Oris And Nico Rosberg Collaborate To Sell Watches Before Canadian Racing

Oris Oris Watch is the official timing partner of the AT & T Williams F1 team. Before the F1 Canada race, Oris Oris and star racer Nico Rosberg Nico Ross Borg appeared in the mall together.
Nico Nico wears his trusted TT3 stopwatch, Williams Williams team shirts with the Oris logo, and visits two jewellery stores in central Montreal for the latest Oris Motor Sport Watches made a splash.
Nico Nikko took a behind-the-scenes tour of Création Paul H. Joallier and La Swiss Centre Ville at the invitation of a staff member, thereby allowing a technician from Oris Professional Service Centre to check his watch Its accuracy. Canadian and German TV stations took the lead in broadcasting the event and interviewed the German star athlete.

He also spends time chatting with customers, signing, and even helping employees sell an autographed Oris TT3 gold limited edition watch.
Mr. Rolf Studer, Area Manager of Oris Watch, Canada, said: ‘Nico Nick was able to join us today and both events have been extremely successful, which is great. If Nico decides to abandon him as a The day-to-day work of an F1 driver, I will hire him as a salesman without hesitation! ‘
Source: Oris watches