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A Great Companion For Women Discover The New Richard Mille Watch

Modern women always want everything, who can blame their desire for perfection? After all, unlike in the past, women’s lives in the 21st century are full of unprecedented challenges, and modern society highly expects women to balance practical spirit and femininity in work, life and leisure. Richard Mille naturally knew this, so he created the new women’s watch RM07-01 self-winding watch. This watch is derived from the perfect fusion of two mechanical processes, not only without the elegance of high-end watches, but also with the tough quality brought by new materials, and it is a perfect companion for women who desire the perfection in the 21st century.

  The core of the new watch is the new CRMA2 movement designed by the brand. This self-winding movement has a high cutout design and was created for RM07-01. The bottom plate and bridge plate of CRMA2 are made of grade 5 titanium alloy. The movement carries a variable inertia balance to maintain accurate performance in long-term use. There is also a variable geometry automatic disk of 5N18K red gold. Adjust the activities to achieve the optimal effect of winding the winder at high speed. The new RM patented crown replaces the traditional system; the crown is no longer directly connected to the internal machinery, so it will not be loosened or damaged, and it can perfectly withstand the harsh environments of daily life.

 This timepiece has reached an ideal balance between performance and potential. The power reserve of RM07-01 is about 50 hours, which is an extraordinary achievement in ladies’ watches. You can experience the beauty of outstanding mechanical technology through the hollow-out design of the movement. Its balance wheel is located at 6 o’clock, and the high-quality and carefully processed movements such as drawing, chamfering and polishing are all at a glance. A panoramic view of the floor and bridge.

  If RM07-01 is radiant and perfect with its mechanical perfection, then the smooth sculpted lines of the barrel-shaped case design and the center-set gemstone dial are even more impressive. The waterdrop-shaped time scale and the lines of the movement are distant from each other, fully explaining Richard Mille’s way of watchmaking in the 21st century.

  As the first of the Richard Mille ladies’ watch series, the three-layer case of RM07-01 is available in white ATZ ceramic and warm brown TZP ceramic-both of which have a red gold main case, forming a gorgeous visual contrast, and It has a very high scratch protection treatment-and there are also 18K red or platinum models. The specifications of the RM07-01 watch are 45.66 mm x 31.40 mm x 11.85 mm, which can add icing on your wrist for any occasion.

  During the SIHH period, netizens can learn all the relevant information of Richard Mille through this link. The watch home will present a rolling update mode supplemented by pictures as the main text. Please pay attention to it. (Picture, text / watch home Li Shuai)
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

Collection Of Handed Down Craftsmanship Patek Philippe 5131 Men’s Enamel World Time Watch

Patek Philippe had an inextricable bond with Geneva 175 years ago, and the marriage of watchmaking and decorative arts has been for more than 400 years. In the turbulence of history, many masters with rare craftsmanship have found a paradise for their talents in Geneva, and have won worldwide praise through their sincere cooperation with watchmakers. Patek Philippe has always attached great importance to creating a stage for the highly professional handicrafts. It has extensively applied these exquisite craftsmanship to the cases, bracelets and dials of its various top precious timepieces, including carving, carving patterns, enamel (filigree enamel, interior Enamel filling, micro-painting, transparent enamel, hollow enamel), fine wood inlay, jewelry crafts, hollow out and related skills. Even in the period from 1950 to the end of the 20th century, the demand for luxury decorative mechanical watches experienced a serious decline, this pursuit has never changed.

  In the 1940s, after the Stern family acquired Patek Philippe, they began to collect the best of these handmade masterpieces as a witness to the peak of the decorative arts. In 2001, the Patek Philippe Museum opened, giving the public the opportunity to admire these timepieces from private collections, as well as the largest collection of portable timepieces, which dates back to the 16th century.

   The honorary president of Patek Philippe, Mr. Phil Stein and his son, and the current president, Mr. Terry Stearns, have always clearly realized that the rare craftsmanship required to create this kind of extreme fine art cannot be inherited by museums alone. These processes need daily practice and continuous improvement before they can be passed on from generation to generation. In spite of the huge business risks involved, Patek Philippe has made great efforts to regain its enthusiasm for timepiece lovers in Geneva’s traditional decoration crafts. Eventually, demand for such finely decorated timepieces began to pick up. Patek Philippe successfully recruited these last true masters of decorative arts, persuading them to share their expertise with the newcomers. Valuable craftsmanship is thus saved and will not disappear for at least the next few years. At the same time, the demand for rare craft watches is also increasing sharply, far exceeding our supply capacity, so that buyers must be as patient as master craftsmen who insist on decorating watches by hand.

