Citizen Black Super Air Eagle Watch

The man who becomes the father is more emotional. No matter how busy the business workplace is, there will always be a trace of care in my heart-I want to give my child more care and companionship, and enjoy the joy of child growth. Citizen’s pure black version of the Super Air Eagle JY8009-55E watch provides a more accurate and perfect time management enjoyment for the elite men who are fathers. It uses Citizen’s light kinetic energy radio wave technology, which absorbs any light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch. As long as there is light, there is energy. As long as it can receive the radio wave signal, it can automatically correct the time without error. Super Air Eagle is unique in that it can receive standard time radio signals in multiple rounds. It has a time display of 43 cities in 29 time zones around the world. The time difference is more accurate to 30 minutes. Whether you are in Europe, the United States, China or China In Japan, simply select the name of your city, and it will automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and switch to the local time accurately. In addition, Super Air Eagle has JIS1 magnetic resistance performance, impact detection function and pointer correction function, so that it is accurate without fear of any challenge, perfect performance is consistent; off-site time, UTC timepiece, stopwatch timing, countdown, charging remind Such rich functions allow men to more easily cope with the new life after becoming a father and enjoy a happier and happier life journey; humanized local time alarm and off-site time alarm functions, no matter where the fathers are, Remind them at any time about the details of the child

Public price: 15000
Strap: Titanium, DLC carbon film
Case: Titanium, DLC carbon film
Buckle: Double push and three discounts
Mirror: Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Movement: light kinetic energy wave
的 The man who became father was more face-to-face. The rich content of life determines that they need to show different aspects on different occasions, sometimes they need to be calm and judge, sometimes they need to be mature and stable, and sometimes they need to be chic and stylish. Citizen’s pure black version of the Super Air Eagle JY8009-55E watch brings this versatility to the extreme. It has a pure black monochrome, and the mirror is anti-reflective coated sapphire glass. The belt adopts ultra-lightweight aerospace material titanium alloy, which is processed by Citizen’s unique DLC technology, which increases the wearing comfort, effectively prevents the occurrence of metal allergies, and is more lightweight and wear-resistant, less prone to scratches, and has a long-lasting and beautiful gloss. Such a watch that represents strength and connotation, accompanied by a suit to attend business negotiations, shows a calm, elegant, wise and confident image of a man; with T-shirts and jeans, playing with children on a sunny beach, raising hands in the pitcher Showing the delicate and handsome man. A bit gorgeous and sporty design makes this watch the best choice for all kinds of clothing. Multifaceted men choose a full range of watches, this is an attitude: confident and calm to enjoy a passionate life.
As time goes by, the man who becomes the father will become more mature and dare to take charge, freely control time and life, and clearly weigh the persistence and abandonment. They will prefer those items with time imprints-such as this Citizen pure black version of the Super Sky Eagle JY8009-55E watch.