Month: December 2014

Van Cleef & Arpels Fil De L ‘eau Watch

When the memories of childhood suddenly came to my eyes, the fantasy imagination was unrestrained, and the green leaves in front of me instantly turned into the purest color in the heart, or goose yellow, or peach pink, or brilliant purple, or bright red … In the eyes of Kellebo, the most innocent color may be the combination of blue and white. The tension-filled white magnifies the imaginary space infinitely, and the dreamlike blue fills the space with romantic feelings. It’s like a dream garden on your wrist.
Van Cleef & Arpels Fil de l’eau watch
Films that reproduce the scenes of European classical palaces are endless. Complex hair accessories, heavy jewelry, white lace, and fluttering skirt corners have become first-class aphrodisiacs to stimulate modern people. The luxurious and luxurious palace decoration fascinates all living beings, and the supporters naturally do not miss every opportunity to wear them, just like a palace-style watch. And the best suit for this style is the dress with gold and brown as the main color. Only the wide color space can fully display the luxurious patterns on the female table. Women’s watches that are brightly colored and adorned with various gemstones have the function of shining your dress.

The Whirlwind In The Bubble: Corum Kunlun Ultimate Bubble Tourbillon

Corum celebrates this iconic watch with the most sophisticated bubble watch: Bubble Bubble Tourbillon Chronograph and Bubble Tourbillon GMT watch in precious rose gold and limited edition of five . The focal point of the legendary Corum bubble watch is the case and crystal glass: the pleasing case with the huge sapphire crystal glass that swells upwards unbridled. Today, for the first time, CORUM has injected traditional haute horlogerie art into bubble watches and created two rose gold bubble tourbillon watches.

   The Bubble Tourbillon Chronograph, the most complicated bubble watch in history, combines two of the most awesome complication in the horological world: a tourbillon and a chronograph. What makes the bubble tourbillon chronograph more special is that it is equipped with Corum’s exclusive CO398 movement, so it is an automatic winding watch.
   The tourbillon frame, which looks like the Corum Key trademark, appears at 10 o’clock, and the dial is brought to life with a rotation of one minute. The stopwatch is equipped with a central seconds hand and a 6 o’clock minute counter through the two push-buttons of the case. In accordance with the requirements of a true high-end timepiece, the switch of the stopwatch function is controlled by the column wheel device. Compared to the cam system of the industry’s general chronograph, this device is more sophisticated and complex.

Bubble tourbillon chronograph

   The Bubble Tourbillon GMT watch, which also uses the exclusive CO397 self-winding movement, is equipped with a tourbillon adjustment device and a second time zone display. The second time zone displayed at the 6 o’clock dial can be adjusted by pressing the handle The hour hand moves forward, and the reading of the second time zone display is combined with the day and night display at 8 o’clock.

Bubble tourbillon GMT watch

   In order to emphasize the visual effect of the sapphire crystal of the huge bubble watch, both tourbillon watches are equipped with light gray dials, and the contours of the dials are accentuated by concentric guilloche decoration. In order to match the status of advanced complex function watches, the movements of the bubble tourbillon GMT and tourbillon chronograph have been hand-finished, and traditional techniques such as chamfering and ruled wire drawing have been used. They share the same representative bubble case, which is carved from a piece of 18K rose gold and polished to a mirror-like appearance.

Dior Finds Zhao Liying’s Endorsement Controversial What About The Ambassador Chosen By These Watch Brands?

I wonder if everyone has heard the controversy caused by Zhao Liying’s endorsement of Dior not long ago? The reason for the dispute is that many people think that Zhao Liying’s temperament does not match the elegant and advanced tone of Dior; secondly, in a subsequent promotional video recorded for Dior, Zhao Liying’s English pronunciation was compared with Carina Lau and Baby. Everyone complained that it was not standard and very embarrassing. Later, Dior’s official Weibo chose to delete the video, but this did not prevent Zhao Liying from endorsing Dior, which instantly became a hot topic.

Screenshot of Zhao Liying Dior promotional video

Zhao Liying and Angelababy both attended the brand opening event as Dior China ambassadors
 Earlier, when Angelababy became Dior’s ambassador, there had been some “image mismatch” doubts. Now Zhao Liying speaks for Dior, and there seems to be a higher tendency for disapproval. Luxury products with younger stars as endorsements can indeed expand their audiences. At the same time, various disputes on young stars will also bring corresponding risks to brands. Even so, in the field of luxury such as fashion and watches, the trend of brand star spokespersons becoming younger is still more and more obvious. Facing the Chinese market and Chinese consumer groups, watch brands have also made this choice.

Angelababy serves as TAG Heuer Global Brand Ambassador

Yifeng Li serves as Tag Heuer Greater China brand ambassador

 Angelababy became the global brand ambassador of TAG Heuer in June this year, and Li Yifeng, who joined TAG Heuer in July 2015, is also a very young member. In terms of style, Tag Heuer’s distinctive sports image, which Li Yifeng and Baby interpreted, is more defensible. Baby’s popularity has further increased in the sports reality show ‘Running Man’, and her sunny ‘personality’ has also been shaped. Although Li Yifeng is ‘little fresh meat’, his appearance does not belong to the type of feminine literature and art, and he is a very masculine boy image.

