Challenge The Challenge Of History Comment On The Emmy Rose Gold Seconde Square Gear Watch

Clocks and clocks were invented in the Northern Song Dynasty in China. They have a history of nearly 1,000 years. In this history, the development of clocks and clocks can be said to have developed rapidly. Many, the travel time is also more accurate, and continuous innovation has brought infinite joy to watch fans.
  Everyone knows the circularity used in all watch movements in the history of watches and clocks for nearly 1,000 years. The principle is known because circular gears can effectively improve the transmission of mechanical power and maintain mechanical stability. However, in 2010, the innovative Le Méridien watch launched the new product Roue Carrée SECONDE. This watch made a bold debut with its square gear design. But what about this watch? Today, after two years, I will take everyone to enjoy this magic square gear Le Méridien watch.

  This is a 46 mm diameter watch that looks very men’s. The rose gold case has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Of course, the most striking thing is the clover drive wheels and square gears on the dial. It’s too eye-catching. It should exceed all the design of this watch.

  In addition to the eye-catching square gear design of this watch, other functions can be considered past. The movement uses the Amy ML 156 manual winding movement, which provides a 48-hour power reserve, is set with 34 gems, and is backed by a sapphire crystal, which can reach a water resistance level of 50 meters.

  The design of the entire dial presents a kind of literary style. The time scale and power reserve scale are not displayed with Arabic numerals. The case, hands and gears are made of rose gold or painted completely, which highlights The noble quality of this watch.

  In addition to the square gear is a highlight of this watch, the material used for its dial is also more prominent. The dial with satin pattern looks very good when you look at it carefully. The time hands, the clover drive wheels and the directional gears are painted with luminous highlights, which is easy to read when you use it at night.

  The 46 mm diameter is also relatively large in men’s watches. As for the thickness of this watch, we have not obtained official data. According to the editor’s visual inspection, it should be about 14 mm, which is also relatively heavy.

  Looking closely at the directional gear, we can see that the seconds hand scale is engraved under the gear. There is an area in the middle of the gear with a triangular luminescent coating engraved to indicate the time.

  The hour and minute hands are also coated with a luminous coating for night use. At the same time, we can see the material of the dial very close.

  The strap is a brown alligator leather strap with black calfskin lining to match the overall style of this watch. The lugs and crown are treated with rose gold details. It’s perfect.
Summary: At present, only 88 pieces of this watch are issued worldwide, which shows that its significance of collection is more important than its use. This major technological innovation of square gears will certainly attract watch collectors. This watch The current international price is around RMB 190,000. If you want to collect, you can pay attention to foreign markets.