Lamborghini- Blancpain Asian Challenge Is About To Start # 5

From October 25th to 27th, the 2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge, which was jointly created by Italian supercar maker Lamborghini and Swiss luxury watch maker Blancpain, is about to return to China. Twenty participating teams from many Asian countries will once again compete at the Shanghai International Circuit, and the grand opening of the fifth race of the season will push this extraordinary event to a new high.

2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge Following the initial flames of fire at the Shanghai International Circuit in May, the smoke of the battle has gradually pervaded the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, the Inje (Inje) theme park track in Korea, and the Fuji International Motorsport in Japan. field. Participating drivers, while bringing a bloody competition to global fans, have also experienced fierce fires. Increasingly skilled driving control skills, well-planned racing strategies, and the continuous help of the Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo 2013 special-purpose car will undoubtedly make the weekend battle of the homeland full of suspense. And this race will not only bring a lively peak matchup, but also a sensory and exciting sports car culture feast for global fans and on-site audiences-the 2013 Championship Racing Carnival.

2013 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the founding of Lamborghini. The Super Trofeo Asia Challenge, as a link between Lamborghini deepening its emotional connection with Asian motorsports, was held twice this season in China. Through exciting motorsports, extraordinary driving experience and extreme luxury The Italian style brings a unique brand and product experience to users in the Chinese market, which vividly illustrates the important strategic position of the Chinese market for Lamborghini, and demonstrates Lamborghini’s firm commitment to serve the Chinese market for a long time.

In addition, in order to further strengthen Lamborghini’s connection with the Chinese market and allow more Chinese users to appreciate the unlimited potential and outstanding performance of Lamborghini models, Lamborghini also prepared a series of attractive driving experience activities throughout 2013: in Shanghai respectively The track day event with Zhuhai has attracted nearly 300 Chinese users and potential customers to experience the extreme charm of motorsports; the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini theme experience has covered 13 cities in China, and more than 200 media are invited to experience Lamborghini at zero distance Car models; Lamborghini traveled to New Zealand with Chinese users to open Lamborghini Driving Academy exclusive training.

On this profound year, Lamborghini took the 50th anniversary model Aventador LP 720-4 50 ° Anniversario and Gallardo LP 560-2 50 ° Anniversario to the Shanghai Auto Show for the first time, and it became a highlight of Lamborghini’s dedication to the Chinese market. In addition, Lamborghini also made wonderful appearances at 45 auto shows across the country this year, which has also become the focus of public attention.

Unswervingly fulfilling the brand promise to the Chinese market, partners and consumers, and has been committed to providing Chinese consumers with world-class products and services is also the philosophy of Lamborghini. Lamborghini provides free 3-year unlimited mileage warranty service for all models, and in 2013, it upgraded the optional configuration and after-sales service standards for all Gallardo models. At the same time, the launch of a new customer service center and brand financial services further strengthened Lamborghini customer satisfaction; In terms of the construction of the distribution service network, Lamborghini Changsha opened in June. At this point, the service network consisting of 19 authorized dealers in mainland China has become more complete.

Mr. Andrea Baldi, General Manager of Lamborghini Automotive China, said: ‘In May this year, Shanghai, China ushered in the 2013 Lamborghini- Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge and the 50th Anniversary Ceremony of Lamborghini; now we will return with a lot of fruits Here again, a passionate and enthusiastic event on the track. Lamborghini will continue to serve the Chinese market unremittingly, passing the essence of Lamborghini’s brand to Chinese users through each carefully operated platform, and continuously strengthening the relationship between us and Chinese users. Emotional bond. ‘