Month: April 2015

March Is The Season For Women

Just after the Lantern Festival this year, I feel that the street air has faded and the faint sensation that was still faint a few days ago. In the breeze blowing onward, it seems that there is still a warm fragrance, It was already March days. In March, the fireworks began to bloom. Even in the office, there was only one bare branch left. I thought that the unknown potted plant that had withered had sprung up. When this tepid sunlight is sprayed on the body, it really makes people lazy and unwilling to think more about it, only to faintly melt in the tenderness of spring, and it has passed for half a day. I think, the phrase ‘Moshang flowers blooming can be turned back slowly’ that I don’t know how many people have recited and quoted is exactly the most passionate endorsement of this refreshing and romantic spring.

   The former wife of Wu Yue Wang Qiang’s wife, Dai Shi, would return to her mother’s house for a period of time every spring to visit her parents. Every time Dai Shi went home and lived for a long time, Qian Yan sent a messenger to bring her a letter: It is a greeting, and there is also a urge to urge. In the spring of that year, Dai went to Lang Bi Niang’s house again. One day Qianqian was out of the palace to cook affairs. Occasionally, at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain, the embankment of the West Lake was already pink and green. Give birth to some thoughts. When I returned to the palace, I wrote a letter with a pen, which included such a sentence: ‘A flower blooms on Mo, you can return slowly.’ Although a few words, although it is plain and warm, it is full of sincerity and full of tenderness. The word ‘slowly’ is drowned with pets, and is known for ages.

   People return slowly, gracefully but not in a hurry, the charm of that stranger is provoked by the intoxication of the old beautiful woman, and the beautiful woman in the flowering mood is not for the gorgeous wild flowers. Flowers seem to have a special language for women. Every year on Mother’s Day, I order a bouquet of carnations for my mother. The mother always says that she does n’t like to spend flowers and does n’t spend money, but she always expresses joy when she receives flowers. I think most women are just like her. They may not have any special love for flowers, but they always feel special affection when holding flowers. If men really take the phrase ‘don’t love flowers’ seriously and instead give away some practical products as gifts, then you must miss the contented expression when they hold flowers, of course, the flowers and gifts are not the same. conflict.

   Qing Dynasty and Qianjia poet Zhao Yi’s poetry ‘March styles and flowers’, the spring of March is simple and quiet, with tenderness in the bones, destined to belong to the season of women, whether it is a goddess gifted by a man, or an independent personality Female friends want to reward themselves, a watch full of spring must be a great gift for women in March. The editor below presents several women’s watches full of spring.

Bowman Love Women’s Watch
  The vibrant arabesque pattern has always been a timeless classic design element in the field of women’s decoration. The meandering arabesque pattern is full of vitality and exudes charming feminine charm. It is a symbol of loyalty and strong emotion. I think This is also the best symbolic totem of spring. When mentioning the arabesque decoration pattern in the watch industry, it is necessary to mention Baoman. The design of the famous ‘arabesques’ arabesque dial of Baoman is inspired by the luxurious embroidery decoration used by the high-end fashion creators of Baoman brand. Today, the Baumann watch series is constantly being introduced, and the dial with arabesques has always been the core of its brand watch series.

Watch comments: The price of this watch can no longer be described as cheap, it is amazing, but it is not surprising for friends who have a certain understanding of Bowman. This is a stainless steel watch. It is worth mentioning here that Baumann is still the first brand to dare to set diamonds on steel watches, although it is not an option to set diamonds on steel watches and achieve perfect results. Simple craftsmanship, but while maintaining strict quality requirements, Baoman insists on a very affordable price, which is definitely the first choice for women’s entry-level watches.

Domestic public price: ¥ 4,850

Tudor Rose Collection Women’s Watch

   The Tudor Rose series women’s watch combines refined design and exquisite details, which is a tribute to the beauty of women. Its design is inspired by the fantasy world and the evening sky under the charming moonlight, leading us into the world of refined elegance and unique creativity. The small central seconds hand shaped with the hollowed-out Tudor rose logo gives the watch an inspiring charm. The curved case, the outline of the watch, and the domed sapphire glass all show the round and soft curve of the watch. The design of the mother-of-pearl surface of the watch was inspired by the clouds and decorated with exquisite and unique patterns. The arc pointer exudes a gentle and gentle temperament. The rose-shaped second hand is placed in the center of the hour-marker with diamonds, reminiscent of a bright moon in the bright starry sky. With a unique textured strap with a unique pattern on the surface, the design is more chic and sophisticated.

Watch comments: When referring to Tudor, watch friends often compare it with Rolex. Many people know that Tudor is a sub-brand of Rolex. In the early days of the brand’s establishment, Tudor quickly opened the market with affordable prices and the high quality of Rolex’s technical guarantee. As a result, many of Tudor’s past models were designed to imitate Rolex, many It was once thought that Tudor would be a brand that could not escape the role of Rolex, but now Tudor has proved to many people through its individual watches that Tudor now has its own bloodline, and the elegant and delicate Tudor Rose watch is no doubt It is one of the most unique Tudor watch series, and its price is relatively close to the people, it is worth starting.

Domestic public price: ¥ 16,600- ¥ 33,600

Jacques D’Elegance 8 Series Art Deco Watch

   The Arabic numeral ‘8’ is a lucky number for Jacques Dro. As one of the brand’s most recognizable and iconic designs, its meaning is perfect harmony, which penetrates into the design of many of Jacques Dro’s classic series watches. Lady 8 is exactly a series designed by Jacques Dro to bring out the elegance of women with the balance of the figure ‘8’. Jacques de Lo presents this exquisite watch through the subtle art design combined with the perfect and harmonious combination of materials, showing the profound watchmaking craftsmanship of the Jacques de Lore brand and the elegance and aristocracy flowing in the blood of the brand.

Watch Reviews: Jaquet-Droz has always been a relatively low-key brand in terms of publicity. Regardless of its watchmaking technology, artistic design or exquisite jewelry embellishment, it is difficult to stand out from many watch brands. The dial of this watch is vividly engraved with a picture of birds playing in the forest, exquisite and elegant, but also exudes the life and vitality of nature, each of which fully interprets the profound elegance of the Jaquet-Drö brand. , Combined with smart interest and the glorious charm of jewelry, how can we not make women love it!

Domestic public price: ¥ 242,000

Breguet Secret de la Reine

   In 1783, the female painter Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun painted a portrait of the French queen Marie Antoinette named «Marie-Antoinette à la rose» (Queen and Rose). Breguet draws inspiration from this and has created a series of unparalleled timepieces, dedicated to the most beautiful female customers of Breguet. The rose in the portrait of the queen is reproduced by shell relief, which is one of the ancient skills in southern Italy. The embossed rose with unscrewed shell shows the time, which is consistent with the traditional characteristics of this watch. The rose petals in the shell relief are very delicately carved, the watch is full of pavé diamonds, and the iconic bow design. Secret de la Reine models are available in rose or white gold. Equipped with Breguet’s self-winding 586 movement, you can enjoy the ‘view’ inside the movement through anti-reflective coated glass on both sides.

Watch Reviews: Breguet must be one of the most popular Swiss women’s watch brands. The new Secret de la Reine watch retains the characteristics of its predecessor, while it is equipped with a luxurious gold thread strap, imitating the effect of pleated silk satin, which is very feminine and delicate. It is with such a delicate and serious attitude towards female customers that Breguet can capture many well-known distinguished female patrons in history. Of course, such a watch is naturally valuable, but for a friend who has the conditions, he is the goddess of his own. Why not serve everything?

Domestic public price: HK $ 898,400