To commemorate the 175th anniversary of the brand, Patek Philippe this year launched a number of limited edition rare craft timepieces carefully crafted using these beautiful handicrafts. The urban landscape of Geneva and its landmarks, citizens and ports are undoubtedly the most suitable decorative patterns for these works.

In 1835, Anthony Patek came to Geneva and was warmly welcomed. Four years later, he founded this watchmaking workshop; in 1851, French genius watchmaker Adrian Philippe joined, and the company was renamed ‘Patek, Philippe & Cie’. Since then, Patek Philippe has been stationed in Geneva, and still has its first corporate headquarters on Rhone Avenue. It was in 1853 that Patek Philippe settled in this building overlooking the beautiful view of Lake Geneva. Coincidentally, the company’s honorary president, Mr. Phil Stern, has been a well-respected regatta captain on Lake Geneva (Geneva calls it Lake Geneva) for many years. Lake Geneva is also known for the traditional spinnaker and Bold’Or regatta, the top sailing event inland in Europe. These patterns are now used in 40 unique or strictly limited timepieces, all crafted with superb craftsmanship, to commemorate Patek Philippe’s 175th birthday.

To celebrate the 175th anniversary, Patek Philippe has spared no effort to find and hire the best experts many years ago, turning these forty precious timepieces into true examples of handicraft and horological crafts, including: 20 dome clocks and pocket watches with stand. All timepieces use one or more different rare crafts, such as enamel, carving, cabinetry, carving, and gem setting.


The engraving process requires tools such as carving knives, carving needles, chisels, other sharp metal blades with wooden handles. This is likely to be the oldest timepiece decoration craft, creating countless fine watches for hundreds of years. In the hands of experts, the engraving process can turn the pocket watch case into a work of art, with a lifelike silhouette, elegant chic reliefs, light and shadow passing through, and full of aura. The most common carving techniques include line carving, relatively deep bas-relief, and the most common relief. In 1789 alone, there were nearly 200 registered sculptors in Geneva; today this number has been reduced to a dozen.

Enamel Craft

This term covers a variety of traditional techniques, and Patek Philippe is still using them to decorate Patek Philippe timepieces. The most complicated is the miniature enamel painting, an exclusive craft that Geneva is famous all over the world. This process generally requires large paintings to be reduced to the size of a watch, while maintaining high fidelity. Craftsmen need to use ultra-fine brushes to paint countless translucent enamel coatings and go through multiple calcining processes. The entire process takes several months. Filament enamel creates a bright and colorful decoration with color saturation comparable to the finest stained glass. The outline of the graphic member is drawn with flat gold wires with a diameter between 0.05 and 0.10 mm, and then the space formed is filled with enamel and calcined in a furnace. The pattern in the infill enamel process is engraved on the metal blank through engraving technology, and then the enamel composite is filled in the depression, and then calcined at a high temperature above 800 ° C. Another traditional process used by Patek Philippe is called transparent enamel, which refers to the application of translucent enamel on the metal surface treated by engraving or carving to form a shining sunburst or wavy pattern. The fifth process is called cut-out enamel, reminiscent of the stained glass windows of the church. To this end, it is necessary to remove a part of the metal, then fill the hollow part with the enamel compound, and then calcined. Patek Philippe also highly respects the gold enamel process, which means that small gold leaf sequins and silver leaf sequins (called paillons) are embedded in the enamel. The shape of the sequins is formed by punching ultra-thin silver foil and gold foil with a stainless steel cutting machine, and then fixing it into a darker enamel layer. Thereafter, a layer of highly transparent molten enamel is covered on the surface, thereby improving the brightness of the sequin-like object and exerting a protective effect, for example, preventing oxidation in a silver material.

Pure gray painting

The inspiration of the pure gray painting craft is from the French enamelist of Limoges. This craft originated from the Renaissance and is one of the rarest decorative art forms today. As a cross-border product of oil painting and sketching, this process can also be called ‘monochrome drawing with a brush.’ The artist in pure grey paints a pattern on a dark (usually black) enamel background using ‘Limoges White Glaze’. They used ultra-fine brushes and even the tip of the needle to draw various structures in the size of hair. Depending on the complexity of the artwork, three or four layers are thinly coated, sometimes even more than eight layers of Limoges white glaze, forming a very delicate monochrome gradient effect, transitioning from black through gray to white.


