Month: February 2016

Jude Chow’s Tudor 1926 Watch Classic And Fashionable

Before the start of the Basel show, when Tudor finally revealed his new brand spokesperson Jay Chou, we were very surprised, although we already knew that Tudor would ask a Chinese star to endorse, But still did not expect it to be Jay Chou, Tudor really ‘is born to dare to do it.’ Jay Chou wore a Tudor 1926 series watch to shoot a promotional video. Of course, he wore a top version of the Tudor 1926 watch. The dial is set with diamonds. The middle part of the bezel and bracelet is rose gold. Today we look at See the regular Tudor 1926 watch.

   The Tudor 1926 series is the brand’s new series. The Tudor brand was founded in 1926, so this series undoubtedly symbolizes the brand’s history. The classic design interprets the brand’s mission of precision watchmaking. The new series is available in four sizes: 28, 36, 39 and 41 mm.

   This watch is one of the white dials. The dial does not have diamond inlays. Instead, it has Arabic numerals and multi-faceted triangular three-dimensional hour markers. The simple elements of the dial, combined with the elegant willow-shaped hands, present a very elegant atmosphere, as if returning to the era of admiring noble elegance.

   The dial is specially treated to show a embossed net structure, and the scales and hands are gold, reflecting a sense of luxury.

   The watch is made of a stainless steel case, with rich overall lines and natural lugs. The case is polished and matte, with outstanding texture. The lugs are thinner than other Tudor models, which also reflects it. Elegant side.

   The bracelet is a seven-row stainless steel chain link, which is soft and natural, has an excellent feel and is comfortable to wear. The buckle is equipped with a safety discount.

   As in the previous Tudor style, the bottom cover is a dense bottom design, which is equipped with the ETA 2824 movement, and the 28 mm model is equipped with the 2671 classic ladies movement.

   This is a basic model of the Tudor 1926 series. The classic design and unique decoration make the watch fully express another style of Tudor. Tudor has not only sports models, but also elegant side. Perhaps this is its new Meaning.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Chopard New Happy Sport Medium Self-winding Two-tone Watch

For more than 20 years, the Chopard HappySport watch series has attracted countless watch enthusiasts with its modern, bold and casual style. This year, this Chopard classic combines stainless steel and rose gold to create a watch with a self-winding mechanical movement that combines modernity and technical performance.

  In 1993, Caroline Scheufele designed the Chopard classic watch-Happy Sport. Since then, with the passage of time, the personality of this series of watches has been continuously enriched, sometimes with a sense of humor, but always maintained an elegant style. The names of each series are rich in meaning: Happy Beach, La Vie en Rose, Happy Spirit, Mystery Pink …

In 2013, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the series, Chopard launched the new HappySport medium self-winding mechanical watch. The famous happy diamond, the most attractive jewellery idea in the past 40 years, is even more glorious because of its mechanical movement. Today, Chopard is equipped with a new two-tone case for this self-winding mechanical movement. The HappySport medium-duty self-winding two-tone watch is equipped with a stainless steel and 18K rose gold case and strap. It is accompanied by a delicate silver dial with a Newsot pattern in the center of the dial and 7 active diamonds swirling happily on the surface. On the back, the self-winding mechanical movement is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal caseback, decorated with straight Geneva waves.

Technical specifications
• Steel and 18K rose gold
• Total diameter: 36.00 mm
• Thickness: 12.08mm
• Water resistance: 30 meters
18K rose gold crown set with a sapphire 6.00mm
• 18K rose gold polished bezel
• 7 active diamonds
• Anti-glare sapphire crystal
• Open case back cover

• Automatic mechanical movement
• Diameter: 26.20 mm
• Thickness: 3.60mm
• Number of gems: 25
• Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
• Power reserve: 42 hours
• Table bridge decoration Geneva ripple

Dial and hands:
• Silver dial with Newsoll pattern on the center
• Gold-plated hour, minute and second hands
• Gold plated time stamps

Function and display:
• Central hours, minutes, and seconds
• Calendar is at 4:30

Strap and buckle:
• Steel and 18K rose gold bracelet

Model: 278559-6002
Model: 278559-6001 with crocodile leather strap
Model: 278559-6003, paved with diamonds

