Inheritance Of The Long Teacher Road Mido Midi Watch Tribute To Teachers’ Day

are elaborate and elegant decorations on the wrist. They have been baptized by time and settled into eternal classics. Behind the scenes are the full-hearted commitment of generations of craftsmen and the passing of the fire, integrating tradition The soul of every watch. The same goes for Swiss Mido. From 1918 to 2012, since George Salon founded the ‘Mido’ brand in Zurich, Switzerland, nearly a century has passed, and today’s watchmakers are as polished and assembled as every one of them. When their strong hearts began to beat, today’s respect for their predecessors also quietly flowed out with the sound of ‘tickling’, applauding the civilization passed on by fire and fire, and forging eternal time together.
    Teachers are like water, and good is like water. Water is good for everything without dispute. The teacher is as imminent as the sea, he can live and breathe, regardless of gains and losses, the only thing he wants is his disciples. The Mido Helmsman Diamond Women’s Watch is inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, exuding a strong maritime atmosphere, making people wonder about the world as broad as the teacher’s mind. To complement the slender beauty of women, the diameter of this watch’s dial is designed to be 31 mm, but the smooth and elegant curves and the fresh silver stainless steel have widened the reading field of vision, although small but open; the swirling Geneva wave is decorated on the dial As if the propellers are spinning quickly, it awakens the cool white water splashes, awakens the tranquil sea, and increases the depth of the watch; the transparent bottom cover also adds a translucent texture, as clear as the sea water.
    The finishing touch is the eight diamonds on the dial. These eight diamonds are exquisite and clear, and they hold the quite dynamic swirling ripples on the dial. There is stillness and relaxation in the movement. As a teacher, the spring wind and rain, but they have a solemn spirit; the polished hands are perfectly natural. , Firm, capable and stern. Scratch-resistant sapphire mirror and 50-meter water resistance increase the durability of this watch.
    Teaching teachers and scholars with rigor and conscientiousness can only be regarded as an example. The Mido Belem Sairee Observatory Ladies Watch uses a Swiss Observatory-certified mechanical movement to accurately record every minute and every second. The Swiss Observatory certification has strict requirements on the chamfering of the edges of the parts, the material of the balance spring and balance wheel, and the daily error. This is like the meticulous research spirit of the teacher before the case. The inspiration source of watch design-Milan Emmanuel II Arcade, inherits the elegance of classical architecture, and is also the originator of modern sealed glass shopping center. Inheritance and innovation, the perfect combination of the two makes the arcade The glass dome still shines under the blue sky, exuding charming charm. The women’s dial of the Belem Sairee Observatory is surrounded by atmospheric Roman numerals, and the gingival pattern creates a sense of layering and extension, which is an inheritance of the classic spirit; the bevel-cut diamond hands are sharp and unstoppable. The thirst for fresh ideas and inspiration. Mentoring scholars also pay attention to innovation, standing on the shoulders of giants, and going out of their own way. The all-steel strap is made of high-grade 316L stainless steel, which blends naturally with the bezel, exuding solemn silver light throughout. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror and 50 meters of water resistance enhance the practicality of this series of watches.