Month: April 2010

Painted Enamel Crafts Athens Watch Presents Gold-painted Enamel Spirit Snake Watch

Enamel is a delicate craft with a history of more than 100 years. It does not rely on any modern technology. It can only be produced by a skilled enamel master. skill. Athenian Watch has great respect for enamel craftsmanship, and has cooperated with the famous Donzé Cadrans to produce enamel craft watches for 25 years, and acquired the Donzé Cadrans factory in 2012. Today, talented high-end watchmakers present vivid and realistic scenes of nature on the dial.
   And the new ‘Golden Enamel Spirit Snake Watch’ is the perfect interpretation of this superb craftsmanship. The snake is ranked sixth in the 12 zodiac signs, and the lunar calendar represents 2013. In Chinese myths, legends, and other stories, reptiles play an important role, symbolizing incredible people, including God. The Athenian watch showed the unquestionable mystery and vivid details of the snake through the once-lost enamel art.

   Using the method of champlevé, the area to be colored is carved directly with a chisel on the dial, and then filled with glass enamel. Oxides of different metals can be refined into different colors. The dial is then baked at a high temperature to melt the enamel. After the surface of the enamel has cooled, polishing is completed. The finished product is a giant snake quietly emerging from the dense branches and leaves, ready to attack. It opened its teeth and tongue, exposed its fangs, stabilized its body with its tail around, and blue and green gem tones beating on the snakeskin.

   The watch is made of 18K rose gold, equipped with an automatic movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory COSC, and has a 42-hour power reserve. Bewildered attack, relaxed and succumb to strength, this is the nature of the snake.
   The limited production of 88 classico gilt Serpent watches once again demonstrates the leading position of the Athenian watch in highly professional and rare enamel craftsmanship, as well as being one of the most independent watch makers in the contemporary era. Together with its in-house experts, in the industry, Athenaeum is the giant of this fine art, displaying compelling creativity and precision through inspiring and attractive watches.

Technical Information
Model 8156-111-2 / SNAKE 18K rose gold
Movement UN-815, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (C.O.S.C.)
Power reserve approx. 42 hours
Winding method Automatic winding movement Function hours, minutes, seconds
40 mm diameter
Dial Enamel snake dial
Crown Waterproof Crown
Water resistance 50 meters
Surface Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Case back See-through case back design, sapphire crystal glass, screwed
Alligator leather strap
Limited to 88
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