Month: August 2017

Spread The Wings And Fly High Hamilton Khaki Series Beyond The Wind Speed Brief Comment

The Hamilton Khaki Airline Transcendence Wind Speed ​​Watch is the world’s first wristwatch with a yaw angle calculator, enabling pilots to accurately calculate and record the crosswinds that may be encountered during their journey. And for those who want to accurately grasp the direction of life, this watch is also a good partner to trust. Its unique tough design and excellent functions not only show personality, but also bring high credibility. Today’s Watch House brings you this watch that surpasses wind speed, reference model: H77726351.

The unique yaw angle calculator design of this Hamilton Khaki series beyond the wind speed limit watch highlights the aeronautical technology style. The models show strong contrast and three-dimensional texture from the inside to the outside.

The 45mm oversized stainless steel case of this watch has simple and rough lines, a simple black and white gray design with a complex bezel scale, showing the beauty of tough modern technology.

The surface of the sapphire crystal glass is treated with an anti-glare layer. If there is no object, the display is clear. The dial creates a three-dimensional texture through a strong contrasting color scheme.

The surface of the stainless steel case is brushed and polished to reflect the tough metal texture. The crown on the upper right side of the case is used to adjust the lower layer of the rotating inner bezel, and the lower crown is used to adjust the upper layer of the rotating inner bezel.

This watch with a smooth rubber strap highlights the watch’s sporty temperament, while exuding avant-garde technological texture.

The crown of this watch is designed on the left side of the case. On both sides of the crown are the start / pause button and the zero button of the timer. The new technology of stainless steel rubber mixing increases friction for easy operation.

This watch is equipped with a stainless steel pin buckle, which is easy to use. The shape of the pin buckle is simple and tough. The head of the buckle is cut out with an ‘H’ mark, which symbolizes its brand identity.

This watch is equipped with a H-21 self-winding mechanical movement. The case back adopts a semi-perspective design. The rough movement design and polishing process exude a unique American style, and the waterproof depth is 100 meters.

In addition to the chronograph function of this watch, the complex yaw-angle calculator scale on the dial is also very eye-catching. Although the calculation method is slightly complicated, we can also understand the approximate algorithm.

First, we need to adjust the two rotating inner bezel windows and 0 scales to 12 o’clock through the two crowns on the right side of the case. Then get wind speed and direction data from the control tower or weather chart. Such as wind speed: 40mph; wind direction: 70 °. The outer rotating inner bezel with window is adjusted by the crown alone, so that the mark points to the wind direction of 70 °.

Manually rotate the outer bezel so that the mark on the inner bezel points to one-tenth the scale of the aircraft speed on the outer bezel, for example, the aircraft speed is 180mph.

Query the magnetic deviation (Var) of the current position from the aerial map. If the magnetic deviation points to the west, the magnetic orientation = true orientation + magnetic deviation; if the magnetic deviation points to the east, the magnetic orientation = true orientation-magnetic deviation. For example, if the true bearing is 30 ° and the magnetic deviation is 10 ° westward, then the magnetic bearing is 30 ° + 10 ° = 40 °. Crosswind Angle (CrosswindAngle) = 70 °-40 ° = 30 ° (headwind).

Use the chart to determine the component of the upwind / downwind component, find the intersection of the up / downwind component and the crosswind angle on the case back, and read the crosswind component on the horizontal axis. For example, the component of the headwind is: 40mph, we have calculated the angle of the crosswind at 30 °, so we can read the component of the crosswind is 20mph.

At this point, we return to the bezel and find the scale corresponding to the current crosswind component on the outer bezel. The angle on this scale corresponding to the position of the inner bezel is the yaw angle of the aircraft at this moment. As shown in the figure, the crosswind component is 20, which corresponds to the scale between the 6 ° and 7 ° of the inner bezel, that is, the yaw angle is about 6.5 °.

With the yaw angle, we can calculate the corrected azimuth. If the wind is blowing from the right side of the aircraft, the corrected azimuth is the magnetic azimuth 40 ° + yaw angle 6.5 ° = 46.5 °; if the wind is blowing from the left side In the past, the magnetic bearing is 40 °-the yaw angle is 6.5 ° = 33.5 °. At this time, we can also turn the scale below the inner bezel to the correct position for easy memory, such as 46.5 °.

Summary: Without fear of crosswinds, go forward. This watch, while equipped with professional aviation functions-yaw angle calculator, is also rich in this dynamic modern design, which not only meets the dual needs of aviation enthusiasts for technology and appearance, Its sleek and sporty appearance and its sophisticated and technologically-sophisticated design are also a good choice for men who love sports. The official price of this watch is currently 17,000 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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Boucheron’s U.S. E-commerce Web Page Is Online

Boucheron, a French jewellery firm, has further expanded his e-commerce business, and the US webpage has been launched.
The brand’s online shopping service was previously only available in Europe.
With this new website,, visitors can sit comfortably in their home, office, or anywhere they like to shop.
Boucheron puts their full range of jewellery, watches and perfumes on the website, and strives to create a ‘cement and mouse’ boutique shopping atmosphere online.
Everything on the web ranges from $ 500 wedding rings to $ 49,000 diamond necklaces. Visitors can also design their own engagement rings or customize items such as straps or cufflinks.

For Boucheron’s U.S. customers, they can now log into the brand’s new website for e-commerce services.
‘Boucheron always showed elegance in a bold style, and now he is turning to investing in the Internet and opening a new online mall.’ Jean-Christophe Bedos, CEO of Boucheron, said in a press conference, ‘This site is very Great, showing our modern style to the world, reflecting our goal of further serving our customers. In keeping with our commitment and the goal we have always pursued, the collections displayed in physical stores will be online Order and we will continue to serve our customers with new enthusiasm in return for their precious time. ‘