Month: August 2010

This Is Not Copyable Vacheron Constantin

It has been nearly two and a half centuries since the introduction of Vacheron Constantin. Since its founding in 1755, it has been recognized as one of the oldest watchmakers in the world. Vacheron Constantin has been committed to continuing and consolidating the watchmaking tradition from the beginning, and still has a classic ladylike style in the pursuit of more eye-catching shapes.

     The Quai de I’lle series is like a lady in a white lace see-through outfit, and still maintains the dignity of every lady in sexy. The translucent effect is due to the use of advanced top-secret ‘Security-Printing’ technology. This sexy lace evening dress is actually a unique anti-counterfeiting technology, and it is vowed to create ‘unrepeatable Vacheron Constantin’.
     This translucent new outfit kicked off Vacheron Constantin’s personalized watchmaking services. Through the translucent complex lace, you can peek into the complex mechanical structure of the movement. The new-generation movement is rhodium-plated or ruthenium-plated and bears the prestigious Geneva mark. The skeletonized movement, with its hand-carved and wavy motifs, expresses the exquisite traditional craftsmanship of Geneva.
     This new, modern and fashionable perspective dress just shows Vacheron Constantin’s determination to launch personalized and customized services, while retaining the mysterious and noble temperament.