Month: February 2011

Longines’ 180th Anniversary Column Chronograph Limited Edition

For professional sports events, professional, stable and accurate timers are an indispensable scoring standard, and Swiss professional watch brands with excellent watchmaking technology have become The first choice for cooperation, and Longines with a long history of 180 years, has also become an indispensable official partner for many sports events. Longines launched the first official chronograph in 1878. In 1889, it launched a 19-minute chronograph with 30-minute timekeeping performance. This is the world’s first timepiece that can accurately measure to 1/5 seconds. A similar timepiece was selected for 1896. Athenian sports events; Longines launched the first chronograph movement in 1910 and the L8.72 pocket watch timer in 1928, which can be accurate to one thousandth, with the continuous progress of Longines watchmaking technology , Longines’ timekeeping performance is constantly becoming more accurate and perfect. In various sports events around the world: such as tennis, equestrian, gymnastics and other exciting events, elegant figures of Longines timers can be seen everywhere. In addition to professional sports chronographs, Longines also applies accurate and stable performance to the development of watches. Continuing to release the first chronograph movement in 1910, Longines continues to revolutionize the chronograph performance of watches. Until 2010, Longines launched a new ‘column wheel chronograph’. The column wheel chronograph is equipped with Longines’s exclusive L688.2 movement. The L688.2 movement bears the transmission column-wheel movement. The first 20H 20-minute chronograph movement, published in 1878, was widely used in Longines’ later timepieces.
In 1878, Longines launched its first sports timer
Longines Column-Wheel Single Push-Piece Chronograph
Longines column wheel single push chronograph 180th anniversary limited edition
     To coincide with the 180th anniversary of Longines, in order to celebrate the brand’s anniversary, a series of replica watches are specially introduced, which not only pays tribute to the classic craftsmanship, but also provides watch fans to experience the outstanding works of Longines more closely and experience the wonderful works of Longines for 180 years. .
     Longines single column chronograph with column wheel, inherits the first chronograph made by Longines in 1878. The basis of this watch is very similar to the first watch chronograph manufactured by Longines in 1913. The latter is equipped with a movement of 13.33Z. Allows the wearer to activate various chronograph functions such as start, stop and zero by pressing a single button integrated on the crown. This watch has a streamlined design with a wash chain and a bright red ’12’ on the white dial, reminiscent of the original Agassiz dial, while the moving lug is derived from the noble tradition of Longines. This watch is made of rose gold and is limited to 180 pieces worldwide. Each model has a serial number.
Longines column wheel single push chronograph 180th anniversary limited edition,
Rose gold models are priced at NT $ 337,200, limited to 180 pieces worldwide.