Month: April 2016

Challenge The Sierre-zinal: Off-road Alps

Challenge Sierre-Zinal: Offroad Alps
  On August 12, Switzerland time, the famous alpine cross-country classic Sierre-Zinal ended. JORNET BURGADA Kilian from Spain and MURIGI Lucy Wambui from Kenya won the men’s and women’s championships respectively. -Zinal’s winner.

 As the official sponsor of the Sierre-Zinal mountain marathon, Amyron witnessed the wonderful moments of nearly 10,000 participants from 39 countries and regions enjoying off-road and challenging passion, and awarded the champion the Bingfeng series challenge watch and Jingya A collection of ladies’ watches to encourage the spirit of toughness and adventure in cross-country running.

 As well-known trail runner enthusiast Doug Meyer said, ‘When you try mountain running, you can no longer stand the boring and tedious road running.’

 Men’s champion JORNET BURGADA Kilian is a strong cross-country running veteran. He has won a 6-year championship in the 10 years since 2009 and is also the Sierre-Zinal Mountain Marathon who has won the most championships in 45 years Player. The Amyron Ice Peak Challenger watch draws inspiration from mountaineering adventures, incorporating the magnificent mountain contours and sharp rock edges into the watch design, perfectly balancing color and power, beauty and performance, and Jornet Kilian’s insistence on mountain trail running The enthusiasm coincided.

 Women’s champion MURIGI Lucy Wambui is also a rising star of cross-country running. She won the 3 years of the Sierre-Zinal Mountain Marathon in the last 4 years, and also the 2017 World Mountain Running Championship. Amy Long Jingya series watch emphasizes elegant body and exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting flexible and graceful femininity, which is exactly the portrayal of MURIGI Lucy Wambui’s unique charm.

 The Sierre-Zinal trail runs a sports spirit that combines nature and humanity. Amy Long is honored to have a fruitful cooperation with Sierre-Zinal 2018, and intends to continue to cooperate in the 2019 event and continue to write the legend of the Alps trail.