Glyphs are a mechanical evolution of the engraving process, designed to form lines, waves, intersecting circles, and other regular decorative patterns. The engraving equipment is like a lathe. It uses a multi-cam controlled workpiece headstock to form an engraving pattern through rotation and reciprocation. The trimming is generated by the tip of the chisel, which cuts on the workpiece during the turning of the lathe. Patek Philippe still has a special department for carved patterns. The history of its carved equipment can be traced back to more than 100 years. These devices are well-maintained, so they can continue to create flawless engravings.

Cabinet inlay

The result of this rare craft may be called a ‘fine wood mosaic’ and is often embellished with precious metal inlays. To create a delicate and rich pattern for the dial, the components must be extremely small. Master cabinetry uses ultra-thin wood chips for processing, and can choose different colors and textures from more than 120 kinds of precious wood. These ultra-thin wood chips are then cut into usually very small pieces with a high-precision wire saw, and then combined to form a complete pattern, which is a time-consuming process. It often takes a full month to make a fine wood inlaid dial.

Iwc Engineers Automatic Watch A M G Black Series Ceramic Edition Released Directly At 2013 Geneva Watch Show

Schaffhausen IWC and Mercedes-AMG have maintained a close cooperative relationship since 2004. AMG’s high-performance cars, like IWC’s engineer series, are favored by technology enthusiasts for precision, efficiency and high-quality manufacturing. In 2013, IWC launched the engineer’s automatic watch AMG black series ceramic version as a gift of long-term cooperation between the two parties.

 The designers of IWC introduced the AMG black series ceramic version of the engineer’s automatic watch as a gift to the car of the same name. One of the two watches, with the exception of the hands and hour markers, is white, all in elegant black tones. However, just as the engine maker’s high-performance ‘black series’ is not just black, another watch also uses brown dials, beige hands and indexes, and brown calfskin-lined rubber straps. This simple three-hand watch embodies the same philosophy shared by IWC and Mercedes-AMG: unquestionable performance and functionality. The surface of the watch presents unpredictable visual effects, sometimes black and bright like a piano lacquered surface, and sometimes calm like silk satin matte, which makes this timepiece multiply the texture and its appearance is very noticeable. The clear, well-designed contours underline the chic, sporty feel of this watch.

 Inspired by the high-efficiency ceramic brake discs of AMG’s premium racing cars, this engineer’s automatic watch AMG black series ceramic case, including the bezel, crown and heavy crown protection, uses black zirconia. The watch is water-resistant to 12 bar. As early as 1986, IWC has taken the lead in the watch industry to use high-performance ceramics as watchmaking materials, and has mastered the technical essentials for processing such high-strength materials. Because the Mohs hardness of the watch case is 8 grades, it can only be processed with diamond tools with a Mohs hardness of 10. Zirconia is scratch-resistant, has excellent skin resistance, heat and corrosion resistance, and is about 30% lighter than steel, so it is particularly suitable for the manufacture of watch cases.

 The watch uses 10 titanium screws with striking ceramic screw caps to secure the case system from both sides, reflecting the pedigree of the modern engineer’s watch. The famous watch designer Gérald Genta was inspired by the helmet screwed to the diving suit, and thus invented the first 5 holes in the bezel. In the mid-1970s, he designed the legendary engineer SL watch for IWC. Its technically attractive modeling language has become the representative image of the engineer watch family, which is still a typical feature of this series.
 Just like an AMG Mercedes car can be used both on the track and on the road, the engineer’s automatic watch AMG black series ceramic version can withstand the continuous load in daily use and can play freely under extreme conditions. This must be said to be one of IWC’s most rugged movements-the credit of IWC’s self-made 80110 movement. This movement is equipped with an integrated shock absorption system, which can effectively protect the rotor from various impacts and vibrations. Before each IWC watch is given the title of ‘shock resistance’, it must withstand continuous impact tests for several weeks. Each component is subjected to a gravity of up to 5000 g (g = unit of gravity acceleration) during the test. Therefore, this watch is not inferior to the stunning acceleration of the current SLS AMG Coupé black series — it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds. Through the watch’s transparent sapphire glass case, you can see an extremely sophisticated ‘efficient engine’, a powerful Pellerton drive with a 44-hour power reserve and a black oscillating weight. High-tech temperament. The movement bridges and components are decorated with Geneva stripes and beading. The rubber strap with fiber lining and calf leather lining not only provides the ideal appearance, but also has the advantages of comfortable wearing and durable rubber.
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

