Month: October 2015

Baucher’s ‘yalika’ Watch Is Worth Millions

2004 is an important day for Thailand. The whole country celebrates the 72nd birthday of the Thai Queen. To commemorate this special day, the Thai government held a ‘Queen’s Charity Fund Fundraising Party’, and Bucherer was invited by Thailand to design a distinguished watch for the Queen’s birthday. For this reason, Bucherer selected the latest women’s collection ‘ALACRIA’, and made bold and creative designs in diamond selection and setting.

 The watch is made of 18K white gold with a total of 354 VVS diamonds (7.49 carats in total) and 282 first-class rubies (7.26 carats in total). The rubies on both sides of the case are from dark to light, with a beautiful and unique design. Each gem is set by hand, and the value of this watch is up to RMB 1.6 million.

┬áMany celebrities were invited to this fund-raising evening, and Thomas Morf, CEO of Bucherer, also made a special flight from Switzerland to Thailand, and dedicated this valuable ‘Alika’ watch to Queen Sirikit of Thailand, The gala that evening was also widely reported by the media across the country.

Thai Queen Sirikit’s ‘Alika’ Watch Information:
Cast from 18K white gold with a total of 354 VVS diamonds (7.49 carats) and 282 first-class rubies (7.26 carats)
Surface: 124 VVS diamonds, weighing 1.71 carats; 92 first-class rubies, weighing 0.63 carats
Case: 20 VVS diamonds, weighing 1.55 carats; 54 first-class rubies, weighing 3.32 carats
Bracelet: 210 VVS diamonds weighing 4.23 carats; 136 first-class rubies weighing 3.31 carats
Watch value: about RMB 1600000 yuan