Month: April 2011

Why Everyone Loves Rolex

Does everyone love Rolex? Everyone has his own answer. There is no doubt that Rolex’s position in the watch industry can be shaken. When I was a child, ‘there is labor, there is gain’ is deeply imprinted in my mind. When I grow up, I can have a Rolex, which has become our goal and guide. Why does everyone love Rolex? This is an interesting proposition.

 This torture that hit the soul, today I finally found the answer.
• Rolex, the right choice from the start.

Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf
 Rolex, originated in 1905, the founder Hans Wilsdorf opened a company specializing in watch distribution in London. Three years later, Hans adopted ‘Rolex’ as the brand name.

 Hans’s signature on the back of the watch, dated 1932

 Regarding the brand name, he said: ‘I tried almost all the letter combinations and ended up with hundreds of names, but none of them pleased me. One morning, I was sitting on the upper level of a public carriage and passing through London’s Cipsy Street , As if I heard the voice of a little elf whispered in my ear: ‘Rolex’. ‘

The earliest Rolex workshop
 An easy-to-read name that is easier to remember than any language, and beautiful on the watch movement and dial. This is a successful case in marketing strategy. When ‘Rolex’ first entered the Chinese market, people who translated it into ‘Rolex’ also contributed to its success.

• Return to the role of watches-precision

 Talking about marketing I’m not good at it, and return to the watch itself. When it comes to Rolex, the brand’s pursuit of ‘precision’ has been unremitting efforts. As early as 1910, Rolex’s watch became the first watch to obtain the Swiss Watch Certificate issued by the Swiss Bill’s official watch rating center. It sounds complicated. To put it simply, it is not easy to obtain this certification, and the testing conditions to pass are very strict. Being the first watch to be certified, it proves that Rolex has historically demanded high precision.

Rolex obtains Swiss timepiece certificate from Swiss Bill’s Official Watch Rating Centre
 Four years later, Rolex was awarded an ‘A’ certificate by the Kew Observatory, which also signals that Rolex watches have become a symbol of precision watches since then. Until now, the small daily error of Rolex watches is still the proud advantage of Rolex watches.

 If you compare Rolex with a watchmaking brand with a long history of two to three hundred years, it is still ‘young’. But Rolex’s watchmaking history is traceable. In the history of the brand for more than 100 years, we can find the trace of the changes and innovations of the brand at each stage.

• A traceable history of the brand’s history-both classics and innovation

 Take the new Rolex Date 36 watch launched this year. The Date is a model of the classic Rolex watch, it was born in 1945, it has more than 70 years of history. The Rolex Diary is really difficult to surpass in both functional and aesthetic design. Its biggest feature is the use of Rolex’s signature oyster case, triangular bezel and oyster strap. These three points are gathered on a watch, the classic non-logging type.

 New Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 36 launched by Rolex in 2018

 This year, Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual Date 36 watch, equipped with eternal rose gold steel (a combination of oystersteel and 18ct rose gold) and gold steel (a combination of oystersteel and 18ct yellow gold), Various models have a variety of dials to choose from. In addition to innovations in design, Rolex will not let us down. The new Oyster Perpetual Date is equipped with a new-generation movement 3235, equipped with Rolex’s exclusive Parachrom blue niobium balance spring, cast from a unique alloy, greatly improving the antimagnetic performance, and the shock resistance is 10 times higher than traditional springs.

New Rolex Log Type 31

 Who says men love Rolex? Women’s passion for Rolex is also difficult to subside. Rolex not only can be worn by men’s and women’s watches, this year, the brand has also brought a brand new Date 31 watch for this group of women who love Rolex-a total of 3 styles: 18ct white gold, 18ct gold and 18ct eternal rose gold For everyone to choose from. The Oyster Perpetual Diary watch in the picture above is made of 18t white gold, the bezel is set with sparkling diamonds, and the mother-of-pearl shows the diamonds as the moment again, showing the details in luxury. The combination of diamonds, mother-of-pearl and precious metals is not overly flamboyant. This is a very sincere gift from Rolex to all women.

• Never rest on the status quo-diverse attempts

 Rolex GMT Master II

 Speaking of Rolex’s new products in 2018, at the beginning of the Basel International Watch Fair, there was also a ‘Pepsi Circle’-Rolex Greenwich II (GMT Master II), which was hotly debated once launched.
Watch. In the 10th year of the Rolex Diary, in 1955, Rolex released the first Greenwich watch, and after that, it was one of the most popular Rolex collections.

 The five-bead bracelet on Rolex’s ‘Pepsi Circle’

 The highlight of the new ‘Pepsi Circle’ is also the hot topic: the combination of the red and blue two-color ceramic bezel and stainless steel case. It is distinguished by the ‘five-bead chain’ and the previous 18ct white gold ‘Pepsi Circle’. Greenwich type before
The II series uses an oyster bracelet. The major breakthrough of the new ‘Pepsi Circle’ from the selection of the case material lies in the use of steel, which indicates that the public price of the ‘Pepsi Circle’ will be reduced accordingly. The lower price does not mean lower performance. The new ‘Pepsi Circle’ is equipped with a new movement 3285, which increases the power reserve from the original 48 hours to 70 hours.

  The Rolex Greenwich II watch bezel is named ‘Pepsi Circle’ in red and blue.