Exquisite Hollow Watches Uncovered Luxury

Hollow Tourbillon-Omega Hollow Tourbillon Coaxial Platinum Limited Edition
There are only 18 pieces of this hollow-out limited edition worldwide, each of which was created by a watchmaker in 540 hours at the Omega Tourbillon Workshop in Bill, Switzerland. You can find the name of the master who made your watch on the back of the tourbillon base plate. Omega is the only watchmaker to create a central tourbillon. The hands of the central tourbillon watch cannot be placed on the central axis in the conventional way, but are etched on the sapphire crystal wafer disk, and driven by the transmission device on the outer edge of the disk. The result of this design is amazing-the hands look like they float freely above the movement. The titanium tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds to offset the effect of gravity on the watch’s travel time. The movement is polished by sun-ray pearlescent polishing, and its bridges and mechanical devices are manually polished. The automatic cymbal with sapphire base plate has been completely redesigned and etched with the words ‘limited edition’.
The skeletonized watch originated from the master watchmaker Mr. Andre-Charles Caron, who made the first skeletonized watch at the end of the 18th century, exposing the world to the mystery of the watch’s internal structure. SKELETON WATCH is particularly beautiful, it is so beautiful that you can fully appreciate the precise mechanical movements inside the watch. This year, you can find unique hollow-out watches from many brands. Here are three of them that shine.

Raymond Weil Classic Inheritance Free Gift With ‘core’ Thanksgiving Father’s Day

As one of the few independent watchmaking brands in Switzerland, Raymond Weil’s understanding of ‘home’ is not only reflected in its business philosophy, but also displayed in multiple watch series launched by it: to recall the public For the classic master series inspired by Raymond Weil’s watchmaking aesthetics, it highlights the charm of the brand that can resonate with multiple ages. Whether it is ‘father’ or ‘son’, you can find your own favorite in this series; and Launched under the leadership of the third generation of the family, the Freedom Rider series is a tribute to the founder of the brand, Mr. Raymond Weil. On this special day of Father’s Day, choose a watch with an extraordinary meaning, and give it to your father. Use ‘core’ to thank him for his caring for you all the way, and use ‘table’ to express his love for you on the way to growth. Teachings.

Classic heritage-Raymond Weil classic master series rose gold small three-hand watch

 This classic master series rose gold small three-hand watch is traditional and extraordinary. The dark black dial with rose gold hour markers and hands is in strong contrast. The classic style and exquisite craftsmanship convey the cherishment and respect for time. Every time, Every minute and every second is an expectation and interpretation. Elegant and mellow, it seems to be telling a deep and broad fatherly love.

 As the name suggests, the classic master rose gold small three-hand watch has an auxiliary seconds dial at 6 o’clock. The small seconds hand is simple in appearance and contrasts with the black dazzling dial with the ‘Clou de Paris’ Paris studs. The rose gold Roman numerals against the black dial seem to be integrated with daylight, witnessing every intersection of the hour and minute hands. This timepiece is equipped with a gorgeous 39.5mm rose gold-plated case, which resolutely defends precious time. The movement of the movement can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal caseback. The ultra-elegant timepiece is equipped with a brown crocodile-embossed calfskin strap and an Ardillon buckle.

Gifts of Freedom-Raymond Weil Freelancer Rose Time Chronograph

 Classic and elegant, this Liberty Knight’s Rose Time chronograph has a brown leather strap and a 42mm stainless steel case set against the dial’s rose gold hour-markers. Selected materials, with simple and beautiful lines. Like a soul advocating freedom, praising the spirit of self-control of destiny. Elegant and extraordinary, it seems to pay tribute to his father’s flamboyant elegance.

 The Liberty Series watches combine the strength of steel with the beauty of rose gold. They are flawless and perfect. Among them, this best-selling chronograph fully reflects the beauty of this harmony. A 42 mm diameter polished stainless steel case with a classic brown leather strap is a perfect match for the silver sun dial and rose gold dot hour-markers. Against the background of the rose gold luster, the hour markers, hands on the dial, the edge of the auxiliary dial at 12 o’clock (30-minute chronograph dial) and the auxiliary dial at 12 o’clock (12-hour chronograph dial), and around the small second dial at 9 o’clock The three-dimensional hour markers fixed with screws are shining. After the dial with various materials and metal decoration, it is the mechanical movement of this watch. It has a power reserve of 46 hours and dances with the passage of time.

 Timeless, classic, and exquisite classic rose gold small three-hand watch, luxurious, elegant and classic Liberty Rose Time Chronograph, both also perfectly explain the essence of Raymond Weil as a fine watchmaking brand. This year’s Father’s Day, it is the best choice to give his father such a heavy and stylish watch.

