Of The Lange Tourbillon Movement Watch

At the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) held from January 20 to 24, 2014, the Saxony fine watch brand Lange, based in the German watch town Glashütte, exhibited 1815 Tourbillon watch. For the first time, this watch incorporates a stop-seconds device and a zero reset function in the tourbillon. The interaction between the two patented devices makes this new watch’s stop and set functions accurate to the second. This is the eighth tourbillon movement launched by Lange in its 20-year history and will be officially launched in the near future.

   Earth’s gravity is probably the most elusive of all physical phenomena, and it has caused human curiosity since its distant history. The First Men in the Moon, published in 1901, is a masterpiece by the famous British science fiction novelist H. G. Wells. In this novel, a scientist named Cavor has developed a mysterious substance that can offset the gravity of the earth. However, fortunately or unfortunately, in real life, the gravity of the earth will neither fail nor change the offset.

   A century before the publication of H. G. Wells’s novel, watchmakers have invented a tourbillon (French) that uses the rotation of its frame to offset the errors caused by gravity in the parts of the clock escapement.

20 years 8 tourbillon movements

   Over the past 20 years, Lange has independently designed and built 49 movements, 8 of which are equipped with tourbillons. However, for Lange product developers, their focus is not simply on finding a way to embed the tourbillon into a series of products. In the design stage, they always do everything to optimize the matching of parts and components to create the best overall effect. This spirit of diligence and creativity has led to a series of innovative design solutions and a series of world first records.

Lange precision symbol

   The first appearance of the Lange Tourbillon is the TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” watch, which was launched in 1994. It cleverly uses the principle of leverage. For the first time, it uses a sesame chain transmission in the production of the watch to provide a stable and reliable speed, which further improves The stability and accuracy of the watch. By the way, this watch, limited to 200 pieces worldwide, has become one of Lange’s most successful auction models. Today, the well-maintained 1994 TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” watch will be sold at auction for four to five times the original price. Since then, the sesame chain transmission has been used in the production of two Lange Tourbillon watches, and the TOURBOGRAPH ‘Pour le Mérite’ series has added a double chronograph chronograph. The RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” watch, launched in 2011, has three sub-dials overlapping each other, and you can enjoy the beautiful operation of the tourbillon through the window of the small second dial position.

New chapter in tourbillon history

   In 2008, Lange released the CABARET TOURBILLON watch. This is not only the first Lange watch, but also the only rectangular tourbillon watch with a stop-second function. Since then, tourbillon movements independently designed and developed by Lange will be equipped with a stop-second function.

Tourbillon design becomes a brand icon

   Lange’s most famous watch provides an excellent stage for the tourbillon in front of the world. The LANGE 1 TOURBILLON watch, which debuted in 2000, is known as the Centennial Tourbillon. Ten years later, Lange launched LANGE 1 TOURBILLON ‘165 Years – Homage to F. A. Lange’, a limited edition to commemorate F. A. Lange’s 165th anniversary of the establishment of the Lange watch factory. This watch with Lange’s patented stop-seconds device and a case made of 18K honey-colored gold alloy has never seen an innovative and sturdy design. Two years later, Lange released the LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR watch. At first glance, only the inconspicuous engraving on the dial shows that this watch is equipped with a tourbillon. The sapphire crystal can be used to watch the precision. Mechanical operation.

Unique Design Style Kunlun Watch ‘open The Key To Time Design’ New Product Appreciation Meeting

On October 16, 2015, in the North District of Taikoo Li, Sanlitun Road No. 11, the famous Swiss watch brand COrum Kunlun watch held its ‘opening time design key’ new product appreciation party. Kunlun watches 2015 new timepieces officially debuted in the country for the first time, from the three pillar series: Golden Bridge series (Golden Bridge), Admiral’s Cup series (Admiral’s Cup), the classic series (Heritage) more than 40 new timepieces On the stage, a wonderful interpretation of Kunlun’s unique design style and fine watchmaking essence.

Mr. Lan Mingwei, General Manager of Kunlun Watch Greater China

Mr. Ding Zhixiang

   At the new product appreciation meeting, Mr. Lan Mingwei, the general manager of Kunlun Watch Greater China, invited the famous watch collection and appreciation expert, Mr. Ding Zhixiang, to interpret the historical story and classic products of Kunlun watch carefully.
   This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Kunlun Watch brand, the 55th anniversary of the Admiral Cup series and the 35th anniversary of the Golden Bridge series. Since the Golden Bridge series was first introduced in 1980, it has been a model for the brand. Its long unique movement has a unique and legendary craftsmanship status for more than three decades.

   This year’s new Jinqiao ceramic watch model is introduced. The precision ceramic case and multiple pieces of crystal glass are inlaid to fit perfectly. At the same time, the black and white cases and the golden movement shape have a contrasting hue, and the visual effect is stunning. Because there is no dial, there is no time mark, only the faceted hands and the straight line visual effect play a balancing role. Through the crystal glass mirror and case back, the exquisite structure of the CO113 movement can be seen at a glance.

   In 1960, it brought the brilliant Admiral’s Cup series to Kunlun Watch, and it is well-known in many major sailing competitions. Its dodecagonal case and dial with twelve-sided nautical flag motifs are a distinctive design signature of the series. This year, the iconic colored nautical flag elements of the Admiral’s Cup are also returning.

   The Admiral Cup AC-One 45 chronograph, teak dial design, breaks the unique beauty of conventional materials. The black inner ring of the dial is decorated with a nautical flag mark, continuing the style of the Admiral Cup series. The hollow faceted hands and hour markers are treated with black Superluminova, and the case is water-resistant to 300 meters, which is comparable to professional diving watches. With Mad Max embossed Kevlar-textured leather strap with triple discount.
   Kunlun Watch’s classic series, Coin Watch, Feather Watch, Bubble Watch and other new masterpieces were also unveiled at the same time, including 8 precious Kunlun Watch historical collections Watches.