 ‘Uneasiness with the status quo’ may also be one of the reasons for Rolex’s success. ‘Eating old books’ does not exist. Standing on top of classics and making more innovations and breakthroughs is the key to check and balance. Although sometimes, these breakthroughs may be unacceptable. Among them, the design of precious metals and precious stones is used on the tool table.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph

 Another explosive Rolex news in 2018 is Rolex’s new ‘Rainbow Circle’-the Cosmograph of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmometer.
Daytona) chronograph. In fact, this is not the first time that Rolex launched the ‘Rainbow Circle’ Daytona. As early as 2012, Rolex launched the first Rainbow Di at the Baselworld Watch Fair. To say that classic series such as Daytona is not only well received by people now. When the Daytona series was born in 1963, it marked that there was an additional ‘monger’ in Rolex classics. Now, whether in the primary market or the secondary auction market, Rolex Daytona’s market response is very hot. This shows that consumers are very satisfied with the design and performance of Daytona.

 Bezel with carefully selected stones

 The new ‘Rainbow Circle’ still uses three iconic sub-panel designs and an oyster bracelet, replacing the previous white and gold with a rose gold case. The most outstanding is the carefully selected, polished, arranged gemstones. Every gem must pass the watchmaker’s layers to complete an impeccable work. So the output of this new ‘Rainbow Circle’ will not be very high, only in small-scale production. If you have the chance to start, it’s early.

2018 new Rolex deep dive watch

 The new ‘Ghost King’ of 2018, the Rolex deep-dive watch, is still made of Rolex’s patented Oystersteel, with a D-blue (dark blue to dark) dial. In fact, in 2014, the brand launched the Ghost King Gradient Dial, which aims to pay tribute to the deep sea challenge adventure.

Helium exhaust valve device on the side of the case

 The new ‘Ghost King’ has not changed much in design, and the brand focuses on the movement. The ‘Ghost King’ equipped with the new 3235 self-winding movement has a higher improvement in stability, shock resistance and magnetic resistance. The group targeted by ‘Ghost King’ is friends who have higher requirements for diving, or have more needs in existence.

 Summary: When it comes to Rolex’s ‘Successful Experience’, the reason is actually not complicated: maintaining the original intention, persisting in the watchmaking process and returning to the product itself is the key to success. Why does everyone love Rolex? Because it is precise enough, it makes people feel the charm of machinery again; it is also iconic enough to represent the brand of an era, and its name is known to everyone. When it comes to Rolex, what do you think of? Also welcome to share your thoughts below the comments.

This Kind Of Accuracy Is Too Teachable To Be Assured. Longines Longines Conqueror Series V.H.P. Chronograph

LONGINES Longines is a pioneer and expert in the field of timing. Based on its many years of quartz watch technology, it combines ultra-high timing accuracy, advanced innovative technology, and a sporting style that contains Longines’ elegant design vocabulary. The introduction of the new Conqueror Series VHP chronograph (Very High Precision) also represents the strong return of quartz technology once again, creating a new peak for quartz watch timing technology.

The Longines VHP series is a new chronograph model following the three-pin model. It sets the standard for quartz watches with a high accuracy of only ± 5 seconds per year. The brand offers multi-color and different strap styles for consumers. select

After Longines launched the Conqueror Series VHP ultra-high precision watch in April 2018, the brand also launched the Conqueror Series VHP chronograph (Very High Precision), which will be known worldwide as the flying wing hourglass trademark. The glorious history continues. The ultra-precision quartz chronograph movement of the Conqueror VHP chronograph is exclusively created by ETA Movement Company for Longines, and has the accuracy of an analog watch (with an error of only ± 5 seconds per year) , And can use GPD (Automatic Gear Position Detection) system to reset the pointer after the watch is impacted or magnetically disturbed. In addition, the new generation of the Conqueror V.H.P. chronograph is equipped with an ultra-long-life battery and a perpetual calendar function. The new watch combines high-precision technology with sports aesthetics, inheriting the essence of the Conqueror series as a Longines sports watch. Compared with the shortcomings of smart watches, including errors and the need to charge frequently, the new generation of the Conqueror V.H.P. chronograph has become a new benchmark for ultra-high accuracy with its unique method.

Conqueror Series V.H.P. Chronograph

L3.727.4.76.6 / Stainless steel material / Quartz movement / Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / Sapphire crystal surface / Water resistance 50 meters / Diameter 44mm
The new generation of Conqueror V.H.P. chronographs are available in stainless steel and black PVD plated chain materials, with a 44 mm diameter. The chronograph features hours, minutes, seconds, a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, a 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock, and a dial chronograph seconds hand. Each watch is set via an electronic crown, and the E.O.L low battery indicator will alert you in advance of low battery power. Conqueror VHP chronograph with blue, black-gray carbon fiber, silver and black dial and stainless steel chain strap with folding safety buckle, blue or black rubber strap, add to the conqueror series VHP chronograph A neat sporty style.

Conqueror Series V.H.P. Chronograph

L3.727.4.96.6 / Stainless steel material / Quartz movement / Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / Sapphire crystal mirror / Water-resistant 50 meters / Table diameter 44mm

Conqueror Series V.H.P. Chronograph

L3.727.4.56.6 / Stainless steel material / Quartz movement / Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / Sapphire crystal surface / Water resistance 50 meters / Diameter 44mm **