Introduction To High-tech Material Knowledge Of Radar Tables

& ldquo; If you can imagine, you can create; if you can create, you can achieve it. ‘The founder of the Swiss radar in 1957 said so. Since then, rado and its owner have embarked on a never-ending, continuous journey of technological discovery. For a long time, based on stable and reliable quality performance and brilliant historical records, rado Swiss radar watches have always been committed to continuous breakthroughs in materials and technology. After several years of research and development, radar set a new milestone in technology, and presented a new masterpiece at the Baselworld 2011.

Material innovation triggers change
Ceramos is made of high-tech ceramics and metals, including titanium titanate and metal alloys. This foreshadows the re-evolution of high-tech ceramics, platinum-gold high-tech ceramics and alloy materials, making them have the excellent performance of both high-tech ceramics and metals. Ceramos has the same quality and advantages as high-tech ceramics, light texture, and fast temperature adjustment according to body surface temperature. The watch uses an innovative injection molding process with a unique angular platinum finish, which has a higher hardness after polishing than high-tech ceramics. This watchmaking technology is the world’s first and shines in the new d-star.

World’s thinnest ceramic watch
In 2011, the Swiss Rado Truethinline ultra-thin watch was launched, becoming the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch, setting another milestone for the application of high-tech ceramic materials. This watch has an ultra-thin structure with a thickness of only 5mm, all parts are carefully processed, and an ultra-thin quartz movement with a thickness of only 1mm is used.