Brilliant Calculations Montblanc Timewalker Chronograph

Montblanc’s strategic focus in 2017 is mainly on the new version of TimeWalker. TimeWalker is Montblanc’s ancestor series. It is the same as the brand kanban product of the 4810 just revised in 2016. However, after Jérôme Lambert took over as president, it forced the new product lines such as Heritage Spirit / Chronometrie to make these old ministers less on stage a lot of.

From the design point of view, TimeWalker has a partial American style whether it is new or old, and from the sales point of view, it is indeed the best watch series Montblanc sells in the United States, so this revision will naturally be regarded as the main US market, and Judging from the recent fluctuations in markets around the world, under the premise that China’s growth has continued to slow, it seems that the brand’s transfer to the relatively stable second largest market in the United States is also a reasonable strategy. In 2017, we saw that many brands have similar trends. Not just Montblanc.

The entire bezel is ceramic, not the color circle is embedded in the metal frame; the sides are carved like Paris nails, which are all so-called car racing elements. The numbers and scales on the circle are filled with inscriptions. , The three-dimensional feeling is quite good, but it is a bit thin

Feature one: Obvious makeover
This TimeWalker update is a big redesign from beginning to end. In addition to the same overall style, the specific design elements that are used are probably only the hollowed out lugs on the sides and the time stamp numbers on the dial, and they have also passed through. A reinterpretation of the designer. The old version of TimeWalker has been completely hollowed out on the side of the lugs. I like to hear opinions, but it is really labor-intensive in the molding of exterior gold parts. The new version greatly simplifies this design, only digging out a section at the same location. Slightly deep depressions, regardless of the structure, greatly reduce the difficulty of molding, but personally, I prefer the new simple and refined style.

A hollow was dug out on the side of the lug, in tribute to the old hollow-out lug. The entire case is made of hairline, and the surface treatment is a more efficient approach. It has not changed much, but the molding is beautiful. The overall appearance is quite neat.

Feature two: Material and design highlight CP value
In addition to these details, the overall lines of the lugs have also been modified. The original lugs are thinner and clearly separated from the case joint. In contrast, the new version is connected straight from the curved apex of the middle case. The case is more integrated, and it also significantly changes the appearance of the watch. There are not many elements on the surface, and almost all have clear functionality. Under the mature processing quality of today’s watchmaking industry, these simple elements also have considerable details. For example, the upper and lower chronograph dials have been three-dimensionalized, and the main disk surface has been painted with radial patterns. The bezel of each series of the series is all-ceramic, which should be very convincing for consumers who pay attention to CP value in sales.

The watch is equipped with Sellita SW500 movement. The early stability of SW500 has occasional problems. It is not as smooth as SW200 replacing 2824 in the popularity of replacing 7750. However, with the improvement of quality, more and more brands have been used in recent years.

Feature three: the racing style until the point
The official materials particularly emphasized that the new version of the design is intended to be a car race, and it does have the taste in color and some industrial details, but strictly speaking it is relatively implicit in the theme of the car, and there is no Pushing it towards too extreme attributes in one breath. Montblanc has always been very competitive at the price of 100,000, but in recent years, more and more brands have invested in this range, and Montblanc has to face more and more intense competition. The reorganization of the TimeWalker series may be regarded as They are actively fighting a move.

TimeWalker Automatic Chronograph

Stainless steel, ceramic material / MB 25.07 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 43mm / reference price: about 31,000 RMB