Month: March 2018

Richard Mille Welcomes New Brand Friend Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba is an international football star, but his glory doesn’t stop there. He is the ‘Warcraft’ on the pitch and the ‘goodwill ambassador’ off the pitch. With great love and courageous responsibility, he has also advocated peace and charity extensively in the name of the Drogba Foundation. The RICHARD MILLE brand will warmly welcome this beloved talented player to join the RICHARD MILLE family.

· Big love
· Legend of football
· Drogba Foundation founder and Vice Chairman of World Peace and Sports Organization

 Drogba has been a loyal cousin of the RICHARD MILLE brand for many years. The Côte-d’Ivoire’s record holder is hailed as one of the best offensive players today. His career has attracted a lot of attention since the early days, and he has subsequently played for some of the best teams in the world, including football clubs such as Marseille, Chelsea, Shanghai Shenhua and Galatasaray. The Chelsea Blues period was the most brilliant stage of his football career. He wore a blue shirt and was invincible, helping the team win 4 Premier League titles, 4 England FA Cup titles and 1 UEFA Champions League championship. He once said humbly, ‘I love football, communicating with my supporters and being loved by fans is the best thing in my career.’ In April 2017, he joined the Phoenix Nova Football Club as a player and owner. , And then helped the team advance to the US Football League final. In November 2018, Drogba retired honorably.

 Why are so many fans adoring Drogba? His charm comes not only from his performance on the court, but also from his noble character. On October 8, 2005, the war-torn Ivorian was eligible for the World Cup for the first time. Speaking live on television, Drogba called on everyone to ‘work together and work together for a common goal.’ He said that a country so rich cannot succumb to war and called on people to build peace together.

 He is determined to express the beliefs in his heart, and in 2007 he founded a non-profit organization named after him. Drogba Foundation’s mission is ‘continuous action, continuous impact.’ Based on this principle, the Drogba Foundation’s charitable activities have become increasingly diverse, but the core goal has always been to promote peace in Côte d’Ivoire and the African continent. The Drogba Foundation has launched a number of charitable initiatives: establishing a pediatric outpatient center in Abidjan; working with Nestlé to establish a school in Gagnoa; establishing a specialized screening for cardiovascular disease ‘The Heart Mobile’ medical vehicle for the benefit of the Ivorian people; support for sustainable agriculture and more. ‘Thanks to my career, I have the opportunity to learn about the situation in Africa. What impressed me most was the poor medical services and educational facilities on the African continent.’ He said the foundation’s goal is to empower people to fish, thereby promoting long-term community development. ‘

 Drogba is so passionate about charity and peace that he truly lives up to his position as vice chairman of the World Peace and Sports Organization. ‘For more than a decade, I have been committed to achieving peace and promoting the common development of mankind. The World Peace and Sports Organization shares my vision. At the same time, my football player’s career is in line with the organization’s philosophy, because football is politically neutral. This is a sport that is universally recognized by all countries. ‘

 Yesterday’s superstar, today’s peace activist and altruist, Drogba has joined the RICHARD MILLE family. With the support of the RICHARD MILLE brand, he is committed to helping those in need and protecting those in need. People.