Month: April 2018

Omega Supports The Steinmez Conference And Awards The Stephen Hawking Science Communication Award Winner With An Exclusive Speedmaster Watch

The 4th Starmus Festival 2017 was held in Trondheim, Norway. As a new partner of the Steinmez Conference, the famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA has specially created three exclusive Speedmaster watches to be awarded to the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication.

   Pioneer musician Jean-Michel Jarre, astrophysicist, writer and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson, and popular comedy TV series Life The Big Bang Theory crew won the Stephen Hawking Science Communication Award and received an exclusive Speedmaster watch created by Omega.

   The Steinmesse conference covers science, art, and music, and aims to help the public better understand and appreciate the beauty of science. Since 2011, the conference has invited many outstanding people including astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, science, culture, art and music to perform and lecture.

Jean Michel Jarre and Nair DeGlass Tyson attended the conference and personally accepted medals and watches that symbolized honour.

   Musician Jean Michel Jarre said on the stage to receive the award: ‘My music is recognized by Professor Hawking and the Steinmez Convention, and this year’s Stephen Hawking Award for Scientific Communication is very important to me. Important honor. 40 years ago, my ‘Oxygene’ became a declaration of climate change and promoted human awareness of the future of the earth. Space, time and science inspired me to create a lot of music I am extremely proud of this honor, and I also feel that scientific communication still has a long way to go. ‘

   Won the commendation of the Steinmez Conference, and Nair DeGlass Tyson was also very excited. Talking about Stephen Hawking’s influence on him, he said, ‘This award reminds us of Professor Stephen Hawking’s contribution to the scientific career. He devoted most of his career to writing, speaking, and participating in TV shows. This is to spread scientific knowledge to the public. As a science communicator, I am honored to receive the award named after him. ‘

  Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, executive producers of The Big Bang Theory, did not attend the awards ceremony, but delivered a speech about the award through a video.

  ‘We are extremely excited to accept this award on behalf of the crew. Big Bang Cosmology believes that the universe was formed by a big bang that occurred about 14 billion years ago, and no one could have imagined that this theory would achieve such a result. We are always grateful to Professor Hawking, The scientific community and everyone who is dedicated to science. We are proud to inspire more people to pursue science. Thanks to the Stephen Hawking Award for Science Communication and the Steinmez Conference. ‘

One Of Bulgari’s Masterpieces In Pursuit Of Perfection

Strong and solid movement, symmetrical and balanced style, fine mechanical technology, Diagono Calibro 303 chronograph blue special edition reflects the aesthetic taste of modern life and the essence of high-quality watchmaking technology .
The name Diagono is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘agòn’ and is meant for competition or competition. Its design inspiration is based on the work of the ancient Greek sculptor Myron Myron ‘discustor’. The design of the watch presents a simple, dynamic and strong, inherit Contemporary aesthetics in ancient Greece. The Diagono series is a classic style watch with its time-honored performance over the past 20 years. Uphold the original spirit, and continue to inject new creative essence into the development of styles and materials.

 Diagono Calibro 303 uses a hand-made BVL 303 automatic refining movement; this movement consists of 303 precision parts and took 3,520 hours to develop. The interlocking structures work tightly through cylindrical wheels, gears and vertical clutch components, making it the most perfect mechanical operation for top watch connoisseurs. The vertical coupling gear design series system can prevent the hands from jumping when starting, stopping and resetting. It is a precision system that supports the timing function. Three timers are divided into 12 hours, 30 minutes and 60 seconds to make the timing function more accurate. There is also a date display window at six o’clock.

 The transparent sapphire case back provides a glimpse into all the precision machinery operations, and is decorated with Geneva ripples, pearl dot polishing and satiné soleil pattern decoration. The case is made of 75 different parts, fine-grained polished steel and beveled, and the 18K white gold frame is engraved with the Bulgari logo. The sturdy ring protects the crown with a special design and is covered with lugs to a blue alligator strap. The hand-carved hands on the dial outline the style of BVLGARI. The multi-layered dial design is meticulously designed to make the functions clear at a glance. The dial adopts a three-layer structure and is presented in different ways: the metal substrate is decorated with a satiné soleil pattern, the dazzling blue upper structure is treated with vertical stripes, and the auxiliary timing window is rounded, with multi-faceted luminous manual digital scales and outer Ring manual details indicate the scale. Combining unique contemporary tastes with Swiss high-quality watchmaking technology, Diagono Calibro 303 Special Edition is a sports fashion watch