Exquisite And Stylish Tasting Panerai Luminor Due 38 Mm 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Consistently rough and bold watchmaking style. In recent years, Panerai, a well-known watch brand from Italy, has been striving towards small and slim. Especially in 2016, after launching the thinnest and most flexible watch series of Luminor DUE of Panerai, more people can control the atmospheric Panerai watch. In 2018, the brand re-emerged with this theme, and launched several new Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic watches in the highly watched salon of the Geneva Haute Horlogerie. In addition to the original 42 mm model, it also introduced the first 38 The new design of millimeters makes the big and domineering Pei Faner suddenly “small and exquisite”. At the same time, the brand design of ‘pillow-shaped case’ and ‘patented crown protector’ is also used, which retains the classic brand aesthetic characteristics. Incorporating new colors, the plasticity of the watch is brought to life. Below, let’s take a look at the representative amount PAM00755 among 38 mm:

Smaller Pei Faner

   The new Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic watch continues the legendary features that have been indispensable to the brand since the launch of its first collection in the 1930s. All watches are equipped with bridge levers on the body to protect the crown from accidental impact. The dial is equipped with Panerai’s iconic large luminous hour markers, small seconds, and the date display window for the first time in the series, which ensures that the brand can be seen while reading. Equipped with OP XXXIV Panerai automatic winding movement, equipped with Panerai movement standard three-day power reserve. Inheriting the glorious history of Panerai watches, and embellished with fashion design, presenting a new style.
38 mm table diameter

   This time, the biggest feature of the new watch is that the diameter of the AISI 316L stainless steel case has dropped to 38 mm for the first time. This size is not only for men with small wrists, but also for some women. In addition, the brand follows the iconic pillow case and the special lug design, so that the new watch has a strong Pei Fan while reducing its size.
Retaining the classic crown bridge design

   The crown is protected by the classic bridge protection patented by Panerai in 1956, which not only shows the classic charm of the brand, but also improves safety. Both the case and the bezel are polished, with smooth and delicate lines.
Sunburst Grey Dial

   Under the illumination of the light source, the sunray gray dial produces a gradual visual effect, stylish and beautiful. The small three-handed dial and hour markers are covered with green luminous parts, allowing time to be observed even in darker environments. A date display at 3 o’clock adds a practical feature to the watch.

   Closed bottom technology to ensure the safety of the movement. Equipped with a Panerai OP XXXIV self-winding movement to ensure the accurate movement of the watch. The two-way oscillating weight continues to effectively wind the watch. The balance wheel vibrates 28,800 times (4 Hz) per hour. The watch is equipped with a three-day power reserve, reaching a life-proof level of 30 meters.

   The bright mint green leather strap is decorated with light green stitching and blends with the sunburst gray dial, which is individual and cool. The pin buckle is made of AISI 316L stainless steel, which is engraved with Panerai’s English logo PANERAI, showing the brand’s unique aesthetics.

Panerai LUMINOR DUE 38 mm 3-Day Power Reserve Automatic Stainless Steel Watch
Summary: Panerai LUMINOR DUE 38 mm 3-day power reserve automatic stainless steel watch with a more inclusive and stylish design allows Panerai to play a key role in the watch market. Not only men with small wrists, but even women. Coupled with bright, fresh colors, this new product is a good neutral watch. The price of this watch is expected to be between 40,000 and 50,000. If you like it, you may wish to pay more attention.

Introduction To High-tech Material Knowledge Of Radar Tables

& ldquo; If you can imagine, you can create; if you can create, you can achieve it. ‘The founder of the Swiss radar in 1957 said so. Since then, rado and its owner have embarked on a never-ending, continuous journey of technological discovery. For a long time, based on stable and reliable quality performance and brilliant historical records, rado Swiss radar watches have always been committed to continuous breakthroughs in materials and technology. After several years of research and development, radar set a new milestone in technology, and presented a new masterpiece at the Baselworld 2011.

Material innovation triggers change
Ceramos is made of high-tech ceramics and metals, including titanium titanate and metal alloys. This foreshadows the re-evolution of high-tech ceramics, platinum-gold high-tech ceramics and alloy materials, making them have the excellent performance of both high-tech ceramics and metals. Ceramos has the same quality and advantages as high-tech ceramics, light texture, and fast temperature adjustment according to body surface temperature. The watch uses an innovative injection molding process with a unique angular platinum finish, which has a higher hardness after polishing than high-tech ceramics. This watchmaking technology is the world’s first and shines in the new d-star.

World’s thinnest ceramic watch
In 2011, the Swiss Rado Truethinline ultra-thin watch was launched, becoming the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch, setting another milestone for the application of high-tech ceramic materials. This watch has an ultra-thin structure with a thickness of only 5mm, all parts are carefully processed, and an ultra-thin quartz movement with a thickness of only 1mm is used.