Boucheron’s U.S. E-commerce Web Page Is Online

Boucheron, a French jewellery firm, has further expanded his e-commerce business, and the US webpage has been launched.
The brand’s online shopping service was previously only available in Europe.
With this new website,, visitors can sit comfortably in their home, office, or anywhere they like to shop.
Boucheron puts their full range of jewellery, watches and perfumes on the website, and strives to create a ‘cement and mouse’ boutique shopping atmosphere online.
Everything on the web ranges from $ 500 wedding rings to $ 49,000 diamond necklaces. Visitors can also design their own engagement rings or customize items such as straps or cufflinks.

For Boucheron’s U.S. customers, they can now log into the brand’s new website for e-commerce services.
‘Boucheron always showed elegance in a bold style, and now he is turning to investing in the Internet and opening a new online mall.’ Jean-Christophe Bedos, CEO of Boucheron, said in a press conference, ‘This site is very Great, showing our modern style to the world, reflecting our goal of further serving our customers. In keeping with our commitment and the goal we have always pursued, the collections displayed in physical stores will be online Order and we will continue to serve our customers with new enthusiasm in return for their precious time. ‘