Month: September 2010

Beauty’s Sympathy Clock Sets New Record At Sotheby’s Auction

At the recent Sotheby’s New York auction house ‘High-level Watches’ auction, the Duke of Orleans, Breguet symphony clock set a new price of US $ 6,802,500 (estimated over US $ 5 million) Clock auction prices are the second highest in the world record and clock auctions.
Breguet symphony clock sets new record for Sotheby’s auction
   Not only is this sympathetic clock famous and rare, it is it that helped the French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet strengthen his reputation and status in the field of watchmaking. At present, there are only a dozen sympathetic clocks in the world, all of which were commissioned by the Spanish King, Russian Tsar and Napoleon for Breguet for King George IV of the United Kingdom.
In 1999, the nearly two-foot-tall clock made its last appearance at the Times Museum in Rockford, Illinois. At that time, it broke the auction record for $ 5,777,500 and became the highlight of Sotheby’s clock auction.
苏 Sotheby’s New York’s “High-level Watches” auction is from all walks of life, with a total price of US $ 11,672,988, a record high.