Month: September 2019

Citizen Basel Launches New Eco-drive Watch

The 37th Basel World Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland from March 26th to April 2nd, 2009. Many top watch brands gathered in the global economic downturn. This exhibition has attracted much attention. The world’s leading watch brand Citizen made a high-profile appearance in Basel with a new showroom design, and brought a futuristic concept of light kinetic energy, which fully reflects the new brand image and future development direction of Citizen.

Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Watch (Big Calendar Double Window Display)
Movement: E310
可持续 Continuous operation for 12 months after fully charged
Function: Perpetual calendar
Water resistant to 10 atmospheres
At the watch exhibition, Citizen presented three concept watches, showing watch designs that can only be achieved with light kinetic energy technology, while emphasizing innovative ideas and refined taste. ‘Eco-Drive RING’ adopts the bezel to absorb light, the dial is all-metal design, the use of glass on the case and the transparent design reflect the penetration of light; ‘Eco-Drive DOME’, the most widely used dial absorbs light The dome-shaped dial and detachable unique case structure make this design extremely avant-garde; ‘Eco-Drive VITRO’ uses a mirror to absorb light, and the transparent battery covers the mirror, completely invisible to the naked eye. This epoch-making technology provides more space for dial design. This design reflects the sense of space and transparency, the floating dial, the Arabic numerals on the inside of the bezel and the double-sided pointer design are breathtaking.

Solar kinetic energy dive watch
Movement: B740
可持续 Continuous operation in the dark for 2 months after fully charged
Function: Water depth measurement
Deepest record keeping
Stopwatch timing
200 meters waterproof

Solar-powered Ultra-Complex Watch (Minute Repeater)
Movement: G910
可持续 Continuous operation for 12 months after fully charged
Function: Minute repeater
Stopwatch timing
Perpetual calendar
Water resistant to 10 atmospheres

Eco-Drive Ultra-Complex Watch (Stopwatch Timing)
Movement: E260
可持续 Continuous operation for 12 months after fully charged
Function: Stopwatch timing
Off-site time
Water resistant to 10 atmospheres

Time World Solar-powered Radiometer (side)

Niche But Still In Demand 8-day Chain Left Crown Watch Panerai Pam00796

Panerai Panerai is one of the few brands in the altar that insists on the release of bracelet watches. Although the bracelet will be slightly more troublesome for daily use by the wearer, Panerai is intimate The main thing is that in principle, their wristwatches are equipped with a power reserve of more than three days, eliminating the need for frequent daily winding movements. Recently, the brand has launched three new Luminor series works, which are characterized by their The eight-day power reserve is the highlight of this time: Luminor Left-Handed 8 Days Acciaio, a relatively rare left-handed watch.

Panerai launches a new Luminor eight-day bracelet bracelet. The special feature of this PAM00796 is that it is designed for left-handers (or people who are used to wearing watches with their right hands).

Left-handed watches originate from one of Panerai’s important histories. Since the 1940s, the brand has made watches suitable for the Italian Navy Frogman to wear in the right hand, so that they can wear the equipment required for other tasks in the left hand, such as the compass. And depth needle.

There are two other eight-day chain works in the same series, but there are some changes in the face of PAM00796. For example, the word ‘PANERAI’ is placed at 6 o’clock, and there is a row of blue ‘8 DAYS’ words below it. recognize

The Luminor Left-Handed 8 Days Acciaio PAM00796 has a stainless steel case, a black Panerai dial with a Panerai style, and a tonal strap. Since the crown is on the left, this movement is different from the other two (but also belongs to the P.5000 series movement). The obvious difference in appearance is that the power reserve display of PAM00796 is located on the back of the movement. The two removal displays are placed on the faceplate. At the same time, the characters at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock in the PAM00796 faceplate are also different-its ‘PANERAI’ is placed at 6 o’clock, and a row of blue ‘8’ is added. ‘DAYS’; as a matter of course, its small second hand will be placed on the opposite side of the crown, at 3 o’clock.

Compared with the other two models equipped with P.5002 movement, the P.5001 movement equipped with PAM00796 puts the power reserve display on the case back, which is also a clue of difference.

An eight-day power reserve P.5001 manual-winding movement is exposed under the sapphire crystal bottom cover, giving a clear view of the balance wheel fixed by the double support bridge. The most distinctive feature of this model is that the crown bridge is set at 9 o’clock, which perfectly meets the needs of watch owners who use left-handed or right-handed watches. In addition, this leather strap is also decorated with blue stitching near the lugs, which highlights the uniqueness and also echoes the 8 DAYS blue characters on the face plate.

Luminor Left-Handed 8 Days Acciaio

PAM00796 / stainless steel / P.5001 manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / case back power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 300 meters / reference price: 47,200 RMB