Being At Home: Audemars Piguet Opens First Ap House In Asia

In March 2018, Swiss fine watch brand Auguste Piguet opened its first AP House in Asia to provide customers with better services. The AP House design concept is designed to give Audemars Piguet watch lovers a feel at home. In the early stages of design, Audemars Piguet communicated with the most valued customers and discussed with them the question of ‘how to enhance the customer experience of the brand?’

   François-Henry Bennahmias, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet, said: ‘At AP House, you can invite friends for lunch or arrange business meetings … In short, it is not necessary to buy a watch to arrive. Here, you can do whatever you like. Whether it’s just sitting leisurely or relaxing yourself. ‘

   In the early days of the idea, the Audemars Piguet team has been thinking, if the brand founders Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet are in the 21st century and need to share their passion for great watches around the world, how will they entertain their valued customers? As a result, Audemars Piguet opened this modernly designed independent space with the premise of providing guests with the comfort of home and the warm atmosphere of meeting with friends, letting guests stay in it and enjoy the most primitive and simplest happiness. While enjoying the perfect service of the Audemars Piguet group, guests are free to choose to relax, reflect, connect with others or stay away from the hustle and bustle in the house. The brand will also hold regular events in AP House, allowing guests to explore the brand’s extraordinary watch design, superb watchmaking technology and its leading position today.