Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon Watch

For more than 100 years, Cartier has fully exerted the charm of mysterious timepieces. The story begins with the mysterious clock. The reason why the mysterious clock is ‘mysterious’ is that its hands made of platinum and diamonds seem to be suspended above the transparent clock body without any connection to the movement. As admired by the 1925 fashion magazine ‘La Gazette du Bon Ton’, it is a ‘miracle in the history of watches and clocks’, Louis Cartier and Maurice Couet (1885- In 1963, he became the exclusive supplier of Cartier in 1911. In 1912, the first mysterious clock was born and named ‘Model A’. Morris Couet was inspired by the clock invented by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin (1805-1871), the great French magician who was the pioneer of modern magic. The principle he borrowed and carried forward was based on a wonderful idea: the hands were not directly connected to the movement, but were fixed on two glass discs with jagged metal frames. The disc is driven by the movement (mostly located at the bottom of the clock), which rotates the hands to indicate the hours and minutes, respectively. Today, Cartier launches a new mysterious timepiece that inherits and reinterprets this unique craftsmanship in a modern style.

A new chapter in mysterious aesthetics
 Following the Mysterious Hour Watch and the Dual Mystery Tourbillon Watch, Cartier launches the Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon Watch, equipped with a center escapement that rotates around the axis of the hands. Cartier’s mysterious aesthetics has opened a whole new chapter. All the mysteries lie in this delicate structure: the movement is surrounded by a transparent and mysterious atmosphere, like floating in the watch case, free from the constraints of gravity. The hidden gear of the movement is as small as possible, giving it breathtaking visual effects.
 The 9462 MC movement is light and agile. The central shaft consists of an escapement, a balance wheel, a gear train and a barrel. The minute hand is set on the long and narrow extension of the movement and rotates around the dial every hour. The movement trajectory of the movement itself is also clearly visible, like the bright stars that draw across the night sky, hanging in the void, without any connection. The movement components are stacked and assembled on four rotatable sapphire crystal wafer trays, showing a miraculous mysterious scene.
 The mysterious tourbillon of the Astromystérieux celestial body can not help but wonder: Is this a new type of tourbillon? Its barrel rotates synchronously with the escapement and does not seem to be connected to the crown at all. How does it wind up? How do I set the time? Cartier’s master watchmakers boldly innovate, making the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon mysterious tourbillon watch full of charm between motion and reality. Its manufacturing process has applied for many patents.
Dazzling new tourbillon
 The operating principle of the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon is the same as the traditional tourbillon. The rotating frame is driven by fixed gears connected to the barrel. Unlike the traditional tourbillon, the frame of the Astromystérieux’s mysterious tourbillon is centered around the axis and rotates once per hour. Its structure is not only composed of an escapement and a balance wheel, but also a gear train and a barrel. A larger diameter sapphire crystal wafer plate serves as the lower bridge plate of the tourbillon frame, while the two upper bridge plates are fixed with a balance wheel and the other with an escapement, a gear train and a barrel. The tourbillon frame itself displays minutes during rotation. With the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon watch, Cartier takes the tourbillon’s aesthetics and craftsmanship to a whole new level.

Ingenious and mysterious concept
 The charm of the Astromystérieux celestial tourbillon watch goes beyond that. There are also three sapphire crystal wafer stacking combinations that make this timepiece unique.

• A disc displays hours
 The hour dial is directly connected to the tourbillon disc to display the time. The other two disks have larger diameters and are used to carry complex gear systems. In order to protect these parts, the watchmaker installed a new anti-vibration system on the rotating frame to cushion external shocks that may be encountered when wearing the watch.

• Mysterious disc winding system
 The winding system of the Astromystérieux celestial mysterious tourbillon has been patented. Its function is realized by a sapphire crystal wafer plate and crown. This unique and delicate disc is connected to the barrel only when it is wound. To this end, Cartier specially designed a suspension gear located between the crown handle and the winding disc. When the crown rotates, this gear moves to connect the crown with the winding disc. When the crown is at a standstill, the gear will be automatically released and the connection between the two will be disconnected. The winding system of the Astromystérieux celestial mysterious tourbillon also provides unique protection for manual winding mechanical movements. Thanks to a specially designed clutch system, the crown handle and barrel will not be damaged even when they are over wound.
• Set time with dual function sapphire wafer tray
 The lower disc located at the bottom of the movement plays a dual role: it is responsible for providing power for the normal rotation of the tourbillon frame; when the crown is pulled out, the setting time system is activated. This technology has been patented. Both of these functions are achieved through a unique leverage mechanism, and this breakthrough high-end technology has also been patented.

 When the watch is operating normally, the lever locks the sapphire crystal disc tightly. The disc in a fixed position can transmit power to the tourbillon frame through the escapement. When the crown is pulled out to the time setting position, the lever releases the lower sapphire crystal wafer plate and the tourbillon frame fixed on the minute gear to complete the time adjustment.
 The Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux Tourbillon Mystery Tourbillon watch is made of 950 ‰ palladium and has a diameter of 43.5 mm. With this masterpiece of timepieces, Cartier wonderfully interprets the classics of fine watchmaking since 1912-the mysterious movement, giving this extraordinary design a new charm.
Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux Mysterious Tourbillon
9462 MC movement
Case: 950 ‰ Palladium
Diameter: 43.5 mm
Crown: Bead-shaped crown set with a convex round blue sapphire
Hands: Apple-shaped stainless steel hands
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K white gold folding buckle
Mirror and case back: sapphire crystal and case back
Case thickness: 12 mm
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)
Numbering and limited sale of 100 pieces
Also set with trapezoid-cut diamonds