Elegant And Bold-h. Moser & Cie Endeavor Perpetual Calendar Black

In 2014, H. Moser & Cie of Henry Moser added new boldness to the traditional watchmaking industry. Among the latest R & D series of rare and unique products, the first is the special black watch with black and elegant perpetual calendar. Adhering to the watchmaking tradition of 1828 when Heinrich Moser started the brand, Henry Moser designers and watchmakers have designed the new black dial with a titanium calendar. The perpetual calendar series is reborn, and its stylish, decisive and elegant style will surely enchant ambitious gentlemen.

Henry Moser Endeavor Perpetual Calendar Black Edition watch-bold and elegant style will surely enchant ambitious gentlemen

Modern black with textured titanium, elegant and firm
 In watch design, black is often used to highlight avant-garde and elegance, but also a choice to highlight personality. It is both traditional and fashionable, or low-key ornate or cool, and it is never cliché. Today, equipped with the consistent precision movement and original design of Moser Perpetual, the special black watch with perpetual calendar is stunningly presented at the Baselworld 2014.
The black dial is adorned with rose gold hour markers and hands, which further highlights the timeless style of the watch and enhances its readability. The eccentric second dial highlights the impeccable gold texture and indicates the time with the stop seconds function. The matte black finish is equipped with a dark black escapement bridge, which makes the escapement faint from the inside out. This black avant-garde style also extends to the matte-finished carbon-coated alligator strap, which is extremely textured and comfortable to the touch.

Continuing the classic and original movements of the perpetual calendar series, the matte black finish of the Endeavor Perpetual Calendar Black Edition watch is set with a deep black escapement bridge, so that the escapement is hidden from the inside

 The shiny luster of the special black watch of the perpetual calendar also benefits to some extent from the use of titanium. Henry Moser Perpetual Calendar models have been made of platinum, rose gold and platinum in the past, but watchmakers have been working hard to explore other high-tech materials, hoping to find a more practical material and complement the watch’s pure and simple design style . In the end, titanium, which is hard, easy to wear, non-allergenic and extremely lightweight, has become a new black special case material because of its extraordinary mechanical properties. The case and pin buckle of this watch are made of DLC-treated titanium, and even the letter ‘M’ from Moser pressed on the crown is etched from metal. After almost flawless finishing, combined with mysterious and stylish black, this new perpetual calendar watch with a focus on appearance and perfect surface is both modern and timeless.
Precision movement and original technology continue the extraordinary charm of the perpetual calendar
 The perpetual calendar series independently developed by Henry Moser is one of the most innovative watches at present. Despite its many complicated functions, the original and exquisite design is very convenient and user-friendly in use. The movement of this special black watch with perpetual calendar can also be adjusted automatically according to the leap year or not and the number of days in some specific months. The ‘flash calendar’ can quickly and accurately realize the date within one second. change. The design of the month indicator function is a subtle interpretation of the low-key style in the design-the twelve-hour time scale also serves as the month mark, and an arrow-shaped small pointer is responsible for the indication, which is amazing. Finally, it must be mentioned that the wearer can adjust the perpetual calendar at any time of the day or before or after, without worrying about damaging the movement. This technology is rare in the field of perpetual calendar functions. It is the fusion of various breakthrough features that has produced the technical purity and originality of the perpetual calendar watch, which has won the Grand Prix de l’ Horlogerie de Genève award.
The Perpetual Calendar Black Special Edition watch continues the classic and original of the Perpetual Calendar series, and aims to bring a more fashionable, bold and elegant style to the Henry Moser brand. The price of the Perpetual Calendar Black Special Watch HKD 379,000 will attract more Many young watch enthusiasts who are looking for personality and seeking for rare.
 With the Perpetual Calendar Black Special Edition watch, which was specially made by the 2014 Henri Moser for the Basel Watch Fair, the Henri Moser brand has also ventured into Xinjiang. At the same time, the brand’s watch series will continue to use platinum, rose gold, platinum and other precious metals to design, and each watch is made around the most traditional manual craftsmanship and history, making the watch of Henry Moser The timekeeping product is a piece of art that represents the ultimate achievement in the micro-machine world, and has become synonymous with excellence and rare.

Number 341.050-020
Titanium, black dial, black trimmed movement, black carbon-coated alligator strap
DLC-treated titanium texture, three-piece
Diameter: 40.8 mm
Thickness: 11.1 mm
Domed sapphire crystal
Transparent arched sapphire crystal case back
Spiral crown with ‘M’
Appliqued hour markers and hands
Month with small arrow-shaped central pointer
Small seconds
Big date display
Homemade manual winding movement HMC 341
Diameter: 34.0 mm or 15 Lenny
Thickness: 5.8 mm
Frequency: 18,000 vibrations / hour
28 gems
Power reserve: at least 7 days
Stop seconds function
Double barrel
Replaceable Moser escapement
Original Straumann® coil spring with stable Breguet double spring
Gold escapement and escape wheel
Movement and components are hand-polished and modified
Perpetual Flash Calendar
Big date display
Central Month Hand
Hours and minutes
Eccentric second dial
Power reserve indicator on dial
Leap year cycle indicator on the movement side
Hand-stitched carbon-coated black alligator strap
DLC-treated pure titanium pin buckle with engraved Moser logo.