Hublot Releases New Watch Made Of Precious Metal Alloy

Hublot, Switzerland’s top watch, was launched on December 15th at the brand’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The Hublot metallurgical research and development department joined the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Academy’s newly developed precious metal alloy, ‘Magic Hublot Gold’, announced that it will present the first watch made of this metal at the 2012 Basel International Watch Fair. This new alloy material is a revolutionary breakthrough in precious metal materials. The entire joint research and development project took three years to complete. It is the world’s first scratch-resistant gold. It contains 750 thousandths of gold purity and is regulated by Swiss rare metals. The office identified it as 18 carats, which is similar to ordinary 18 carat gold, but due to the fusion of ceramic components, this alloy becomes super wear-resistant and has significantly better performance than traditional 18 carat gold and can withstand up to 1000 Vickers hardness (‘standard’ High-quality 18-karat gold can withstand a compression force of 400 Vickers hardness, and steel can only withstand 600 Vickers hardness), to a certain extent, only diamonds can leave a real ‘scratch’ on it.

Kunlun Watch Is Specially Made By Only Watch Charity Auction

Kunlun Watch is supporting the research of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, especially for the charity auction of ONLY WATCH Charity Auction presenting a brand new original watch style of Kunlun Watch-Titalyt processing titanium watch Case, Golden Bridge Automatic with a platinum automatic uniaxial winding movement.
    More than 40 watch brands will work together to realize the dream for children suffering from muscular dystrophy, and Kunlun Watch is also an unwilling future generation, participating in the organization of the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophies, organized in September 2011 The Only Watch Charity Auction on March 22 raised funds to support research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Kunlun Watch will donate the new Golden Bridge Automatic watch exhibited at the Basel World Watch Fair Engineering Department this year. This watch is designed for this Only Watch charity auction-a watch made of Titaly t treated with anthracite-colored metal and equipped with an automatic uniaxial winding long movement.
    Antonio Calce, Chief Executive Officer of Kunlun Watch, said: ‘Children’s dreams have the power to change the world; let us help them realize their dreams and inject more positive energy into the world. We are glad that Kunlun Watch can participate in this meaningful charity event to help those in need Children, realizing their long-cherished dreams. At this Only Watch charity auction, Kunlun will donate a unique model on the market-the Golden Bridge Automatic which features transparency and highlights the art of time flow. ‘
    The new C0313 long automatic single-winding movement was launched, which has undergone more than four years of repeated research and development and laboratory tests such as material testing, friction, and winding stacking factor. The C0313 movement is embedded in the Golden Bridge Automatic with a double-sided transparent case. It is equipped with a platinum single-axis running automatic disk and a sliding spring system. The vibration frequency reaches 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour). Power reserve Up to 40 hours. This 194-component movement is also equipped with a variable inertia balance to ensure long-term precision and a micro-shaped barrel that ensures the smooth operation of the long movement; the bottom plate and the plate are made of Made of 18K white gold (in accordance with the material of the case); the linear automatic plate is decorated with a vertical engraved pattern to highlight the characteristics of this vertical movement.
    This superb CO313 movement is one of the few movements on the market equipped with a linear automatic disc. At the same time, it also pioneered the problem and technically solved the inherent inertia problem of this type of movement. The automatic disc is made of precious and dense platinum material. It weighs 4 grams and has a swing distance of 1 cm. The washer system hinders the ability to swing back and gives the required energy to the normal operation of the movement.
    Kunlun watch CO313 movement research and development concept is to provide a floating and aerial linear automatic disc pulled by the track. The steel track is coated with Teflon’s PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), and the contact point between the carriage running on the track and the track is made of beryllium copper. The combination of these two materials can produce the best efficiency-the energy generated during winding will be transmitted through the toothed bar of the automatic disk, and it can be continuously transmitted through the reverse system with ceramic ball bearings without lubricant, to ensure a single direction The operation of the string.

   This Golden Bridge Automatic for the Only Watch Charity Auction features a new barrel-shaped case made of carbonized Titalyt-treated titanium, with a slightly curved shape that makes it more comfortable to wear. The matte gray surface, anti-glare sapphire crystal with no less than four sides on the mirror surface, anthracite-colored surface with red scales, the watch is like a transparent display case displaying precious exhibits, making the operation of the single-axis winding automatic disk fully visible. The back of this watch is also engraved with the Kunlun logo and the red ‘ONLY WATCH PIECE UNIQUE 2011’ lettering.
    The Kunlun watch is the Golden Bridge Automatic presented by ONLY WATCH with a black alligator leather strap with red stitching and a titanium pin buckle. Limited to one piece.