 In terms of popularity, Baby and Li Yifeng have huge young fan bases. However, in controversy, Baby’s opinion is mixed. Judging from the image alone, they are not incompatible with the brand’s temperament. As for the purchasing power of fans, it is said that Li Yifeng sold two pieces of the same watch after a brand event, but this should not explain any problems for the time being.

Chen Weiting as Chanel China Watch Ambassador

 Chanel chose Chen Weiting as the watch ambassador for China. I have a selfish mind to say unfairly. I can never think of a more suitable candidate than him. Chen Weiting possesses that aristocratic temperament of pride and stubbornness. The key is that it is very well combined with his strong masculine feeling, and it does not make people think that it is deliberate. In vernacular: it’s true, don’t do it. After all, some male idols may become greasy after too hard. If Chanel is anthropomorphic, it would be a ‘Parisian lady’ who is very talented with the heroic Chen Weiting. I think the final effect is welcome.

Wu Yifan acts as the spokesperson for the Bulgari brand

 Bulgari found Wu Yifan’s reason, and you can refer to its move to invite Shu Qi on jewelry accessories. Although in the film and television industry, Wu Yifan couldn’t talk to Shu Qi on the same day, but in terms of appeal and fan group, the younger Wu Yifan had no place to lose. And Wu Yifan is very similar to Shu Qi in that they are full of fascinating gorgeousness, which is exactly the style expressed by Bulgari.

 The dazzling fascination and fascination, Shu Qi, who has been a sexy goddess for a long time, needless to say. For female audiences, especially the younger generation, the appeal of Wu Yifan is the same as that of Shu Qi for male audience Like the force, it cannot be underestimated. Look back at Wu Yifan, who was wearing Bulgari accessories and watches at the event. Although I can’t bear his evil charm, it is undeniable that his interpretation of the brand products can easily move the audience and the brand itself.

Li Yuchun acts as global spokesperson for Gucci watches

 Since Gucci was taken over by designer Alessandro, the ready-to-wear is as surprising as it is difficult to wear. I believe people who have watched it will have tossed many times. However, it is very compatible with Li Yuchun’s temperament. Some people once said that ‘Li Yuchun is the most suitable woman to wear Gucci in China’, and being able to interpret the brand style is one of the most important criteria for choosing a spokesperson. The same is true of Gucci’s watch line. Li Yuchun has music achievements, film works are also much loved by the fashion industry, it is only a matter of time to get a global spokesperson for Gucci watches. Gucci style was originally out of the orthodox and strange, and met Li Yuchun who happened to bring the “fuzzy beauty of gender” which is highly respected in the fashion circle. The old saying goes: right time meets the right person.

Shishi Liu as Omega Brand Ambassador

 Liu Shishi’s endorsement watch is something I would never think of before. However, since starting to contact with Chanel and Tod’s, Liu Shishi’s fashion resources have been regarded as high-quality and outstanding among the first-line actors in film and television. Since getting married, Liu Shishi, who was already low-key, has become more and more low-key, quietly filming movies, taking endorsements, no lace news, but occasionally appear to maintain the topic. Omega belongs to sports, Liu Shishi belongs to Swen’s quiet, and each movement is a little complementary in style.

Yang Yang serves as Montblanc brand ambassador


 Montblanc, which started as a fountain pen and now extends to the fields of watches, jewelry, and leather goods, feels mature, introverted, intellectual, and has an innate scroll. After frequent contact with Yang Yang last year, Montblanc announced in August that Yang Yang has become the spokesperson for Montblanc. Although I am not a fan of him, I still hear about Yang Yang’s appeal. As the representative of fresh meat, the interaction between the brand and Yang Yang can generate a large conversion rate. What is memorable is that the make-up endorsement of a certain brand has indeed set off a ‘Yang Yang fever’. However, watches are still different from make-up. Highlights, style, and brand heritage value need to be examined and considered one by one. Yang Yang is still young and may need more polishing and accumulation to slowly get in touch with the brand.

 Due to the drastic changes in the Chinese market and the business needs of enclosing the larger consumer groups in China, seeking a young generation of celebrities as endorsements has become a tried and tested strategy for most luxury brands. Today’s 80s and 90s will gradually become the main force of luxury goods consumption. With the change of consumption concepts, luxury goods are no longer a small “special offer”, and the noble people who are actively working are also eligible to own. Therefore, the brand’s actions to find young spokespersons are understandable. One of the most critical issues is what kind of young star spokespersons and luxury brands have common values ​​and can be called the brand. Second, the brand will not relax on the product due to the blessing of the spokesperson. . Even if the spokesperson finds it more accurate, the forced cultural interpretation and unsincere convergence of products will also make luxury brands gradually lose momentum in this highly competitive market.