Month: May 2012

Combination Of Innovation And Classic Breguet Heritage Series 7077 Chronograph Brief Comment

As an independent complex function, the chronograph has always occupied a place in the watchmaking industry. The timepiece itself shows the passage of time in an intuitive way, but achieving other mechanical functions is a big challenge, because adding a timing function will interfere with the operation of the main gear train. Therefore, Breguet uses two sets of independent gear trains to cooperate with each other in the new 7077 chronograph. The two gear trains are not connected to each other to ensure that turning on the timing function will not affect the movement of the movement. Today’s Watch House brings to you the Breguet heritage series 7077 chronograph just launched at this year’s Basel watch exhibition. Reference model: 7077BB / G1 / 9XV.

   The new 7077 chronograph inherits the bold and avant-garde design style of the Breguet Tradition series. Its ingenious mechanical main structure has an unobstructed view on the surface, which is breathtaking.

Case in 18K white gold with a diameter of 44 mm

   The diameter of this watch’s case is 44mm. The wide diameter is in line with the popular trend of large diameter. The case is made of 18K white gold. It is delicate and low-key with a luxurious metallic luster that cannot be masked by precious metals.

Watch with a sapphire crystal

   The watch uses a classic and timeless dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass. The watch is sturdy, wear-resistant, clear and transparent, exposing the perfect craftsmanship of the top watch without any reservation.

Triangle pitted platinum crown

   The crown is made of 18K white gold with a simple and exquisite shape. The side of the crown is decorated with a classic triangular pit pattern, which improves the feel of the winding. At the same time, it makes the classic case more elegant. The crown is printed with a flower The ‘B’ logo shows the distinguished brand identity.

Classic Breguet Coin Case Design

   The case of this watch still uses Breguet’s very classic coin-shaped case. The delicate modification effect of the simple triangular pit pattern fully shows the implicit style of Breguet’s details.

Breguet classic rounded straight lugs

   The lugs are made of Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded straight lugs. The fine polishing reveals the luster of the precious metal material. The slight backward tilt makes the watch fit the wrist more comfortably.

Off-centre hour plate design, front display movement

   The dial of this watch is eccentric and located at 12 o’clock. The silver-plated dial and the sapphire blue steel Breguet hands present the classic Esquel atmosphere. The center of the dial is decorated with delicate Paris studs, and the hands are clearer and easier to read. A triangular pit pattern is used as a division of the functional area between the dial scale, hour markers and the inner dial. In order to allow people to easily appreciate the design of precision movement components, the watchmaker clearly reveals the movement parts such as the bridge, gears, escapement, barrel, etc. that were originally hidden under the dial bottom plate. Not only that, the movement components on the dial are distributed in a very symmetrical manner, which enhances the visual effect of the watch’s balance.

Power reserve display at 2 o’clock

   The hand-off series 7077 chronograph uses two sets of independent gear trains: one set for driving the hour and minute hands, adjusted by a balance wheel with a frequency of 3 Hz, a 50-hour power reserve, and the dial is equipped with power at 2 o’clock Reserve display; the gear train for the timing function uses a 5 Hz high-frequency balance wheel to ensure timing accuracy, and cooperates with the gear train responsible for time display.

20 minutes timer at 10 o’clock

   Usually, installing a second gear train means that two barrels need to be installed. The new handed down series 7077 watch uses a new type of spring to perfectly meet the power requirements of the timing device. The power required by the timing device comes from the energy provided by the wearer when the zero button is operated, and the curved leaf-shaped spring can store this energy. Although this traditional spring can only store up to 20 minutes of power, it is suitable for the timing function of measuring short-term activities. With this design, the power reserve of the timing device is always full, so the wearer can turn on the timing function at any time without worrying about whether the movement power is sufficient.

Equipped with Breguet ‘parachute’ suspension

   In the lower part of the dial, we can see the endless movement of the balance wheel, which is usually hidden under the bottom of the dial. Above the balance wheel is equipped with Breguet’s iconic ‘pare-chute’ suspension. Protects the balance from shock.

Equipped with a Cal.580DR self-winding mechanical movement

   This watch is equipped with a Cal.580DR manual winding mechanical movement. Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the watch, we can get a glimpse of the perfect craftsmanship of the top watch, the fine sandblasting of the movement and the ubiquitous pouring Angle polishing is fascinating. The back of the movement is engraved with a number and Breguet hand-engraved.

Summary: Breguet’s handed down series 7077 handed down chronographs inherit the traditional characteristics of this series, especially the perfect symmetry effect, which is another successful pioneering innovation of the historical style of the Breguet brand. The simple and low-key shape demonstrates Breguet’s long tradition, and the application of advanced technology has allowed us to see the Breguet brand’s firm steps to innovate and open up the future. Today’s Breguet does not only inherit and continue the unique style and innovative spirit passed down by Mr. Breguet, but also digs into the history of the brand, revives the classic craftsmanship that has faded, and constantly presents amazing artworks on the wrist.