Driver Stoner Takes First Place In Tissot In His Hometown Of Australia

At the recently held Tissot Championship, Casey Stoner’s performance in the qualifying session gave his hometown audience a big surprise. It will be held tomorrow on the legendary Phillip Island. He will start from the top position in the Australian Grand Prix. The Australian Honda driver was chasing his sixth consecutive championship on the 4.448kms circuit as he retired nearly two weeks ago.
    The game ended in the light rain in the last five minutes, but this did not affect his performance even after he had done right ankle surgery. But shortly after the game, he made a small mistake was to hit a low speed car at the hairpin curve, but he quickly returned to the handrail, but fortunately he did not hurt his right ankle again. Stoner got his fifth Tissot Teng Chi watch and won the 27-lap championship, defeating competitors Lorenzo and Pedrosa. Both hope to be able to eliminate Stoner in the front to guarantee a win, and compete for second place. If Lorenzo wins second place, he will defend the 2012 motorcycle championship.

   Espoo Jialu must win Moto2 ™ races before he can get a chance to organize Magers to win. Markas can win the championship as long as he is in the top fourteen. Espoo Jialu has already won his seventh Tissot Tengzhi series watch, and Majes is third in qualifying. Tissot Ambassador Tom also had a chance to get third place, fourth place, starting from the second.

   At the new Moto3 ™ World Championship, Geddes won the championship in Malaysia and won his seventh place in the season. Under great pressure, got the Tissot Tengzhi series watch.