Month: May 2011

Breitling Douglas Dc-3 Successfully Completed The Journey Around The World

Since departing from Geneva in March this year, Breitling Douglas DC-3 has successfully returned to Switzerland after successfully completing its grand journey around the world. It was unveiled at the Breitling Sion Airshow 2017. One hundred thousand enthusiastic aviation fans witnessed another extraordinary feat of this legendary airliner still intact and celebrated its 77th birthday together.

   To share its extraordinary enthusiasm for the aerospace industry with like-minded people around the world, Breitling began a Douglas DC-3 global journey through the Balkans, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and North America. Escort by the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic flight demonstration team (Frecce Tricolori), the twin-engine propeller aircraft finally arrived in Sion, Switzerland, marking the end of the trip around the world.

   At the press conference, Captain Francisco Agullo shared the 45,374 km (24,500 nautical miles) grand journey around the world and the story behind it. Breitling also decided to donate 2 Swiss francs to UNICEF for every mile completed. Together with Breitling Douglas DC-3 at the 2017 Breitling Sion Flying Festival, there are other aerobatic teams and Breitling Flight Ambassadors, including the Breitling Jet Team, and the Breitling Wingwalkers. ), As well as Franky Zapata, who is flying the Flyboard® Air hoverboard.

Flying legend, classic wrist
   The crew and some VIPs were not the only passengers of this veteran conquering the sky. To commemorate this event, Breitling has launched a limited edition of its aviation timepiece series Navitimer, a legendary watch that has been sought after by pilots and aviation fans since its launch in 1952. They accompanied Breitling Douglas DC-3 to complete this. This trip around the world witnessed every stop and every glorious flying moment in the adventure. The 500 finely crafted aviation timepiece ‘Breitling Douglas DC-3 Universal Tour’ limited edition watch will be handed to the lucky customer along with the aviation logbook signed by the captain, which records every takeoff in detail With the time of landing, the sailing time, the name of the pilot and the weather conditions at the time, the epic journey of legendary airliners and classic watches is reproduced step by step through graphics.