Moon Phase And Acacia Tasting Senator Glasutti Series Watch

From the perspective of the brand, the moon phase function is undoubtedly a technical challenge. In order to show that the watchmaker is skilled, the birth of the moon phase watch means that a brand’s technical capabilities are strong. From a user’s perspective, the actual function of the moon phase may not be of great artistic value. No one is fascinated by the moon phase function itself. It is more based on this function to extend taste, thought or a certain relationship, or even a person . Official model: 100-02-22-12-05

The charm of the Glashütte moon phase watch lies in one key word: location. The position of this moon phase is very decent, just like a curved moon will kiss the case. Official model: 100-02-22-12-05

For the watch itself, the superb craftsmanship of a good watch is often reflected in the details, and maybe the moment of flipping the case will make you fall in love with it. This case is made of stainless steel with perfect radian. Many brands will make stainless steel into a matte form, but one of the reasons why Glashütte did not design this way, I think it is because of its confidence in the material.

The crown of this watch is very beautiful, this crown is made of stainless steel, and the curvature is very moderate. We see that the LOGO engraved on the crown is very eye-catching, and the corners are very well treated. Good watches usually show the charm in the details, and the grasp of the details is more important than many large-scale designs.

The strap of this watch is made of crocodile leather. The use of black crocodile leather material makes the watch richer in quality, showing luxury and nobility. The origin of crocodile skins is different, but Glashütte chose the best leather as the strap of the watch, and it can be seen that a lot of thought was used.
 The non-crown side is very shiny, and Glashütte’s stainless steel is unmatched by other brands. That lustrous beauty is no less than that of precious metals.

This watch has a pin buckle, and the stainless steel clasp fixed on the back is also extremely smooth. This stainless steel buckle should avoid wear during use, because the shiny stainless steel material will affect the beauty and mood.

The lugs of this watch are relatively short, so that when they are worn, they fit more closely to the wrist and are also beautiful. This lug radian is very worthy of reference, because not every beautiful contour can bring comfort and security to the wrist.

For the dial itself, the white dial with blue hands fully demonstrates the characteristics of the Senator series. The beautiful moon phases are displayed between 7 and 8 o’clock on the dial, just like the moon has emotions, and is about to kiss your wrist or the entire earth.

This watch uses an automatic mechanical movement and has very powerful functions. The date display, day of the week display, month display, big calendar, perpetual calendar and moon phase functions, maybe this is the so-called impeccable. We can see that there is still the brand’s unique logo inside the back, which is enough to prove the precision and noble quality of Glashütte’s self-produced movement.

Summary: When we choose a watch, the function can only account for a part of the desire to buy. In fact, the eye contact is very wonderful, and the characteristic dial is more attractive. In addition to these, I think it is the consumer They all want to find a perfect material trust. Some charms are willing to bloom in flowers and plants, while others are more willing to be close to your heart. Official model: 100-02-22-12-05; Reference price: 180,500
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