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Langer Will Never Let You Down, Watch House Interviews Mr. Gaetan Guillosson, Managing Director Of Lange Asia Pacific

For Lange, 2019 is destined to be an extraordinary year. 25 years ago, A. Lange & Söhne restarted the history of fine watchmaking and introduced the first LANGE1 series watch. Today, Lange represents the highest standard in the watchmaking industry. It means reliable quality, excellent craftsmanship, and people are proud to own a Lange. Recently, Watch House had the honor to interview Mr. Gaetan Guillosson, Managing Director of Lange Asia Pacific, and talked to him about some interesting propositions about Lange and the watchmaking industry.

Mr. Gaetan Guillosson, Managing Director, Lange Asia Pacific

Watch House: We all know that this year is a special year for Lange. Twenty-five years ago, Lange introduced the first LANGE1 watch. To commemorate and celebrate this special day, on the 25th of each month, the brand will launch a limited edition of 25 LANGE1 watches. But at the same time, the cycle of launching a new watch a month is actually very short. The test of the brand is very big. How long ago Lange was preparing for this?
Mr. GaetanGuillosson, Managing Director of Lange Asia Pacific (hereinafter referred to as Mr. GaetanGuillosson): The number 25 is of great significance to Lange. 25 years ago, the first four new century watches of Lange were released, making the entire watch industry cheer for it. Lange has since returned to the world’s top watch sector and forged ‘German time’. To celebrate this extraordinary moment, 2019 will coincide with the 25th anniversary of Lange’s rebirth, and the brand will launch 10 LANGE1 series 25th anniversary watches. These 10 watches will not only pay tribute to the representative styles in the LANGE1 series, but also incorporate the most classic elements of the Lange brand. It can be said that it is a mirror showing the history of Lange’s development and reflects Lange’s heritage, craftsmanship, and technology. The highest achievement on the level of innovation. So I think every watch in the 25th Anniversary Series has an unparalleled splendor, and each watch is worthy of the watch collector’s collection and careful play.

 For the above reasons, we have indeed deployed the extraordinary project of the 25th anniversary of Lange very early, from the selection of styles to the design style of commemorative models, combining the history of the Lange brand, the technical development of watches and the forward-looking of the brand , And strive to pass the brand concept of ‘manufacturing the most exquisite watch in the world’ to Lange’s guests and watch lovers.

Watch House: Many brands have launched new series in recent years to enrich the brand’s product line. Lange history has launched classic works including LANGE1 series, ZEITWERK series, SAXONIA series. Does the brand have plans to launch more sports What about style or a new collection that is different from Lange’s previous style?

Mr. GaetanGuillosson: Just like the brand’s iconic spirit ‘NeverStandStill never stops’, Lange has always pursued innovation in design and technology to meet customers of different times and needs. In any case, we will retain the brand’s historical heritage and characteristics, such as self-produced movements, manual polishing processes, secondary assembly, and so on. At this time, we cannot inform you of the specific plan, otherwise we will lose this surprise. But please look forward to our surprises for watch lovers and collectors all over the world.

Watch House: Look at your resume, once held important positions in Europe, North America, and now in charge of Asia-Pacific affairs. Can you tell us about the differences in the market environment in these regions?
Mr. GaetanGuillosson: A big difference between Asia Pacific, especially the Chinese market and other markets, is that we find that Chinese customers, especially the younger generation, have a very fast learning speed. They are willing to interact with the brand to learn more about the history and technology of watches. So you will find that in the past year or so, we have been vigorously expanding the Chinese market, relocating our stores in Shanghai, and opening new stores in Chengdu, Xi’an and Beijing. I hope to get more opportunities for communication and exchange with our customers. Let Chinese guests know more about Lange and have more opportunities to try on and see our works.

Watch House: What does the Chinese market mean for Lange? Does the development of China’s online e-commerce and the different consumption environments and consumption habits affect the Lange brand’s market decisions to a certain extent?
Mr. GaetanGuillosson: The Chinese market can be said to be very important to Lange. We have also seen that the Chinese market has undergone many developments and changes. Chinese consumers are becoming more and more aware of high-end watches, and they are very valued. The content and products behind the watch brand, so we are now very attractive in the Chinese market. We have a very unique DNA and a unique history. In addition, the Chinese market is not only a large market, but also We also know that many consumers will travel to the United States, Europe or the Middle East, so our investment in China and publicity in China will promote the brand globally, so for the Lange, Is a very important market.

 Until now, we have never sold Lange watches on the Internet, but we think it is very important to establish this bond with our customers, whether it is physical or face-to-face contact, let them see us with their own hands Watches are very important. Therefore, we particularly emphasize our sales. Our employees introduce our watches to customers through interaction. Of course, many customers understand that our brand does not learn about our history, brands, etc. through the Internet. Therefore, due to the particularity of Lange, we particularly emphasize details and focus. Through the website, it is more to promote the brand. Customers still need to come to our shop to buy our watches. This combination is what we currently have. made.