   Kunlun Watch recently launched the two Coin Watch 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watches. The styling and design are in line with the brand tradition. The 3N 18kt gold model has a diameter of 36 mm and the 925 silver model has a diameter of 43 mm.

   The new Bubble watch continues the classic core design of the bubble watch, expanding to 47 mm in diameter, with a spherical crown. The thickness is 18.8 mm, and the sapphire crystal mirror surface is 8 mm. The tall mirror surface has a lens function, which can magnify and distort the visual effect of the dial.

Antique watch

Summary: Since the establishment of Kunlun Watch in 1955, creativity and audacity have been the principles that Kunlun Watch has always adhered to, and carry forward the value concept and technology of Swiss watchmaking. Kunlun watches are distinctive in design and technology. The Golden Bridge series, the Admiral Cup series and the classic series all have a high degree of recognition and exquisite appearance. We look forward to more exciting works from Kunlun Watch.

Vacheron Constantin Launches Two New Vertical And Horizontal Series Watches

Since its launch in 1996, Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas Collection sports watches have become the first choice for travellers with their sleek, elegant style and dynamic design. In 2012, the brand added a new genius to the collection: the Overseas Perpetual Calendar Chronograph and the Overseas Chronograph.

Overseas Perpetual Calendar Chronograph
    This watch uses a 42mm diameter 18K pink gold case and a soft iron inner case, with a bezel, crown, screw-locked buttons inspired by the brand’s Maltese cross emblem, light gray milky white The dial and dial are decorated with black second hand and luminous 18K 5N pink gold hour scale. Like other timepieces in this series, the surface of the hour hand and hour scale is coated with a layer of white luminous material to ensure clear display in dark places. time. In addition to the hours, minutes and small seconds at 6 o’clock, the dial also has a chronograph function-jumping seconds, 30-minute timer at 3 o’clock and 12-hour timer at 9 o’clock; and a perpetual calendar function, Can display week, date, 48-month month and leap year display sub-dial, and moon phase profit and loss display sub-dial. The bottom is cast with the famous Amerigo Vespucci brig pattern.
    In terms of power, the watch is equipped with 1228 QP movement with 228 parts. This self-winding mechanical movement vibrates 21,600 times per hour and has a 40-hour power reserve. Comes with two straps: brown rubber strap and brown alligator leather strap. The pink gold double safety folding buckle not only provides double protection but is more comfortable to wear. The watch also comes with a precious watch box with a built-in rotating mechanical device. When the watch is not temporarily worn, it can be wound on this device to ensure that the perpetual calendar display can accurately and automatically adjust the operation. 150 meters waterproof.

Overseas Chronograph
    This watch features a 42 mm diameter stainless steel case with a bezel inspired by the brand’s Maltese cross emblem, crown and screw-lock buttons, and protects the mechanical movement from magnetic fields up to 25,000 A / m. Soft iron inner case, dark blue dial, dial with luminous 18K white gold hour markers and hands, blue snail-shaped pattern dial with rhodium-plated diamond polished chamfer, except for the hour, minute and small seconds at 6 o’clock The dial can also be equipped with a timekeeping function-jumping seconds, 30-minute timer at 3 o’clock and 12-hour timer at 9 o’clock. There is also a large calendar display window at 12 o’clock. The bottom is stamped with the ‘Overseas’ logo.
    In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 1137 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, which consists of 183 parts, vibrates 21,600 times per hour and has a 40-hour power reserve. Equipped with an unusually soft and comfortable steel bracelet, the links are semi-Maltese cross-shaped, echoing the watch design. Water resistant to 150 meters.

Breitling Douglas Dc-3 Successfully Completed The Journey Around The World

Since departing from Geneva in March this year, Breitling Douglas DC-3 has successfully returned to Switzerland after successfully completing its grand journey around the world. It was unveiled at the Breitling Sion Airshow 2017. One hundred thousand enthusiastic aviation fans witnessed another extraordinary feat of this legendary airliner still intact and celebrated its 77th birthday together.

   To share its extraordinary enthusiasm for the aerospace industry with like-minded people around the world, Breitling began a Douglas DC-3 global journey through the Balkans, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and North America. Escort by the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic flight demonstration team (Frecce Tricolori), the twin-engine propeller aircraft finally arrived in Sion, Switzerland, marking the end of the trip around the world.

   At the press conference, Captain Francisco Agullo shared the 45,374 km (24,500 nautical miles) grand journey around the world and the story behind it. Breitling also decided to donate 2 Swiss francs to UNICEF for every mile completed. Together with Breitling Douglas DC-3 at the 2017 Breitling Sion Flying Festival, there are other aerobatic teams and Breitling Flight Ambassadors, including the Breitling Jet Team, and the Breitling Wingwalkers. ), As well as Franky Zapata, who is flying the Flyboard® Air hoverboard.

Flying legend, classic wrist
   The crew and some VIPs were not the only passengers of this veteran conquering the sky. To commemorate this event, Breitling has launched a limited edition of its aviation timepiece series Navitimer, a legendary watch that has been sought after by pilots and aviation fans since its launch in 1952. They accompanied Breitling Douglas DC-3 to complete this. This trip around the world witnessed every stop and every glorious flying moment in the adventure. The 500 finely crafted aviation timepiece ‘Breitling Douglas DC-3 Universal Tour’ limited edition watch will be handed to the lucky customer along with the aviation logbook signed by the captain, which records every takeoff in detail With the time of landing, the sailing time, the name of the pilot and the weather conditions at the time, the epic journey of legendary airliners and classic watches is reproduced step by step through graphics.