Month: March 2019

Tattoo Art Interpretation Of Geometric Mystery Watchmaking Masterpieces And Set Off A New Trend Hublot Hublot And Maxim Placia-bucci Present Big Bang Sang Bleu Ii Tattoo Watches –

On June 20, 2019, Beijing—Swiss watch brand HUBLOT introduced a new state of tattoo art! Since 2015, Hublot has collaborated with the well-known tattoo studio SangBleu to start the exploration of integrating geometric aesthetics into watch design. Following the stunning appearance of the BigBangSangBleu tattoos created by the two parties in 2016, the launch of the new BigBangSangBleuII tattoos during the Basel International Watch Fair this year once again interpreted the Hublot brand ambassador and SangBleu founder Maxim Pressia The ambition and design concept of Maxime Plescia-Buchi. Today, the well-known tattoo artist came to Beijing. At the Phantom Art Center, Maxime Plescia-Buchi explained how he used geometric figures to create memorable watches. He demonstrated his tattoo skills at the scene, and shared the unique charm of BigBangSangBleuII tattoo watches with Hublot!

  With the concept of ‘fused art’, Hublot has always been committed to combining different artistic styles with advanced watchmaking techniques to perform unique and unique interpretations. Since ancient times, human beings have created many amazing architectural works of art by mastering the symmetry of graphics. The founder of SangBleu Studio Maxime Plescia-Buchi deeply understands the mysteries of geometric figures and created a unique artistic style. As early as during London Fashion Week 2016, Hublot collaborated with SangBleu Studio to display a unique pattern composed of circular rings and squares in an art sculpture form by fusing glass and metal elements. , Not only introduce the concept of ‘orthogonal circles’, but also boldly record time in a unique way. This whimsical form brought visual shock to people, and was later introduced into the design of BigBangSangBleu tattoos. Maxime Plescia-Buchi draws inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting ‘VitruvianMan’, and integrates harmonious and balanced pattern design into the watch, in the dimension of time It tells the mystery of geometric shapes.

  As an important part of contemporary popular culture, tattoos are no longer a symbol of masculine underground culture. This primitive technique has developed into a popular art form and even a cultural phenomenon. As one of the representatives of tattoo art, Maxime Plescia-Buchi will fully demonstrate the worship of symbol culture through tattoo techniques, and use geometric aesthetics to explain his unremitting pursuit of perfection. The Hublot BigBangSangBleuII tattoo watch once again shows his profound accomplishment in the creation of geometric patterns, which fully reflects his design inspiration for three-dimensional vision.

  Hublot’s efforts in innovation and creativity coincide with my exploration of geometric figures and tattoo techniques. As a watch enthusiast, co-designing a watch with Hublot is a treat, and I can fully show my creative ideas and passion. The BigBangSangBleuII tattoo watch is just like another option for those who love tattoo art. It can show their understanding and pursuit of this culture and trend on the wrist.

Maxime Plescia-Buchi Ambassador of Hublot

  The new tattoos use a more detailed line design to create a three-dimensional visual experience. The hands composed of two narrow diamonds and an arrow, such as tattoo fragments placed on a quiet chronograph movement, show the passing of time in a modern style. Graphic elements run through the case and are cut and engraved into the hexagonal bezel decoration and sapphire crystal caseback. The UNICO movement is immediately visible through the fully transparent dial. This ingenious wristpiece is like an architectural feat in a 45mm diameter case.

  In the case of an orderly vertical and horizontal geometric case, the BigBangSangBleuII tattoo watch is equipped with Hublot’s homemade HUB1240Unico automatic chronograph movement. The chronograph seconds hand is displayed by straight hands, while the chronograph minute hand rotates within one of the two discs on the dial. The movement frequency reaches 28,800 times per hour and the power reserve is up to 72 hours. BigBangSangBleuII watches are available in titanium and king gold, with limited editions of 200 and 100 respectively.
Technical Parameters

serial number
418.NX.1107.RX.MXM19 (titanium)-limited to 200 pieces
418.OX.1108.RX.MXM19 (Wang Jin)-limited to 100 pieces
Matte black dial
Polished hollow hands
Satin-finished polished titanium or 18K king gold
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 16.50 mm
Movement: HUB1240.MXM Unico homemade self-winding flyback chronograph movement
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 rpm)
Power reserve: about 72 hours
Number of components: 330
Jewels: 38
Case back: Satin-finished titanium or 18K king gold with sapphire crystal
Strap and buckle: black rubber strap
With Sang Bleu Studio Design Titanium or 18K King Gold Folding Clasp
Bezel: Hexagon decoration
Satin-finished polished titanium or 18K king gold
6 H-shaped titanium screws
Titanium: 185,800 RMB
King Gold: 347,100 RMB