 For now, we have no plans to enter the e-commerce, but we are not sure in the future. It is possible that in the future, any product and any company can sell online. So after a few years, Lange may have such a possibility, At the moment, we have no such plans.

Watch House: In addition to a LANGE1 series commemorative model on the 25th of each month, will Lange bring us other surprises this year? Will China introduce Chinese-limited watches for Chinese consumers in the future?
Mr. GaetanGuillosson, we hope to leave the surprise to the right time to share with you. If we revealed it in advance now, there would be no surprises. Please be assured that Lange will not let you down.

Watch House: An interesting proposition: Suppose that you are not a professional watchmaker but an ordinary consumer. What factors would you prefer to choose a watch for? Design, brand or movement quality?
Mr. GaetanGuillosson: Watches are very important for men, because this is the only “jewelry” we can wear, reflecting your identity and uniqueness. When I am alone, I quietly appreciate the beauty of the movement. Of course, the story and content behind the watch also attracted me. It is a testimony of your important moments and a reward for your hard work and promotion.
Watch House: Looking forward to the future development of Lange, do you have any goals?
Mr. GaetanGuillosson: For the development of China in the future, we will continue to plan to open 2-3 stores, but since Lange’s production is only a few thousand each year, we will not expand too much. At present, we have set up our sales points in major cities in China, and will continue to develop steadily.

 As Mr. GaetanGuillosson said in the interview, please be assured that Lange will not let everyone down. No matter in the past, present or future, Lange will adhere to watchmaking skills, and on this basis will never stop, bringing us better timepieces and more beautiful artworks. Lange has been talking with the work, and we believe it will not let us down.

Piaget Limited Edition Polo Fortyfive Watch

Marcos Heguy, the top player from Argentina’s most famous polo club, has become the face of Piaget’s polo world. He scored his first 10 points in 1987, and he has won the top end of the sport twice in a long career both domestically and abroad. Marcos Heguy is also one of the three-time captain of the Pilará Piaget team in Argentina.
庆祝 To celebrate the brand’s peak in sports, Piaget launched the famous Piaget Polo watch in 2009. This series of watches has been developed since 1979. This Piaget FortyFive sports watch is the company’s first watch in titanium rather than gold. It is equipped with a self-winding calibre 880P movement and a power reserve of up to 50 hours.
致 To pay tribute to the greatest athletes in sports in this unique way, Piaget created this unique 45-piece limited edition Piaget Polo FortyFive watch, which appeared at the USPA Piaget Gold Cup. The charm of this masterpiece is extraordinary, with the royal blue timer shining on the black dial engraved with ’10 Handicap’. The back of the sapphire crystal gives an unobstructed view of the movement of the entire watch, displaying the name of Marcos Heguy and his signature.

Saxonia And 1815 Series Lange Watch Selection Guide

In the above episode, we mainly introduced some of Lange’s main features and the famous Lange 1 series. Lange currently has 5 major series. In one sentence, it is summarized that 3 scales, 1 eccentricity and 1 beat. One eccentricity is Lange 1. In this episode, the two series we will tell you are from two of the 3 scales. They are the Saxonia series and the 1815 series. Let’s take a look at these two are also very Lange characteristics. What are the most accessible models in the collection?
Saxonia Collection
 The name of the Saxony series comes from the town of Glashütte, where the Lange watch factory is located. It belongs to the German state of Saxony. The reason why it is named after this state is because the existence of silver mines has been found near Saxony. Then came the veritable ‘silver rush,’ and everyone rushed to this area to try their luck. In the next few centuries, the silver mine has brought a bustling scene to Saxony and set a stage for the future development of arts and crafts. In other words, the resources of Saxony are the basis of all industrial development. Now Saxony is still Germany Eastern is the most populous and most industrialized state.
 I said earlier that the Saxony series is one of the three scales, which shows that the biggest feature of the series is its scale. The scale is mainly a precious metal inlaid bar scale. The style is mainly simple and atmospheric. The watch models have three hands and two hands. Most, the most complicated function is the perpetual calendar, which should be regarded as the most approachable series of Lange. At present, only the perpetual calendar function table adopts the Roman numeral inlaid scale is very special. At the same time, it is the only single calendar function of Lange. Watches, but we are based on the principle of grounded gas, we do not talk about it today, in short, everyone sees Lange’s models with inlaid scales and not eccentric design or Saxony series.
Saxonia Annual Calendar

There are currently 7 watches in the Saxony series. The first one I recommend is this Saxonia Annual Calendar watch. The annual calendar is a very clever feature. The dial looks as complicated as the perpetual calendar, but it only needs more than the perpetual calendar in February Adjusting the calendar once, the price is nearly two-thirds cheaper than the perpetual calendar, and you don’t have to endure the pain of returning to the factory with the wrong perpetual calendar. And the precise adjustment of the large calendar display, all its displays are equipped with independent buttons on the side of the case, and the most intimate is that Lange actually added its patented zero reset device, the second hand immediately jumped to the zero position after pulling out the crown. With this function, there will never be any inaccuracy.

