Meidu Time Is The Evidence To Join Hands With Eternity

Love and time are inextricably linked with each other: simple love is born in time, and flowing time in love is the same for anyone. Beautiful and precious. As the most beautiful love token, an exquisite and elegant watch can record this beautiful time, pass the ticking sound to prove the hand of the holder, and keep the lasting vow of life.

 In this golden autumn of harvesting love, Mido presents the blessings of love to those who love it: the pure and refreshing blue sparks the romance of love, the brilliant diamonds praise the purity of love, and the selected observatory-certified movement proves the long-lasting love. Just as he and she looked at each other at the Rennes Opera House in the past, they joined hands under the arcade of Milan’s Emmanuel II, and embraced each other at the top of the Chrysler Building. Every time passed, intertwined into a wrist. That eternal mind.

Pure love, romantic feelings-Belem Celli series watch

 Valentine’s Day is full of happy red roses and pink balloons, which always seem to represent only those sweet atmospheres and restless moods in love; the truly desirable color of love is as simple and pure as blue and white without any trace of impurities . Just as he and she strolled hand in hand on the white sandy beach under the blue sky, the mountains on both sides were covered with blue and white stone houses, white shells, fine sand walls, white paths covered with pebbles … he and her The wrist is surrounded by the ultimate pure romance. The silver dial is carefully embellished with marine blue Roman scales, jumping and agile; the double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror is clear and smooth against the backdrop of sculpted ripples, as if two people are struck by thunder. In the time gallery of the Opera House, the most beautiful love melody echoed behind. Abandoning the complicated and complicated design appearance, the Mido Berencelli series will return the watch design to the original intention of time expression, pay tribute to the original look of love, and cast the eternal purity of the wrist.

Belem Celli Men’s Watch

 The diameter of the dial is 38mm. The pure and flawless white appearance condenses the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and innovative spirit; the Belem Cerelli men’s watch is also equipped with a Swiss high-quality movement, recording every moment of love when he is with her ; The hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds, and the double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror makes time easier to read; the transparent back shows a carefully carved automatic movement, allowing people to observe the movement of the movement perfectly. ; The exquisite and thick Roman numeral scale is just like his simple and generous feelings, and accepts and tolerates the murmured words passed by his lover.

Belem Celli Women’s Watch

 The rounded curves and smooth lines complement each other, and the simple scales are perfectly arranged on the three-dimensional circular silver dial with a diameter of 29mm, showing purity and exquisiteness and introvert; the unique gingival pattern in the center of the dial is filled with her pure breath, and The blue Roman scales complement each other. Blue is a symbol of romance. When the pointer passes over these symbols that belong to romance, all the beauty is instantly awakened, and the tickle of love is accompanied by the ticking.

The legend of love, love at first sight——Beroncelle III series observatory

 Both men and women in the world hope for a legendary love. Whether it is the unrequited love after the first sight, or the ups and downs brought by the love of the first life, everyone has a thrilling idea about love. A glimpse of the horror under the shadow of a beautiful dress, General Xiaoyong and the peerless secretly concentrically; Looking back at the dim lights, the gentleman and the lady Tingting exchanged their hearts; Or a purposeless trip, he met her Instantly burst into each other’s heart and soul … For thousands of years, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, how many gorgeous love stories, through the confinement of time and space, composed into a magnificent piece of music. In the world of love, the Mido Belem Celli III series of observatories represent innate inspiration and passion. When I meet you, I fall in love with you. In the rotation of the pointer, the only way to remember it is for you. For a moment, my heart was moving.

Belem Celli III Men’s Watch

 The clear and rounded lines subtly outline the noble birth, drawing from the architectural aesthetics of the arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan, Italy. The Belem Celli III series of observatory men’s watches are elegant, the strap is integrated with the body, the dial With a perfect arc surrounded by stainless steel, a wide field of vision with a diameter of 39mm is created, like an arched promenade extending under the steel skeleton to the four sides, bringing us an elegant visual experience and entrusting him with the courage to go forward for true love. The body made of 316L stainless steel exudes a stern luster, and after waiting for the vicissitudes of the watch, waits for the constant love. The COSC-certified observatory movement makes the travel more accurate, and the beveled diamond-cut hands are a powerful guardian of strong love, which moves in an orderly manner with the rhythm. The recessed crown design makes the appearance of the entire watch elegant and balanced.

Belem Celli III Women’s Watch

 The Belem Celli III Series Observatory Ladies Watch showcases the arcade’s infinitely symmetrical arc design lines on the wrist. The simple scales are perfectly arranged on the three-dimensional arc mother-of-pearl dial. The center of the dial is decorated with gum patterns, exuding retro timelessness and tranquility The melodious temperament can’t make him fall in love at first sight? The arcade’s infinitely symmetrical arc line design is perfectly condensed on the dial. The dazzling diamonds and the shining mother-of-pearl complement each other, as if the bride in the wedding gauze shines independent and charming. The hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds to capture the flowing sweet light and shadow during the quiet travel. Feel the world’s legend of love in the interlaced hands, and to relive the once violent breath in the years.

Precipitation of love, bright and eternal-Bruner diamond watch

 Love that can survive the baptism of time is as indestructible as classic architecture. The grinding of time brings not only the traces of those years on the surface of the building, but also the unique charm and vigorous vitality that has accumulated due to precipitation. All these things are finally transformed into a glamorous urban sky, a eternal love star-bright and flashing but not obtrusive, just like the Mido Bruner series diamond watch, it will be a landmark of the New York Chrysler Building. The tough shape and the concise and bold lines are perfectly presented, which inspires unique expression and long-lasting vitality in inspiration.

Bruner Men’s Diamond Watch

 The 56.3-meter-tall tower tip of the Chrysler Building turns into elegant silver hands that rotate infinitely on the dial. The solid and dynamic hands use every second to turn vigorously, conveying his glorious but consistent heart; bezel The curves are harmonious and soft, and the exquisite and elegant dial shines against the sapphire mirror. As if he has learned five battles, he has always been low-key and restrained, giving her the most permanent and reliable protection. Accurate travel time guarantee, accurately recording every minute and every second he and she have traveled along; with the understanding of unique shapes, simple design and the pursuit of details, the Mido Bruna men’s diamond watch has become unique The classics of this time, no matter when and where, tell the love once bright and moving, eternal dazzling.

Bruner Women’s Diamond Watch

 The Bruner women’s diamond watch represents her preference for modernist art. The stainless steel strap with folding buckle makes this diamond watch as elegant and honest as she is; the silver dial is decorated with 12 carefully cut The polished diamond scales are like her most sincere and long-lasting emotions; the transparent bottom cover design can appreciate the delicate movement of the movement at all times, slowly conveying his and her most true and romantic vows; using diamonds The cut hour and minute hands and scales complement each other, as solid as a building and as diamonds, protecting the everlasting emotional light between them, confirming the lasting and sincere sentiment between each other in the time.