Month: June 2018

Imperial Moment Tasting Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Watch

Every man has a soldier’s dream in his mind, just like the flowers and plants need rain, which is closely related to the men’s tenacity and courage. Always wondering what kind of watch is suitable for the most powerful soldiers, has a tough appearance like them, complete professionalism and a strong heart. Today, all this is answered on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon. Official model: 26580IO.OO.D010CA.01

 Audemars Piguet is a time-honored family-owned factory in the watch industry. It is currently the only fine watchmaking brand in the world still run by the founding family. Its Royal Oak Greenwich Standard Time concept tourbillon watch was first unveiled at this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show. This watch’s elegant white color and brilliance are unforgettable. Powerful and powerful, it is a watch tailored for avant-garde collectors and watch enthusiasts who value technology and craftsmanship.


This new 2014 watch, for the first time, is made of white ceramic on the splint, which is like a bright moonlight in the night forest, as if time has condensed. Thanks to Audemars Piguet’s innovations in materials and craftsmanship, such complicated and exquisite watch designs were able to appear in the world.

This Audemars Piguet watch features a titanium case, which is a high-grade alloy that is light-weight, high-strength, and abrasion-resistant. The bezel part is made of white ceramic. The combination of dark gray and white complements each other, and there is no lack of youthful vitality in the elegant atmosphere.

 The watch uses an avant-garde safe-type case, a resolute angular octagonal bezel, and eight hexagonal fixing screws. Such a classic case shape has a high degree of recognition, and it does not need the logo and reminders at all Brands with such a clear image and continuous innovation under the premise of maintaining their identity, rooted in people’s hearts, are extremely difficult to achieve.

 The design of this watch with a white rubber strap is extremely intimate. It removes the ostentatious personality of the metal strap and adds a calm and graceful grace. The advantage of the rubber strap is that it eliminates the tedious cutting, and can freely adjust the length, making the fit with the wrist more clever, and avoiding some awkward situations in life. Such a convenient and personal design, it fits the mind of men more.

 The reason why the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch looks so stiff and upright is that it has the style of a general. It depends on the watch’s chain and the case being integrated into one. Ground connection highlights the theme of the octagonal porthole. Each part of the case and the bracelet is hand-finished, so that the strap is cleverly wrapped around the wrist, and the bevel cut between the case and the strap is perfect in terms of proportion and slope.

 Royal Oak hands in white gold with a fluorescent coating that can be clearly distinguished even in the dark.

 At the three o’clock position of the case, there is a hexagonal screw-in crown. Its angular shape perfectly blends with the case’s titanium metal texture, exuding a unique charm. The buttons below the crown are made of white ceramic material, with a round shape and smooth color, which makes the whole watch look round and square, firm and soft, and the image is more vivid and alive. Audemars Piguet’s ingenious integration of aesthetic art while guaranteeing its powerful functions is truly exciting.

 The tourbillon of this watch is located at 9 o’clock on the dial. Every detail is polished by the watchmaker’s hand, revealing the meticulousness and precision of the production process. The gemstones on the top are shining brilliantly. Against the background of ceramics and black anodized aluminum bridges, they show the ultimate luxury, with a high architectural design, just like buds to be put into the watch. The hottest fresh blood.

 Clearly visible waterproof gaskets and dials decorated with large cubes engraved with ‘Grande Tapisserie’.

 This Audemars Piguet watch uses a 2930 manual winding factory movement with a diameter of 35.60mm and a thickness of 9.90mm. It is set with 29 diamonds and has a power reserve of 237 hours. Such a powerful watch function is truly unbelievable No respect for Audemars Piguet.

 Summary: This new Audemars Piguet watch in 2014, with its powerful functions and bold and innovative ideas, has firmly grasped the eyes of men with the heart of Audemars Piguet, further highlighting Audemars Piguet’s originality. The Royal Oak evokes the dream of a military soul in the heart of a man.

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