 The most important reason why I highly recommend this watch in addition to its functions is the movement. Of all the Lange models, only this watch and this series of calendars use the Lange eccentric automatic movement. We It must be remembered that Lange’s eccentric automatic movement is not one of the most beautiful eccentric movements on the planet. The 21K gold embossed sandblasted and equipped with platinum hanging automatic movement. I will only take a look at you. I’m fascinated. In addition, the movement is wound in both directions, resulting in a power reserve of up to 46 hours. Since this watch has the same basic movement as the perpetual calendar model, you only need half the price of the perpetual calendar model if you want to get this fascinating pendulum.
Saxonia Dual Time
 If you think that the world time function is more messy, the time function of the two places is also a good choice. After all, many people will not cross N time zones in a short time. Lange’s time in this two places is different from other brands. After setting the standard time in the place of residence, only the gold hour hand will be displayed on the dial, and another blue steel hour hand will hide below and continue to run until the watch owner reaches the destination. When the gold hour hand is adjusted to the local time, then Only the blue needle appears, which seems to be the first surprise at the beginning of each journey, and the number of blue needles represents the number of long-distance trips.
We know that the surprise Lange gives you will be double every time. I said earlier that the Lange eccentric automatic movement is the most beautiful eccentric movement in the world, and the centric movement of this watch is also the world. The most beautiful automatic movement, this big oscillating weight is also platinum hanging edge, no matter from the shape or the material, it feels more realistic, even the power reserve has been increased to 72 hours. If you want this movement, you can buy a small three-pin automatic from Saxony, but the diameter of that watch is only 38.5 mm, and this watch is 40 mm. Since the price is not much different, why not choose a feature How about it?
1815 series
 Since Gersutti’s German precision watchmaking industry was founded by Ferdinando Adolf Lange, 1815 was the year of birth of Mr. Lange. Therefore Langert named the series with these four numbers. The biggest feature of the 1815 series is the use of Arabic numerals in three scales, and the minute circle of the train track expresses the relationship between the era of the industrial revolution and train travel. This series can be said to be the most severely divided series in all Lange series. Up to the double-tracking perpetual calendar and down to the manual small three-pin will all appear in this series. If you want to follow the dial style, even last year’s big All three questions should be included in the series.
1815 Chronograph

 The first chronograph I recommend in this series must be the 1815 chronograph. I believe that as long as Lange’s chronograph is mentioned, almost everyone will think of Datograph. This is the first chronograph launched by Lange. The launch can be said to have shocked the entire watch industry. For the first time, people found that the chronograph movement could be so beautiful that many collectors regarded owning this watch as their ultimate dream! But now I regret to tell you that Datograph has been discontinued for a long time, and interested friends can only go to the auction house to try their luck.
 But if you want to buy a new watch, this 1815 chronograph is the only choice for everyone. This watch is the only single function chronograph in the Lange regular series. Although it does not have the big calendar and energy of Datograph Display, but I feel that this watch looks more concise and pure, it is the crystallization of traditional elements and advanced micro-mechanical engineering. However, the most exciting thing is that this watch uses the same basic movement as the Datograph, but I I want to remind everyone that although this is in the regular series, it is really not very cheap, it is about 400,000 yuan.
 Someone may ask me, since you say that the Saxon series is mainly simple, why don’t you recommend a small three-pin in that series, now I announce the answer, because the small three-pin that I want to recommend is this 1815, this The diameter of the watch is 40 millimeters, which is in line with the size of modern dress watches. Secondly, the central concave part of the solid silver dial draws on the famous Lange pocket watch design, making the level of 1815 more distinct. The small seconds dial and the crown are at a 90-degree angle, which is exactly the same as the arrangement of other hunter-type pocket watches, and the layout is perfect.
 Of course, the most important thing is the L051.1 movement in this watch. I personally think that this is the most beautiful manual winding movement except the L095.3 movement used by Lange1, and the Saxon series. Compared with this manual small three-needle movement, three-quarters of the splints are free from the interference of large and small steel wheels.

 In this episode, we recommend four watches from the Saxony and 1815 series. In the last episode, we will introduce the recommended models in the two most personal Langer series. Please stay tuned … Text / picture watch home Mao Zhuang)