Carla Delevingne’s Advertising Photo Was Successfully Auctioned In London

As the protagonist in the new advertising campaign of TAGHeuer, supermodel Cara Delevingne debuted in London, auctioning the ‘No fear of color’ advertisement by photographer David Yarrow Original promotional photos.

 Intensive publicity photos convey a brave and fearless message. Cara Delevingne stands proudly a few meters away from the roaring lion, full of confidence and sharp eyes. As the protagonist in the new advertising campaign of TAGHeuer, this supermodel hopes to show an exciting power.
 Independence, strength, courage: these are the values ​​that TAGHeuer, auction organizers and former CEO Jean-Claude Biver will convey. The original TAGHeuer print poster posted at the MaddoxGallery gallery in London sold for £ 120,000. All proceeds will be donated to the Cara Delevingne Foundation, which works to advance the rights of young women worldwide.
 On this special night, photographers David Yarrow and Cara Delevingne also shared their experience of getting up close with the world’s most dangerous animal, the lion, and the environmental conditions under which this special photo was taken without adding any special effects .
 The brave and fearless Cara Delevingne takes the ‘Fearless Under Pressure’ ad to a whole new level, demonstrating the personality of modern young people.