Month: August 2011

Blue Beast Breitling Avengers Series Deep Diving Sea Wolf Watch Brief Comment

Avenger Seawolf is a professional super diving watch that combines strong appearance and extraordinary performance. Thanks to its screw-down case back and screw-in slip-resistant crown, the watch is water-resistant to an incredible 3,000 meters (10,000 feet). Professional diving watch features such as a ratchet unidirectional rotating bezel and a safety pressure reducing valve that can balance the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the case. Whether traveling on land, swimming in the deep sea, or flying in the sky, the watch is guaranteed to be exceptionally accurate and reliable. Today’s Watch House brings you this Breitling Avengers series deep diving sea wolf watch, reference model: A1733010 / C801.

Since its birth, the Breitling Avengers series has been favored by watch lovers with its four watchmaking concepts: solid, reliable, functional, precise and aesthetic.

The diameter of this watch is 45 mm. Combined with the thick and reliable appearance of professional diving watches and the aesthetic design of rough Breitling atmosphere, it presents a strong visual effect like a beast.

The sapphire crystal glass is treated with anti-glare treatment on both sides to provide a clear display. The brilliance of the blue and the indigo dials complement each other, presenting a deep and charming luster.

The screw-down crown guarantees the water resistance of this watch. The rough non-slip grooves and slightly larger crown design make this watch easy to use even when wearing a diving suit.

This watch is equipped with a stylish sports rubber strap. The strap is tough and smooth and has good corrosion resistance. It perfectly matches the performance of the diving watch and also gives the watch a more stylish appearance.

The left side of the case is equipped with a safety pressure relief valve, which is essential for professional deep-diving watches. Through this valve, personnel who perform deep-sea operations will land and balance the pressure inside and outside the case in time to prevent the watch from bursting.

The lugs of this watch are also very polished, and the more rounded lines used in the shape fit the wrist while showing a dynamic movement like a jumping wave.

This watch is equipped with a folding safety clasp. The clasp is printed with Breitling’s brand logo, the brand’s English name and the year ‘1884’, which symbolized the creation of Breitling, which highlights the brand’s identity.

The rectangular metal-inlaid scales are paired with two simple-line sword-shaped scales, which show a strong masculinity. The center of the hands and the top of the scales are filled with fluorescent materials for reading in a dark environment.

A date display window is embedded at the 3 o’clock position of the dial, and a red square design on the tip of the second hand adds some vitality and vitality to the deep blue dial.

The ratcheted unidirectional rotating bezel is also a standard feature of diving watches. It is designed to rotate unidirectionally to ensure that it will not be dangerous due to accidental rotation when timing underwater.

This watch has a dense bottom design, the case back is screw-in, waterproof to 3000 meters, and is equipped with a Breitling 17 automatic mechanical movement, which can provide a power reserve of no less than 40 hours.

Summary: Men always seem to have an inextricable plot for the sea. When the sea is calm, the sea is gentle. It is unpredictable, integrates rivers, and nurtures life. However, the sea also has a ferocious side. In the waves, all creatures are like ants in front of them, vulnerable. Shouldn’t men be like this? When facing relatives and friends, you can embrace everything with a broad mind, and stand up when needed to protect the family from the wind and rain. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Hubo Launches Only Watch 2015 Enamel Britto Watch

Only Watch Charity Auction began in 2005 and is organized by the Monaco Anti-Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Association. In order to sponsor the 6th Only Watch charity auction in 2015, Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot and Brazilian artist Romero Britto designed and launched the classic fusion Only Watch enamel Britto watch.
   This watch perfectly integrates traditional enamel craftsmanship and contemporary cubist pop art, which showcases Hublot’s outstanding innovation ability. It is worth mentioning that the watch will be auctioned together with the inspiration of Romero Britto’s paintings, which will make it particularly different.
   First, the designer took inspiration from Romero Britto’s vibrantly colored paintings and reproduced the lines on the dial with the appropriate proportions. Then, the enamelist selected 6 opaque colors and painted them one by one to the inlay of the platinum dial. Enamel; then, repeatedly sintering and fixing the pattern in an oven at about 800 ° C to present Romero Britto’s signature design with delicate inlaid enamel.
   In the creative process, the real challenge comes from reproducing the inherent tension and harmony in Romero Britto’s paintings on the tiny dial. The end result is this unique timepiece that showcases the fusion of tradition and modernity, classical craftsmanship and innovation in the 21st century.
Technical specifications
Reference number: 515.CS.0910.LR.OWM15 Only one
Movement: HUB1302 manual winding mechanical movement, thickness 2.9 mm, number of parts 123, number of gems 21, power reserve about 90 hours
Case: black ceramic, polished finish, 45 mm diameter, anti-glare sapphire crystal, 6 ‘H’ screw-fastened bezels, Hublot logo on the crown, water-resistant to 5 bar (approx. 50 meters)
Dial: 18K white gold, enamel dial, black coated hands, small seconds at 7 o’clock
Strap: black rubber with white silk stitching and red crocodile leather
Buckle: Black PVD adjustable stainless steel buckle